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Thread: Wearing pantyhose at work.

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    Jul 2022

    Wearing pantyhose at work.

    Hi girls!

    I've been wearing panties daily for years, now, and often wear camisoles under my shirt and sweater, but last week I went one step further: I wore pantyhose at work, all week.

    I'd done it before, but with either socks or combat boots ensuring there's no gap between my jeans and shoes.
    Last week, I just wore my dress shoes, and didn't wear socks over the hose.
    I don't think it was visible when I walked, but there was a gap when I sat at my desk, at least in some leg positions. Still, I don't think anyone noticed.

    Next step: I have one bra I might get away with wearing under cami+shirt+sweater, so I might try that.
    Failing that, the next step is the semi-overt one: wearing a nice silk blouse, trying to pass it as a shirt. Since only the collar (and maybe cuffs) will be visible, I think there's a chance.
    After, I need to look into women's jeans, but that one will be harder to pull off.

    Trying to slowly feminise my outfit, even at work (at home, I'm always in skirts and blouses, since I live alone).

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    Sounds like you have a good plan

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    I was wearing pantyhose daily at work for the last several years.

    That being said your plan sounds like you "want" to be discovered. People will start noticing, if they haven't already.

    Are you ready for that? Do you know how you'll respond?

    Be prepared....

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    I wore panties at work for a long time as well, sort of fetish but I would wear 2 pair sometimes. A VF nylon panty with a satin bikini style, then lace top thigh highs as well. Felt very sensual to feel the lace on the hip & the lace mid thigh.
    The woman I would go out with now and then wore nude sheer pantyhose everyday.
    One day I stood at her desk and wanted to see my calf with nylon on it so I lifted my pant leg, up to my knee, felt sexy exposing my nylons in the office. She slid her leg along mine right there, she was sitting, I was standing. The feel was so erotic!! Nylon on nylon is an incredible sensation if anyone hasn?t tried it

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    Southern Illinois
    While I love all kinds of hose, I prefer thigh highs (HSR) and also have worn them to work for years. I, too wear panties and petti panties daily and occasionally, an underwire bra. I don?t like wearing socks, preferably hose. I?m sure the hosed ankles have been seen, but, so far, no one?s said anything. If they ever do, my response will be a smile, and my reply will be ?yes, supp-hose?.

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    It's been said here many times. "Just because people don't say anything doesn't mean they don't notice. "

    Women's jeans are easy to pull off especially if the pockets are fairly plain. A cami or a bra, not so much because the straps tend to leave those tell tale bumps. A guy probably won't notice but a GG will. You might be able to get away with a sports bra if the straps are not adjustable.

    Good luck and have fun!
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

    It's ironic ... I finally found a group of guys I fit in with. Funny how they all enjoy being one of the girls.

    Wife: Why do you fold your panties? Me: I don't like my panties in a wad!

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    its funny that i look for and notice strap signs and panty lines and anything to guess what they have underneath. but dont think anyone notices my straps, etc.

    part of me hopes a women notices and gets turned on by it and wants a three some with my wife and i. but that hasn't happened yet. lol.

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    So, what is your goal with this? What is the risk of discovery? Generally, when trans women choose to come out at work, they approach someone in HR to develop a pla. Going stealth while dropping clues may be a setup for problems unless you are just chasing thrills. Your job, your life, of course.

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    Sounds like a plan but are you ready for the fall out when you do get clocked? I usually wore Trouser socks all the time and got a few comments but just owned it, one day I wore hose under my pants and within a couple hours one of the guys made a comment about having them on. I have to wonder how many others noticed but just didn't say anything. I'd bet the bra would be noticed by someone. Just my two cents worth.

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    I worked for a very liberal minded organization. I started wearing my jean leggings to work. No one said anything. One day I decided I was just going to wear a pair of my lululemons and let the chips fall where they may. Again nothing. Yes from time to time I did get a few looks but that was about it.

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    Wear pantyhose or tights every day under my pants and I wear socks to cover ankles. When its too hot or wearing shorts I wear nylon panties under my pants or shorts.

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    I'm fortunate that I don't work and that my wife prefers me to stay home and dressed all the time so I am in nylons 24/7 during these times. When we go out and I am dressed male if we are with people I do as you and wear nylons under my trousers, I honestly cannot remember a day I wasn't wearing them except as I have mentioned before at the doctors surgery once in a blue moon.

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    Life is more fun in heels Genifer Teal's Avatar
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    I think it has been said before that women are familiar with the swooshing sound of hose under pants.

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    East Yorkshire UK
    I have worn women's socks for a long time at work, and tights occasionally.
    Who is going to spend their time looking at my ankles when they should be working?
    luv J

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    Europe, Slovenia
    I'm wearing pantyhose under my pants at work for years, except in the summer, because it's too hot. But I don't dare to wear them without thin cotton socks over them to hide the gap between shoes and pants. I wear them without socks only when going shopping and doing errands, because it's not that important if someone notice that I'm wearing pantyhose.

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    My senior year of high school, I decided to wear nylons under my jeans every day. Pro tip, if you wear them under slacks or loose fitting jeans, women will recognize the swoosh noise generated by friction between the fabrics as you walk. I learned the hard way. One day, I decided to not wear socks. It didnt take too long for people to notice and I found myself having lunch at the weirdo table. Then Halloween came around, I dressed up for the school dance, and I graduated from weirdo to that word that shall not be repeated. Oh, to be young and beautiful again!

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    I did once at a previous job, but found it too distracting (I didn't wear them very often). That was about 25 years ago.

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    Women's jeans are a great next step to a nice drab look. You will be amazed at how well they fit, and they are stretchy and comfy. I started with a boot cut jean then added a cute belt and chelsea boots. Give it a try!

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    Bolsover, Derbyshire, England
    I sometimes wore tights under my trousers to work, and when I tried without socks was spotted. It was the woman who would in the future have that cathartic "word" with my wonderful partner.

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    Eastern US
    While I mostly work from home, when I go into the office, I often wear some type of pantyhose and have found that a pair of "balenciaga" knock off shoes - the high top, slip on kind work really well without socks.
    I also tend to wear a t-shirt and a dress shirt or shirt sleeve "outdoor shirt" and it hides any "muffin-y" stop from the pantyhose.
    All seems to work well. I DON'T want to be found out so this works for me.

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    North Texas
    It's been chilly enough here the last three nights that I've worn pantyhose under my umpire uniform.

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    Central Fla.
    I'm with Geena75 - too distracting.

    They felt nice, but I was too self-conscious and worried about who might "catch" me, and the possible jeopardy to my job if they did.

    In my situation, it just wasn't worth the risk.

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    I've worn pantyhose to work for so many years I don't even notice them anymore. I gave up on male socks a long time ago. I go with pantyhose, stay-ups, footies or nothing. Nobody cares.
    What do I do on days when I don't crossdress? I have no idea.

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    When I was still working on occasion I wore a panty to work. The end result was a pain as the fit of the panty compelled me to use a stall rather than a urinal. It became bothersome and I stopped. After I retired and later found this site this concept of covert underdressing appeared. As a retired I did not have to worry about discovery. I ended up wearing a bra, panty, camisole and hosiery under my jeans and sweatshirts. Sometimes the hosiery was pantyhose and sometimes thigh highs with a garter girdle. I ended up not experiencing any "thrill" wearing all that garb. It ended up being a pain to use a stall. Heck, in some places using a stall could be a health hazard. Hey, Wal-Mart, clean those darn stalls!!! I came to the conclusion, if underdressing did not do anything for me mentally, why bother?

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    Knickers and tights are unlikely to be spotted, a bra however is something else. You have a much greater chance of someone spotting the tell tale signs so you have to be certain that you can deal with any negative fallout.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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