Trying to figure out next steps and looking for feedback from those who have dressed three, or more, days in a row. The key question is why, i.e., what do you get out of it?

I was/am planning a fem vacation next year, but it's a big ask and wondering if it's worth it. Recently I picked up first pair of knee high boots with stilleto heels. I expected a great buzz from wearing them. Not so much. They feel much like wearing my cowboy boots with just a slightly higher rise. Comfortable, yes. Buzzing, not as much as hoped for. Likewise I have also had an expectation that driving with a bra on would be a great buzz and every move would remind me of dressing. Well, not so much. Well maybe for two minutes, after that it just felt natural and comfortable.

Thus the question of "what do you get out of dressing many days in a row"? Should I not expect a buzzed feeling but just a natural feeling? So, what do you get out of it and why continue?