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Thread: Have you ever been caught by the wife, or how near was your near miss?

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    Have you ever been caught by the wife, or how near was your near miss?

    I've been dressing for years but since lockdown it has increased in frequency. Wife doesn't know but I was almost caught recently.

    She was meant to collect my son from school and take him to his swimming lesson giving me a couple of hours to enjoy. So I'm fully dressed, tights, dress stiletto heels and chatting to an acquaintance on Skype on the laptop when all of a sudden I hear the door open.

    You can imagine the horror in my face. I managed to throw everything off and fortunately I don't wear make-up. I stuffed everything in a duffle bag and still had the loft ladders down so jumped up and stashed it.

    My son was ill so she didn't take him swimming but came home, she was so preoccupied she didn't notice the noise I made. As she had shaved my head earlier I said I'd just had a shower which is why I was naked.

    Never been so panicked yet at the same time had such a rush, Im desperate to tell someone about it but obviously can't hence sharing here.

    Emma xx

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    Before I confess to my wife my femininity, i had a situation like this (micro heart attack) my first emergency door was the bathroom haha

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    Emma, Welcome to the forum. This is why I told my now wife about my hobby before we moved in together. Avoids the heart attack situation. To answer your question, no I have never been caught by my wife.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Hi Emma
    Welcome to the forum. I’m new here myself.
    Like you I’m also in secret, and also like you its moved on a lot since lockdown
    I now work from home 4 days a week (wife is out at work) so I get to dress then.
    During the UK heatwave she had to come home early one day as she had the dog with her and was worried about the heat.
    I would normally see her arrive on the drive from my office but didn?t that day.
    Luckily as it was so hot I didn?t have much to change out of and just threw stuff in my sports bag in the office but it was close to heart attack time.
    Couldn’t tell my wife when we met as frankly there was nothing to tell. Its developed more recently.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that she’ll find out one day. I’ve been dropping little hints into conversations this year.
    I don’t think she’d be 100% surprised, but having known her for 25 years and from things she’s said over the years I genuinely believe that she’d rather just not know

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    I have related my story many times on this forum, but here it is again. When my wife and I were first married I bought her a white peignoir which was ankle length on her. One night after she discarded it for the night after a romp in the bed I tried it on. I was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. She walked in on me and asked why I was wearing the nightie. I told her the truth which was I loved the feel of the nylon on my body. Years before my initial adventure into wearing women's clothing was centered on my mother's nylon slips/ It was purely for the feel of the nylon; no thoughts of wanting to be a girl. My wife was not upset. We ended up buying me two nighties; similar pink peignoir and a black ankle length. She also tossed me a red peignoir which a friend had passed on too her. It was not soft at all and it ended up being discarded. She also bought me some black stockings and a garter belt. After our son was born she asked me not to wear the attire too often as our son slept in a crib at the foot of our bed; so much for a one bedroom apartment. It wasn't until the early 1980's after a cross country move and the birth of our daughter that the shit it the fan. Our daughter opened the bottom draw of my armoire and yanked out a vivid red Vanity Fair bra. My wife took it away from her, and "The Talk" ensued. It brought about a stressful several years, but the end result is DADT.

    My wife, when cleaning out all the dozens of nighties that not longer fit her (sigh), told me to take anything I wanted (WTF after decades of silence). I took her old white peignoir. My wife and I sleep apart for medical issues (back, hip and knee pain for her) and I routinely wear that nightie.

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    One time my wife was out, but our daughter stopped by. She had a key, and was in the habit of using it instead of exercising the courtesy of knocking first. I was seated at the computer in a denim skirt. As soon as I heard the door activity, I high-tailed it down the hall to change.

    I am not out to her, but if she's as nosy as we suspect, she knows what kind of drawers are in my drawers.

    We've since changed the locks.

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    My wife left early to go to the gym. I had put on her bra, a pair of water balloon boobs and one of her blouses when I heard the front door open. I headed for the garage but she opened the door and saw me desperately trying to get out of the blouse.

    It seems the tire pressure warning light had come on in her car so she thought it was serious and came back home.

    I always give this advice: If you are dressing in a home where someone else lives and trying to hide this from them, it's a not a matter of "if" you get caught, it's "when" you get caught. It is going to catch up with you eventually.

    At this point, my wife knows I am a crossdresser and although I'm sure she is not thrilled with the idea, she accepts it. I can dress around her.

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    My wife left a bra out, I tried it on and put my own shirt on over it. I thought I'd see her coming back from next door but I didn't. She came in, I awkwardly left the room while she looked at me funny (I was afraid she'd give me a hug if I stayed). I managed to put her bra back before she missed it, nothing was ever said.

    Now she'll tell me if she's tossing bras and other stuff so I can see what I want. Life is better this way.

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    Yes, I got caught.

    I had been agonizing for some time over how and when to tell my wife when I took that decision out of my own hands.

    I had been out during the day doing a little bit of shopping and had a bag in my car with some of my stash. At one point the bag tipped and unbeknownst to me something had fallen out. I got home and hid the bag away thinking all was good.

    We were about to leave on a week's vacation with two other couples and as we headed out to get in my wife's car to drive over to meet our friends my wife asked me to unlock my car so she could grab my jacket for me.

    She opened the door and froze and in a tone of voice I can only describe as justifiably icy she asked me "Why is there a bra in your car?". I could only stammer "it's not what you're thinking" a couple of times. So she asked again and then asked me "What... is it yours?" and i told her yes. We then got in her car to drive over to our friends house so I had all of five minutes to try to explain before we would then be unable to discuss things at all for the next 20 hours.

    Needless to say it wasn't the best way to start a vacation.

    That was 7 years ago this week. We are still married and although I'm sure she would prefer that things were different she is actually quite supportive of me.

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    I had a heart-stopping experience. My wife does in-home help with the elderly and shut-ins. On the day in question, my at-home daughter was away at her sister's babysitting and my wife left for her 4+ hour shift at a client's. I, as usual, seized the opportunity and got all done up as Geena, including what make-up I do, wig, etc. I had a nice time, took a few pictures as usual and even debated taking a little drive. As usual, I aimed at going back to drab and stashing my stuff, starting about an hour before she was to get home.

    As I was about to head to the bathroom, I heard her car door slam and the side door open. I dashed into the bathroom and set about changing clothes and taking off the makeup. It struck me then that my makeup was still on the dining room table in plain sight, as was some of my stray clothing and a wig in the living room. All I could do was clean off my face and get ready for whatever was to come.

    Predictably, she asked "What's all this stuff?" I half-truthfully explained that I had been wondering what I would look like as a woman and was messing around with it. Also half-truthfully I dismissed the clothing and wig as things I had gotten at a secondhand store for a couple of bucks. As a sort of summary I stated that "I guess I have too much time on my hands."

    Her only response was "fat chance with the beard" as far as looking like a woman, and agreed that I must have too much time on my hands.

    I was prepared at that point for "the talk" but waited for her to instigate it. It never happened. She has never breached the subject in the almost two years since that happened. I would imagine she knows I do something, but I'm certain she has no idea of how far I have gone.

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    I got caught by leaving my size 13 Pumps beside our bed after an afternoon of dressing.
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
    I do construction like house building and I love CD-ing, what's the difference?

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    Yes , as I stated in another thread my wife knows I put on her things occasionally. So yes about 7 years ago I bought her a white lacy full slip which I had her wear for me and she did but thought it was ridicoulous and didn't look good on her !
    About a month later she caught me wearing it and she just giggled and said, I knew at some point you would be in that slip so go knock your self out and walked out !

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    I'll never understand how soke od you ladies have the courage, nerve, or insanity to dress up while the unsuspecting wife or partner is away for a few hours. Plans change. People change their mind. I would never be able to enjoy dressing up knowing that she could come back unexpectedly at any moment. This is why I have never ever dressed at home and don't keep anything at home.

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    I have not been caught fully dressed but I have thought about what I would say if she did catch me all dolled up. My wife is a very smart lady with great awareness so she probably would not be all that shocked to find out I dress. A couple years ago she was cleaning the downstairs bathroom I had been using as a dressing area she asked me to come look at something as she was cleaning the sink and countertops with a white rag the powder from my blush showed up like a neon sign I just said its from rust in the well water like I said she is no dummy and left it at that.

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    I had dressed and of course taken some photos (when they were still film). I had a favorite and kept it in my wallet (big mistake).
    She found it and was quiet for days. Finally, after much prodding, she said, "Who is she"?
    I said who is who? She repeated the question till finally she said "the woman in the photo in your wallet". I began laughing, which didn't help at all.

    I said, ok, I'll tell you. "It's Me". She got mad and repeated "Who is She"?
    I told her to wait. I went to the closet and got my stash. I showed her the dress, heels, wig and stockings I wore in the photo as well as the lingerie.
    There was Silence.

    After a few minutes I told her all about myself and my dressing. We talked and talked and cried and cried.
    Long story short, she was willing to explore this and here we are today. She's fully accepting, helpful and we go out together all the time.
    It could have gone much different. I was lucky.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy-Somthing View Post
    I got caught by leaving my size 13 Pumps beside our bed after an afternoon of dressing.
    Yeah, my wife found a pair of my heels in my closet. But I never got caught dressed. Lots of close calls going all the way back to high school. The good old days!
    Come over to the dark side - We have cookies!

    .......My Photos

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    I used to share a house with a girl, and thanks to different work hours, I had a bit over 2 hours from the time I arrived home until she arrived home from work. This normally gave me plenty of time to dress and relax in her clothes before I had to revert back to normal.
    As you can guess, she came home early one day, and no, I wasn't dressed at the time, but I had stripped off my work clothes and was on the way to her bedroom full of her clothes.
    I bumped into her totally naked and made a quick dash to the bathroom, telling her I was on my way to have a shower, when really I was on my way to dress in her clothes.
    To her credit, she never mentioned the incident again, and it was only lucky timing that I didn't get caught in her clothes.

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    Shortly after we were married in 1989 my wife discovered me wearing pantyhose by rubbing her legs on mine in bed. She got really upset and I said I just wanted to see how it felt to wear them. A lie of course, I started wearing them occasionally when I was 10 years old. I promised I wouldnt wear again but she found me wearing them several other times over the years. One time with makeup on and a slip. I finally accepted I am gender fluid and came out in a letter to her in 2018. Non intimate married friends since then. I wear pantyhose or tights daily and panties under my male clothing during the day. At night I wear hosiery and nightshirts to bed in my separate bedroom.

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    When a burglar comes to Rob your house the first thing they do is find a quick exit. Whether it be opening a back window unlocking the back door whatever so when the owner comes home I'm expectedly they can disappear. Sad to say thinking like a criminal might save you in some of these situations. Having a preset plan of where to put stuff in a hurry is probably a great idea. I couldn't be with someone that didn't know all of me. Currently not with anyone. We all make choices.

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    Never been caught. My journey is a long one played out for a good few years but I never acted upon any thoughts of CDing throughout that time. Then somehow something flipped and I knew that I wanted to at least try it out. I did and realised that this lifestyle was for me. As soon as I knew, I told her immediately.

    Long story short, we worked it out and she does support / put up with my dressing and has even bought me several items of clothing and some shoes

    There are lines in the sand but to be honest, they are really easy to stay behind as she is very understanding and I respect her point of view when it comes to them.

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    my dressing up has always been for drag performances, so my wifes always been cool with it

    money changes everything

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