Well one week into my "what If" post and trying to cut down my Friday drive I was sitting on the coach and my wife told me "I know you want to go, just go and if something happens we will deal with it together". I didn't hesitate and I got dressed and off I went.
This time of year the police set up spot checks to control drunk drivers, they position themselves on roads that they trap you and you can't turn around. Well a few minutes into the drive by the time I seen the flashing lights it was to late, I'm now trapped and have to go threw the check. A few years ago I would have freaked out and had a panic attack and probably put my head and eyes down to the floor with embarrassment and probably try to remove as much fem stuff as possible. Just like a man who rolls up his sleeves before doing a chore, I hiked up my skirt, fixed my hair and touched up my lipstick and told myself "I could do this". I was now in the single row like a animal going to slaughter and I see the row of police officers. The first officer waved me to pass down the line until one officer waved me to stop. I opened my window and I automatically put my head high and staired him straight in the eyes, for a second and only a second he had a look like he seen a ghost, and in that second it gave me the opportunity to say "good evening officer how can I help you". The next thing they do is come in close so they can smell your breath when you respond to a question. He asked me if I had any alcoholic beverages tonight and he started moving closer to me, I moved closer to him and told him I didn't. He pulled away and told me to have a nice evening and I responded that I planned too. I know it's so minor but for me I was so proud how I handled that, I didn't even break a sweat and I was so confident. The next thing I thought about was this community. Thank you, thank you to this community and to everyone here for giving me the confidence, I could and would have never handled that situation so calm and confident without this place. I know for some this is nothing but for me for some reason it meant so much and I believe I owe it all to you. Thank you all.