My S.O. always found it so funny when she found out that I had danced around in several of my sisters Tutus growing up as she was a Tomboy and never interested in them ! She is so dissapointed that there are no pictures of this and at one point was always teasing me about buying me ballerina outfit. Once she caught on I liked women's clothing a bit too much she never offered to buy me anything feminine again !

On the othe hand she has no idea over the years how many times I wore her lovely full and half slips that she never wore ! That being said since she caught me afew times wearing them in our bedroom she might have a good idea that I am the primary slip wearer in the relationship ! LOL she would just giggle and shake her head as she walked away saying something like " and you tell people you wear the pants in the family "

Having a wife with a good sense of humor is great, I am just glad she doesn't know the extent of my crossdressing and prefers to think it is just a funny quirk that I indulge in very randomly. Since I am known as a pretty funny guy it helps my cover !