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Thread: So glad I did!!

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    So glad I did!!

    Saturday morning.

    Set off for home, black leggings with knee high heeled boots, Black vee necked sweater, forms and a wig but sans makeup. I arrived dressed so I'm leaving dressed!

    This is a road i know well and after an hour or so I approached a village that I knew to have a public toilet. Managed to park within a few yards of the entrance to the ladies and with a little trepidation due to being without face paint I made use of the facilities. Job done, hands washed and back on the road.

    A little later I pulled into a quiet rest area to change back to drab as I'm unable to arrive home dressed. That done, again back on the road.

    Minor roads turned into A roads and they turned into motorways and it was as I left one motorway to join another, the M6, that I hit a queue of traffic due to an accident. So what should have taken minutes to drive took well over an hour. Finally get passed the clear-up and on the last leg but now starting to cross legs as the call of nature was happening once more (while I may be young at heart, someone forgot to tell my bladder!) and after what seemed like forever I arrived home. I don't think I've ever reversed up onto the driveway and exited the car quicker in my life!

    So looking back I'm so grateful that I took the decision to make use of those facilities earlier in my journey. There was a time that I'd have chickened out, not having my makeup on but this was just one more of those little steps that take us along on our journey. One more small confidence builder to take forward.
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    Glad you made it home safely

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    Self confidence is half the battle. You seem to have that in buckets.Pleased you made it home unscathed.,The M6 can be a nightmare. Especially between Lymm and Birmingham.

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