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Thread: Well I went all out this weekend Home Depot twice over two days and Texas Roadhouse

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    Well I went all out this weekend Home Depot twice over two days and Texas Roadhouse

    I am the proud owner of my own house finally sort of lived in my car for 6 months then spent another year living back and forth between two friends living about half a week at each other?s places so I could save money for a down payment on the house. Well ended up getting a home with 0 down and only had to pay $4,500 total for closing costs. Plus with current interest rates got locked in at 4.99% witch is fantastic for the times. I had only a few problems with the house unforeseen that home inspection didn?t catch. I found a few leaks in kitchen and bathtub and tonight had to change out both elements in hot water heater. Anyway I?d been dressed fully for the last week after moving in and didn?t want to go to all the trouble of changing out so made over two different days trips to
    My local Home Depot to get supplies I needed for repair wore leggings, blouse low cut bra makeup and nail polish and interaction with cashiers, customer service and aid looking for everything I needed for it all. Well last night Saturday which I?d forgotten are the busiest of times to eat out there was at minimum of a two hour waiting list for a table. I?d planned on taking everything off but then discovered the hot water not working properly. Anyway my great GG friend called and suggested we go anyway so I went anyway. We both ended up not wanting to wait another hour so made our way to the bar and we?re lucky enough to get seats without the extra wait. Only one couple made a slight face according to my friend other than that we had a great time and fantastic meal. Ended up staying until they closed and were the last to leave. I go there a lot to eat but never dressed funny thing too is everyone there knows me by name too. They even said is your name still Mike tonight or something different and we all laughed. On of the bartenders said when asked about the nail polish I said I had to buy some as I hadn?t unpacked mine yet really I haven?t figured out which box it?s packed in yet. She said just leave it on until it starts chipping itself off on its own. I thought it was great though we all got another good laugh. You know the one other thing is guys coming and going at both places held the door for me in and out and not for my GG friend. She thought that was odd herself and so did I because we went in separate times but she noticed it as she was watching for me so I?d know where she finally got a seat. It happened again leaving too cause we both drove and had to park in different areas due to the crowd. Plus I?m usually lucky as I have handicapped tags on my vehicles she doesn?t . I?ve actually had a fantastic week so far and no one cares. Guess that?s the point is no one really cares anymore and just a few looks from only one couple is all the negative reactions I?ve encountered. Just dress nicely mind your own business and act like it?s a normal thing and no one cares. To the ones out here that maybe don?t have the courage yet just be yourself act like how your dressed and enjoy our new found freedoms.
    Be Yourself, Everybody else has been Taken......Oscar Wilde

    I go to the beat of a different drummer

    Susan Michelle

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    Glad you had a nice weekend

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    Congratulations on the new home. Sounds like your Girl friend is a keeper too.

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    What a nice weekend, very best of luck and congrats on your new home. Sounds like things are coming along very nicely.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is always nice to read about stories like yours which bolster my confidence in going out in girl mode.


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