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Thread: Had to out myself to an esthetician

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    Had to out myself to an esthetician

    Every two to three weeks I get my eyebrows threaded. My biggest issue when getting threaded is the young ladies who work on me never want to thin out my eyebrows. They just assume I want them cleaned up, not thinned and made feminine.

    So when I get in the chair I state that I want me eyebrows thinned pretty significantly, she says, so cleaned up. I state no, please make them thin. She starts working on me and I can tell she is just cleaning them up, not thinning them. You can tell when they take a lot of hair, it hurts and it was not hurting. She finishes and hands me the hand mirror and they were not thinned at all.

    I tell her I want them thin like your brows pointing at her brows. She looks at me and says something unintelligible. At that moment I realize she really doesn't speak English that well. So I take out my phone and show her a picture of Jamie all dolled up with my eyebrows pretty thin. I state this is me and I want my eyebrows like this. She says that's you? I say yes.

    She finishes up my eyebrows. They're still not as thin as I want, but much better than her first try.
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    I've only had my brows done once but I told my tech I wanted girly eyebrows.

    Of course, my tech is my friend Michelle who has painted my toes and fingers, waxed my back, and been out with me probably a hundred times, so I'm not exactly outing myself to her.
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    I just shave mine off these days, and becuase ive done it for years, people are used to seeing me like this, no questions ever asked.

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    Hi Jamie,

    Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. When I started going to an aesthetician I flat out told her to turn my guy brows into girl brows. She said got it but how about we do it gradually so the change is not too drastic. I went with her suggestion and currently wear mine more androgynous.

    - Robin

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    Hi Jamie, As I was reading this I was wondering if you would show her your picture. Very smart.


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    I would love to have this problem. I have very little eyebrows. I have to use an eyebrow pencil to highlight what I have!

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    My eyebrows are almost nonexistent sadly so its eyebrow pencils for me.

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    I had the opposite problem once. I've had my brows waxed or threaded for decades, and they have always been "too thin for a male". I had my hairdresser do them just for convenience once. English was not her first language, either. She said, "You want thin? High arch?" I said something like, "Yes. Aren't they already thin with a high arch?" I think all she heard was yes. She waxed them to about 1/8" wide and with this extreme arch that made it look like I had a perpetual "SURPRISE!!" look on my face. Not a good look for me. I wore glasses with big thick frames until they grew back out. I just started getting my brows done again after laying off for a couple of years. Makes me a little nervous to go to a new brow person, but so far so good.

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    Hi Jamie, Well I am still a little too deep in the closet to indulge in that yet. But now I know what I need to watch out for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyce Swindell View Post
    I would love to have this problem. I have very little eyebrows. I have to use an eyebrow pencil to highlight what I have!
    Having seen you in person I'll say you do it very well Joyce.

    I had essentially no eyebrows because what little there were they were gray. Tired of seeing my face (male or female) without brows I went for microblading earlier this year. At the first session I told the technician that I wanted brows that could look good in either mode. The tech hand absolutely not problem with that and I think the results are just right. When presenting as Jennifer I do darken them a bit, but don't really change the shape.
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    I shave off my eyebrows completely. They went completely gray. The hair is like wire, and if I didn’t trim them every day the would have stood out an inch from my forehead. I finally got so I hated them so much, I just shaved them off. I sometimes draw them in with eyebrow pencil, but usually just go without. Nobody has commented.
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    mine has posters on the wall with beautiful women with thin eyebrows. While I'm dressed in a dress and wig (which I remove to make threading easier), I tell them - not quite that thin.
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