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Thread: Pink fog at the mall

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    Pink fog at the mall

    Christmas shopping with the wife today at our huge mall ? all I could think about was what I would wear, what stores to go to, and when I can come back en femme. Looking to see what women were wearing. I feel like a creep. So many people had things I would never be caught dead in. So many ideas from women I saw in public.

    PS. Wife knows - awkward shopping for clothes with her, which we did. I honestly think she wants my opinion at this point. She bought a skirt today because I told her it was cool. I?m secretly hoping to get one in my size.

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    My wife always asks my opinion now. We shop together for her. She likes to go to used clothing shops in upscale locations like Laguna Beach. We spent $400 for a gown for her that is quite beautiful. Like a movie star.

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    I had a little version of that at the grocery store tonight, picking up final things for t-day. There was a spectacularly dressed woman who had a skirt on that I absolutely loved. I would love to know where she got it. But talk about creepy...I would never in a million years ask!

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    I know the feeling the pink fog gets me at the mall also so many cute outfits someday I hope to shop with my wife if she accepts the Jill side of me. Do not feel like a creep you are not doing or thinking about anything illegal or creepy.

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    Laurie, My wife and I shop together all the time. We have different styles, but she appreciates my opinion and I hers. We were at the mall last Sunday looking for a dress for me for an upcoming event. She really liked a gown and thought I would look good in it. Unfortunately I would need a breastplate or glue on forms that blend into your skin to wear it, I didn't buy it.
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    I get the pink fog at the mall all the time also, I'm always thinking about lingerie stores/depts and any new styles I can check out.

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    The pink fog hits me every time I go shopping. So many lovely things to look at, try on and occasionally buy.
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    Only at malls? Really?

    I'll be out in public and notice what women are wearing and think "I'd like to try that on". Often it's something a pretty young thing is wearing, but a girl can dream, can't she?
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    Pink fog at the mall? It?s everywhere. I love it.

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    YES, PINK fog whenever I'm out!

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    The Pink Fog. Well my wife and I went to our local mall shopping for both her and I. I had an order to pickup at Torrid. While there she brought over a satin blouse asking if I would like to have it. She knows I am a satin lover. So we grabbed that and browsed their legging finding a pair I just had to have. SA helped us some and I owned. It was so much fun. Then Penny's and Macy's. Oh the way home I said how much I loved the special occasion dresses we had seen. She say you wanna go check them out later this week. Yes Please... It is so amazing when your spouse knows, accepts and even supports your desires. I am sure in turn to be the most supportive and loving to her desires and needs. Plus I just love spoiling her. I buy all her clothing as she knows I just loving dressing her all up as cute as ever.

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    Went shopping with my daughter on Black Friday - she likes my opinion with fashion.
    She tried on a few outfits then we went hunting for a black satin pleated skirt for me but without luck, however we both saw and liked the same midi dress in another shop
    I purchased it, she wore it on Sunday and wife wants to borrow it next weekend, hopefully I get a turn soon.
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    I experience the pink fog when out shopping too and it's comforting to read that I'm not alone. Anywhere were there are lots and lots of people can trigger it for me, especially when there are many emales about. I find myself looking at what they're wearing, their hairstyles, their makeup, their nail polish and their jewellery. When I see an outfit I like, I start imagining myself wearing it and that's when I end up hunting clothing shops for a similar outfit.

    I find the build up to Christmas can be a really bad time for me as that's when all the party outfits are on display in the clothes stores. Sparkly dresses, gorgeous heels, I'm hypnotised as I pass shop windows and I find myself drawn into stores to take a closer look.

    The last day at work before the Christmas break can have my pulse racing because all the staff get together for the end of term meeting and everyone is dressed up for that last day. That's when I'm surrounded by women wearing outfits I secretly wish I could be wearing too.

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    My wife and I often shop together malls and other stores. She often looks for things that she believes I would like and I do the same for her. I must admit that sharing this experience with my wife is wonderful.
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    I'm starting to think this pink fog never clears!good job too as I often people watch and see some gorgeous outfits and have to put one together.and yes Xmas never thought of that sparkly outfits ! !

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    I shop with my wife and she is fully aware I'm looking at things I might want to get. However, I do not purchase any feminine clothing for myself when we're together. She's told me she doesn't want to shop with me (for Heather clothing) so we don't. The last time we shopped for her (2 weeks ago), Belk had so much on sale that I will be returning on Dec. 12th. This Belk store is 60 miles away and near the VA I go to. This store is so large it has 2 buildings - one for women's clothing and accessories and one for men's clothing. I hate shopping for my drab clothing - always have - but, I love shopping for my pretty, lacey, feminine clothes.
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    My wife definitely asks my opinion more on clothes now. It's great. I love the it when she talks women's clothes with me.
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    hello Laurie,
    my wife asks me if an item of clothing will suit her, yet I never have the courage to ask if they also have one in my size!
    luv J

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