Ladies, let me tell you.
The stories I've read, the heart felt experiences.
I'm so happy to have you all.
It gives me a place to talk about my experiences and feelings.
It's a great feeling to have you all.
I have everything in common with most here.
I can't explain my dressing up.
As some here, quit asking why.
I'm an only son of 6 sisters.
Not sure, but maybe i just have girlie DNA.
I've never been the manly man.
Like, I need a glove on to remove a fish from a pole.
I can do almost anything around the house.
I've always felt girlie.
Here and there, try on a panty here, pantyhose there.
My SO knew about my panty drawer.
But, I've always had my girlie stuff in a basement, in a box.
Well, my box needs a new box this year!
I'm not sure the, why.
I can't stop it.
I just love what I love ��.
Pink stuff, flower patterns, satin nighties, A cup braletts.
My earliest experience was probably 12 yr/old.
I tried on Step moms pantyhose.
I've mentioned in another post, they felt electric.
I don't know how else to explain it.
Only this year, I'm 49 have I went there extra mile to fully dress and go in public.
Anyways, long enough rant.
Love you ladies, Thank you for being there!