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Thread: My first time fully dressed up

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    My first time fully dressed up

    Ladies, let me tell my story. I had to work out of town on Halloween weekend. I didn't think nothing of it. Business as usual. I felt a bit upset I wasn't going to be sleeping in my satin nighties and bra for a few days.
    It dawned on me on my 3 hour drive. I try was Halloween weekend.
    I started thinking this was the perfect time to explore.
    In my last hour of driving, I put in Goodwill store near me.
    It was 10 minutes from my hotel. I went there first. I found an amazing pair of jeans NYDJ brand. I found an Croft and Borrow brand white t-shirt. I then found 2 skirts and a nice blouse.
    I have shoes at home, 3 pair now, a red, pink high heels and a cute blue boot.
    Also stopped at Walgreens to get pantyhose.
    Anyways I wished I had the shoes with, just for the practice.
    I get to the hotel, immediately put on the pantyhose. Next tried on the jeans.
    I actually tried everything on really fast, I was so excited.
    I endend up with the jeans a bit short, I'm 6'1".
    I didn't care. I wore black pantyhose underneath. They showed quite a bit.
    I know a few people noticed,
    I almost forgot to say, I went to Ulta in between all this.
    I picked out 2 lipsticks and eye shadow.
    I put the lipstick on in the parking lot.
    Anyways I walked around in my womens tshirt, womens jeans, pantyhose.
    I felt amazing.
    Later that night, I got my hotel, being Halloween, I had nothing to lose.
    I had a few beers and went for it.
    I put on my new skirt, and blouse over the new tshirt.
    I only had vans shoes that didn't look too bad.
    I strolled out of my room fully dressed for the first time, lipstick and all.
    I was noticed by a few people that were outside, but it was from a distance.
    I think that was a total success.
    So now I'm hooked.
    I try on the other skirt, have another outside walk.
    Ok, now I'm feeling great, empowered, sexy.
    I walked to the gas station fully dressed, just lipstick on, gray skirt, above knee. White t with a nice blouse.
    OMG people were in there!
    What did I expect?
    I remembered my posture, walked nice, went to the counter bought my items and left.
    There was no awkwardness. It felt natural.
    So, long story, short.
    I spent 4 days in ladies clothes.
    I was upset when I actually had to go to work and put on the sand paper T-shirts and terrible pants.
    I slept in pantyhose and a skirt every night.
    Im hooked.
    By the way when I got home, I emailed the NYDJ company to see if they had a 34 inseam pant.
    They emailed me back with a link.
    I bought them yesterday online.
    They had the exact pair I bought at the thrift store, just longer.
    Good night.


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    Yep , you are hooked ; )


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    [QUOTE=Sandi Beech;4614874]Yep , you are hooked ; )


    I just have to ask Rachael, your going out of town, staying at a hotel, why not take some girl things with you?


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    Rachael, It sounds like you have found the right place to hang out, welcome aboard!

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    I thought I could go without for a few days.
    Silly me, 😍
    Thank you for the warm welcome ladies.


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    Welcome to the forum - thanks for sharing your story

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    Hi Rachael and welcome aboard.

    Yep you're hooked can't wait to hear about your next time out.


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    Genie-bottle-out. No going back!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    It appears you have already discovered one of the keys - experimentation and reflection on how different clothing expressions make you feel. And also how your feelings can affect what you wear. Clothes are more than just something to make your body legal in public. You already know that as a male, but as a female feelings with respect to what you wear tends to be more important than it is with males. Keep experimenting to find the styles that fit the finer points of how you, in that feminine mode, view yourself. Women communicate a lot in how they dress; men tend to be a bit more factual and thus dressing style is usually not very important. But that is a cultural thing and in some cultures men and women are both very expressive in both clothes and body ornamentation.

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    Love hotel dressing it presents many opportunities to advance your look.

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    I agree! I love when i have to go away for work functions!

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