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Thread: Has your SO/wife ever surprised you with ESP like comments?

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    Has your SO/wife ever surprised you with ESP like comments?

    Many months ago we were talking and I mentioned one of my wishes would be to dress more. I'm talking over 4 months so I thought it was a lost cause.

    Suddenly this morning we're talking and she mentions, say how about we get out more and find some place for you to dress for a week. Wow. While talking, she also said, we'll need a different name for you. How about Donna? What? I've not told her about this site. Almost spooky, but who am I to complain.

    Anything like that happened in your life?

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    My wife and I often joke that we share a brain. Guessing presents has become a thing for us. It's amazing how often we're right, even with NO reason to have any idea what something might be based on conversations, how something looks wrapped up, or wishlists. It is a bit spooky - or nearly 30 years together results in brain waves lining up or something!

    Enjoy your week away, Donna!


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    Not so much ESP?just direct. My X once remarked that I was the least self aware person she had ever known. I suppose I should have picked up on that as a sign?but then I clearly was not particularly aware in more than one respect.

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    After 13 years of marriage, my wife is always finishing my sentences and getting things for me that I had only just thought about. It scares me silly and I have to ask her to get out of my head. It has been that way since the beginning almost. I really don't question it anymore, except when she knows what I am thinking before I think it.

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    Methinks you've left your browser either turned on at these pages or your SO found a link in your PC's history. Either that or you talk in your sleep!

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    It happens all the time. I'll think of something to say, but before I can put it into words, my wife will say it. I joke with her that I'm going to have to start wearing a tinfoil hat.

    But only about regular stuff. It doesn't seem like she picks up on my more feminine feelings or thoughts, or if she does, she's not talking.
    Maybe my Sara-ness is on a different wavelength?

    SirDonna, I can only WISH my wife would come up with something like that. I hope you get your trip, and I hope you both love every second of it.

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    My wife has that gift! She just knows things before they happen (like the market crash of 2008) Or when they are happening to someone (mainly a relative) far away. You do not want to play cards with her. It is spooky. Since she does not approve it is a hinderance, imho.
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    Donna, it is a fascinating phenomenon for sure but in the science world there is no conclusive explanation even though it is recognized. Personally, in your example, I think Helen's explanation is the most probable. But I cannot reject the ESP-like explanation. There is just no way to determine that conclusively.

    The brain is an amazing structure that has evolved over a very long time resulting in its ability to do some things that certainly makes even neurologists wonder sometimes. It operates on electricity and electricity is really a quantum phenomenon. The quantum world is largely very different from the world we operate in and when it comes right down to it nobody actually understands it as well as we understand, for example, what happens to a ball when we throw it. It is spooky. In fact, Einstein called quantum physics "spooky science." Even though he did some early work in the field and was a bit skeptical about it, he had the utmost respect for the flow of that kind of energy in the Universe.

    However, most of these kinds of phenomena have easier explanations than invoking ESP. That said I don't think it is reasonable to completely reject that. Your example happened and therefore it has an explanation, but reading your mind is not one of the better ones. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. An absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

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    My wife is a very good observer, she watches but doesn't comment and then she reacts. We were in a mall and she noticed me watching a women take off her coat and she was wearing a white see threw top and a green bra. At that moment I thought to myself that you don't see many women wearing green under garments and that I don't own one. About a week later my wife comes home with a green bra for me. I asked her why she thought I would want a green bra, she told me she noticed how I was checking out that lady at the mall and figured that I would want to doublecate that look. She told me that I do that a lot, she notices I see something catch my eye and then a few days later I'm wearing something to try to look like what I saw. I'm not calling it ESP but I will admit women are very observant

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    Happen? All the time. I wonder if I have a monitor on my forehead. We?ve talked about this phenomenon many times. Is it ESP, body language, etc. I rather enjoy it, especially her suggestions.

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    My wife and I have been married 50+. If one spouse does not know what the other spouse may be thinking after 50 years, he or she is dense. As to the name issue, what makes you think your wife has not perused the internet and found this site. Based on my postings it would not take much for my wife to realize I am a participant. She saw that I had this site up once when I walked away from the computer. And, it would not take much for a wife to join as a GG.

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    Yes, it's scary how well my boyfriend knows me at this point, of course we've been together for years but he always seems to know what I'm thinking about.

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    Happens all the time my wife has great awareness and always knows what Im thinking although we have not had the talk I am convinced she knows I want to dress.

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    My wife often tells me what I want to think and do. I respond, "Oh, ok." I'm glad she knows what I want to think and do, because normally, I thought it was something else before she told me otherwise.
    I am a man who presents male and wears feminine clothes.
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    As far as my dressing, she doesn't want to have much of a clue. I do dress at home almost daily, but she does her best to just ignore it. But, there have been multiple instances of playing board games (pictionary among them) where others would not allow my wife and me to be on the same team. Long before anything recognizable was on the page, we'd know exactly what the other was thinking/drawing. I do wish that transferred to my preferred styles.

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    I've been married to the same woman for over 40 years, and she makes ESP-like comments all the time. But it's seldom, if ever, a surprise.
    What do I do on days when I don't crossdress? I have no idea.

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    I wish my wife would call me by a female name when I am dressed. I also wish she would suggest going somewhere where we could go out in public with me dressed.

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