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Thread: A doctor?s gender recognition - wow, what a thrill!

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    A doctor?s gender recognition - wow, what a thrill!

    I moved from Houston to rural Virginia 2 years ago and continued MTF HRT but put any social transition steps on hold as this is a very conservative area. I?ve had to drive to Greensboro, NC for medical care, both HRT and specialist types. In all my medical records I?ve stated that I was transgender and gave my preferred name and pronouns, but I don?t present as female. I?ve accepted that I am at a comfortable plateau right now - I?ve been on HRT for 5 years, my wife accepts my breast growth, softer skin, biweekly estradiol valerate injections, and my wearing mostly female clothes at home and under dressing outside.

    So I had to go to an orthopedic surgeon in Greensboro yesterday for cortisone injections in my knees. All went uneventfully and the doc suggested that I get hyaluronic acid injections instead of cortisone. I agreed and he said he would check with insurance.

    Got home and read the post visit report today. He referred to me by my female name and gendered me as female throughout the report as ?she? and ?her?!!! I felt a surge of happiness unlike anything I?ve felt in a long time! I didn?t expect that kind of reaction but Wow! What a feeling! I feel validated and unburdened from the old male persona! Maybe it?s time to rethink that social transition!

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    Certainly does sound like validation to me

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    Great! But of course you realize that a doc (who may well have been trained, educated, or raised in a far more liberal city) is not representative of the general population of this part of the country. Your reasons for being cautious about socially transitioning in this part of the country would seem to still be as valid as first considered. Nancy

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    I socially transitioned in NC! No problems! Out and about 24/7/365! No pitchforks or torches! Just get nice responses and some compliments! A few negative looks but that is all! Of course, YMMV! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    About six months after starting hormone therapy, I went to see a back pain specialist. At the time I was presenting only as male and had only come out to a few family and no close friends. As the doctor reviewed my medication list he asked about my Spiro and Estradiol. I explained I was just beginning my transition and after several months and chances to stop it looked like I was committed to the course. He asked if I wanted to change the gender marker in my files. He is part of one of three major medical groups in this area and if he made the change it would show up everywhere within that group and with the other two whenever they shared information, which is often. I agreed and walked away with an appointment for an injection in my lower back, but my head in the clouds. That validation and the offer to expand my feminine footprint in that was one of the best things that had happened to me. The medical community rocks!
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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