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Thread: Have you worn feminine items that your S.O. has not? Or worn some more often then her

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    I've never worn a tutu, Robbie, but I sure have enjoyed wearing lots of items that most women rarely or never wear--or not any more, at least. Slips are top of the list. I always like to wear a slip under a skirt or dress: either a half slip or a full lengthslip. I love the silky feel and the delicate lace trim around the breasts or hem. A woman looks beautiful in a full-length slip, and absolutely cute in a bra and half slip. A beloved past girlfriend of mine, who incidentally was fairly accepting of my crossdressing (she once tossed me her blouse to wear, a gesture I found intensely exciting) once said to me "I feel so sexy in my slip!" Gee, so do I! I could really identify with that! I wish more women thought that way today. Never mind slips, women today don't even wear enough skirts and dresses. As others have said here before, it's a tragedy that so many women don't seem to want to be beautiful, feminine and sexy any more, and have sunk into this wretched "comfort" thing. As a man (I have my masculine side too), it was a point of pride to look SMART in a suit and tie during most of my career, so why can't these women do the same? Fortunately I live in Phoenix, where it's WARM and even HOT during much of the year, and I do enjoy seeing many women in beautiful, colorful dresses just shopping in grocery stores. I'm glad I don't live any more in one of those colder places up north where far less of this beauty is being seem.

    But it's not just about slips, or even skirts and dresses. Though when it comes to a slip, there are slips for pants as well, and I have a pair, though I imagine few women wear them. Much of the attraction of women's clothing is the variety, the different feel of women's clothing from ordinary old male clothing.. I have enjoyed wearing lots of stuff, including a schoolgirl's gymslip and blouse (weren't those girls beautiful when I was a teenager?) to of course other items, mainly of underwear. Nylons and a garter belt of course; and these are still sexy in many people's eyes. Now you and I might possibly be different in what draws us to the attraction of women's clothing. I freely admit that a good part of my crossdressing (though not all) is fetishistically motivated, and I love to be dressed in women's clothes that were or are exciting to me on girls and women I have admired in the past. I have enjoyed wearing a girdle and nylons. I don't suppose many women wear those today. But my first girlfriend did, "back in the day," and they were sexy to me. I'd love to feel just like HER! For that matter I've enjoyed wearing a waistline bra and a right, long-leg pantygirdle now and then. To some these might not be "sexy"--thougt we never can account for taste!--but to me it's fun to wear them at times. Under a skirt or dress, they constantly remind me that I'm REALLY in women's underwear!

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    funny how life works. Had a GF once, looked like a "Charlie's Angel." Bought her all the great expensive frilly lingerie and nylons I liked but she wouldn't touch any of it! She was the woman and could dress anyway she wanted and just stuck with cotton panties and jeans and sneakers and t-shirts. And me, I love all that silky stuff but as a man am not "allowed." So with her not wearing anything nice to look at I don't even get to "worship from afar."

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayshave View Post
    Robbie, I have several corsets. My wife would never wear one.
    Mine neither! And mine has never worn a shelf bra. Pretty much my wardrobe is way more feminine than my wife. Especially in the lingerie department and she never wears high heels.
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    My wife is a t-shirt and leggings kind of girl, so I do get to wear a few of her t-shirts from time to time

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    Animal print. She doesn't like wearing animal prints. As for me I have Zebra and Leopard. One I think is trying to be Tiger. And then there is gold colors. I love gold and sequin. Shiny'er the better'er. Heels of 2 inches. Gotta say I am a bit of a shoe collector. 3 inch I prefer yet have a few 4 and 2 in as well. Now nylon tights is a word she shall not speak. lol Loathes them. I have a chest fun. Small chest yet she's fun. Love um... She does love dresses and we both share several fit and flare and skater style dresses. I wear with heels, she with canvas tennies.

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    I'm definitely the one wearing the overly feminine clothes in our house my wife will often get me to dress and say something like 'remember when I had to wear that for you ' or 'remember when you expected me to dress like that ' whilst smirking, at home she is always comfy whilst I am expected to be dressed almost to the nines in heels,nylons and skirts. She has often said that when growing up her parents insisted that her and her sisters were always dressed as pretty feminine girls and she resented seeing boys dress how they liked and vowed that things would be different when she got older so l think she relishes the opportunity to turn the tables. As one or two others have mentioned she also has never worn a maids dress or has made clear she never would but expects me to on occasions

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    I love garter belts/ suspenders and stockings. My wife has no interest. Though she wore nylon hi cut panties when we married, over time she has moved to only cotton panties. At least they aren't white. She has a few colors and prints, but my panties are much prettier than hers!

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    In the past 35 years, my wife has not worn: Skirts, heels, hose, a formal gown, a sleeveless top, hair barely longer than mine (I am nearly bald), a bathing suit, contact lenses, mascara and most cosmetics except thick foundation, and the list of overtly feminine things goes on.

    What goes around comes around. Our daughter, being raised with such a role model, likewise disdains anything our culture may consider specifically feminine. She is not just a tomboy, but seriously butch. My wife?s great dream is to be a mother of the bride, the most celebrated person at the event, calling all the shots. Our daughter eloped because she considered the overtly feminine trappings disgusting, and did not tell her mother until married more than a month. It took quite an effort for me to convincingly feign sympathy.

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    Mostly in the lingerie department. I have shapewear girdles and corselettes, a corset, nylons and garter belts, I do not think my wife has ever tried them or owned them, that is of course unless she tried mine��

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    My wife has a great sense of style when it comes to her outerwear. Her underwear is dismal, no it is atrocious! She would not know an attractive pair of panties and a matching bra if they hit her in the face. But I sure do love her
    Just another man in a dress

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    High heels. My wife never wore any. I'd love her to, but I loved too when she used to don a pair of high wedges (now worn out), because it almost raised her to my own height, and for some reason I totally dig going out with my taller version of a wife.
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    hello Robbiegirl.
    I like wearing suspenders (garter belts in the US) and stockings - my wife never does.
    Nor does she ever wear sheer tights (pantyhose) or fishnets.
    Also my wife thinks that bodies are too uncomfortable and impractical, I don't agree.
    does this make me more "feminine" than my wife, I wonder?
    luv J

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