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Thread: Have you got to much stuff?

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    Feb 2022

    Have you got to much stuff?

    Hi all just going through my wardrobe and realised just how much girly stuff i have and seriously need more space. Despite having clear outs of old stuff at times I currently have 47 dresses, 39 skirts mostly mini but also 8 below the knee, 4 jumpsuits, 23 pairs of heels 15 of which are 5 to 6in heel and 5 pairs of boots, 7 corsets and basques, 107 wigs of all colours and cuts, 83 tops and blouses, 7 suspender belts and literally 100s of nylons in all colours and patterns, 3 maid outfits one of which is leather 2 breast plates D and E and silicone inserts, numerous panties, bras and accessories and makeup items, only 1 pair of tight womens jeans which says alot about my style and 5 pairs of leggings 1 of which is also leather and 17 nighties. My wife says I have far more than her but its mostly her that keeps bringing them home for me. Is anybody else running out of closet space?

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    Yes. I?m afraid to count. Ugh.

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    Oh way too much. I have a wardrobe and 2 chests of drawers full of girlie stuff. The funny thing is I never seem to have anything to wear.
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    I almost have too much, but that's because I am not out at home. While I don't have a 20th of the wardrobe many have, I mostly need the right things. I'm really only looking for a couple pair of nice pumps (light and dark) and a couple long bodied tops to wear with leggings (for blending). More than that would make my meager storage space an issue.

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    Nov 2022
    Torrid just had a sale 40% off shoes so I picked up a couple of least they are different from what I already have!

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    Too much stuff, no. Not enough storage, most definitely.

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    I have reluctantly declared a moratorium on any new clothing purchases due to lack of closet space, this despite Vivian having her own closet for regular clothes and half of another for specialized sports clothing. It's time for a ruthless culling of his old t-shirt and bike jersey collections.

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    Yikes, that's a lot of stuff Amy! I haven't counted all of my things but I have 2 dresses, 2 bras, several pairs of panties, 3 pairs of satin pjs, 6 satin chemise/robe sets, 4 bridal nightgowns/negligees, and 2 lacy/chiffon baby doll nightie sets. As you can tell, I love romantic lingerie!

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    I am okay in that regard I think. 1 moderate size closet, 1 armoir, a couple of dressers and a small lingerie chest. For someone who wears feminine clothes almost every day, I have a relatively practical attitude about my wardrobe.
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    Not at all. I've only been at it actively for a little over a year, more is needed. Ask me this same question again in five years.

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    WAAAAY too much stuff. I have a spare bedroom that I have converted into a closet. I really need to do a clean out.
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    I definitely do not have too much girly attire. From memory:

    4 dresses - I recently donated 5 dresses I had purchased and found I rarely wore.
    2 pair of pants (1 denim Lee jeans and another white pair of pants)
    3 tops to wear with the pants
    10 lace bralettes
    8 underwire bras with one more on order
    51 pair of lace panties (24 are still in unopened 6 pack packages)
    6 chemises I wear as nighties but could double as slips
    1 nightgown (I love it)
    11 suspender fishnet stockings
    8 or 9 thigh high nylons that I replace as the need arises (runs and holes)
    2 sets of DD forms
    2 sets of A/B cup inserts for the bralettes
    1 purse
    Assorted jewelry and makeup
    5 sets of pink coffin style press-on nails

    I keep most everything in the vanity drawers in the spare bathroom and a guest bedroom closet. When we have guests overnight, everything gets moved to the master bedroom and bath. If we're having guest for just a day, everything in the guest bathroom goes to my nightstand drawers in the master bedroom.

    Seriously, can a girl really have too many clothes. I've always hated clothes shopping for the drab me; but, clothes shopping for Heather is always a fun time.
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    Actually, not any more. Ok maybe too many bras, too much makeup and jewelry. But as I get older I have been actively reducing the amount of things I have. Not just girly stuff but everything. I have always been a collector of many things but time has come Shrink my collections. Including my girly things. Think I am down to 4 wigs and 4 pair of heels. One purse, my favorite Coach handbag. My guy side only has 3 pair of shoes. As I wear something out I do replace it but no more wasteful shopping (except maybe bras). Lol.
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    Yes, of course I have too much, and I still want more. Why do you ask?
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    "107 wigs!" Wow! I have to keep my wardrobe in the store room which is a converted garage which was suppose to be a rec room. My wardrobe is in 24+ Xerox boxes and some other odd shaped boxes. There are 162 dresses; hundreds of slips (my addiction); hundreds of panties; 41 nightgowns; the list goes on. One of the problems of being in a DADT marriage is not being able to have adequate time to dress. Therefore, as my therapist calls it, this collection falls into the category of retail therapy.

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    You are only half done answering your question. Now write down a price for each item. Make a good guess if you do not remember exactly. Just do the stuff on hand. Add them up. That sum helps reveal whether you have too much stuff.

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    I would need all the closet and drawer space in my house for half of what you have!! But I'm doing ok with half a closet and 3 drawers (as long as I swap out summer/winter clothes). I don't go out dressed so don't need a lot of stuff, but I have enough to be able to mix and match to make fun outfits. And lots of makeup and hair accessories under my bathroom sink, and some jewelry.

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    yep. I only buy female clothes these days and my back bedroom is FULL to the hilt, plus bags in the garage and a good wardrobe full at my holiday home, and im still buying every week, lol

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    Sounds like you a great wardrobe Amy the best part is your wifes contribution to it.

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    My wife convinced me a few weeks ago that I'm collecting to much and should go threw some of my stuff. It was hard but it is nice to have the extra space but it's just so hard. My wife believes it's because I don't wear anything out, dressing occasionally my cloths don't wear out to throw them out. I have 100s of pantyhose and I usally wear one brand and the others are to good to wear under pants. I save the good ones for special occasions and being in the closet and only going for drives onces a week there isn't many special occasions. I know exactly what your going through, it's just so hard to remove stuff, I guess we want selection.

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    Without a doubt?yes. I have a difficult time purging, too. You never know. It?s fun finding something you forgot about and it becomes the pick of the day.

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    I moved to a house that is 1000 sq ft smaller. My storage space was cut almost in half. I will have to be more careful when I consider any additions. But I am considering a new wig for my birthday 4 weeks away.

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    Please explain "too much stuff". How is that even possible?
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    I guess you're right about enough never being enough it's more a case of finding space for it all, I have already had to change one of our spare bedrooms into a large walk in wardrobe I remind my wife she's the one to blame

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    AmyJordon, I don't see a problem.
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