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Thread: Gone more than three days all fem? Why?

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    Gone more than three days all fem? Why?

    Trying to figure out next steps and looking for feedback from those who have dressed three, or more, days in a row. The key question is why, i.e., what do you get out of it?

    I was/am planning a fem vacation next year, but it's a big ask and wondering if it's worth it. Recently I picked up first pair of knee high boots with stilleto heels. I expected a great buzz from wearing them. Not so much. They feel much like wearing my cowboy boots with just a slightly higher rise. Comfortable, yes. Buzzing, not as much as hoped for. Likewise I have also had an expectation that driving with a bra on would be a great buzz and every move would remind me of dressing. Well, not so much. Well maybe for two minutes, after that it just felt natural and comfortable.

    Thus the question of "what do you get out of dressing many days in a row"? Should I not expect a buzzed feeling but just a natural feeling? So, what do you get out of it and why continue?


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    Oh my god, I'm a girl! jazmine's Avatar
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    I'm just being me. My style. What I like. What I look at in the mirror and what I'm proud of seeing as my presentation. ...Totally different than a fetish. At least for me. I am still somewhat coy of my fetish-side......{blush}
    So I like dressing like girl. BIG DEAL!

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    It is not my cup of tea, that is for sure. I have done a second consecutive day crossdressing for planned outings a few times and each time during the second outing I tend to have enough of the crossdressing a few hours into the session. Many of those times I would start taking off some things on the way back home.

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    sometimes you just dont have a choice, lol, if I go away for a few days dressed, I leave the house dressed with no mail attire at all, so all my days away I have to dress en femme for at least 3 days also the day I return home I usually stay dressed till I go to bed. So see sometimes you have no choice but to dress, what a shame, lol .

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    I agree with Debs 100%! Went away for four days, 250 mile drive dressed, checked into hotel, dined, shopped, bar drinks, engaged others in friendly conversation. Enjoyed many outfit changes, even played pool with 3 other ladies one night. Total fun, and for my first time, a big successful adventure. Drove back home, still dressed, wished I had another 10 days.


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    Number one, getting my fingernails done. I've only had them done three times, twice for extended days out. I can't bear the pain of having them done and then removing the polish a day or so later. The second time I had them done I met my GG friend Michelle, the third time was just for one day, because Michelle and I were going out that night for a swanky dinner.

    Number two, the challenge of being dressed multiple days in a row. Having the outfits, getting into a routine of dressing, being able to leave your makeup out instead of always putting it away.
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    It was just over a week ago that my week enfemme came to an end. 7 days of being enfemme 24 hours a day.

    Did I get bored at any point, certainly not. I guess the secret is to fill each day doing or going somewhere different. I won't bore everyone by reiterating what I've already described in detailed daily reports but suffice it to say ech day was a new adventure.

    Yes I did things I've done before but each one differs in some way. One big facet that keeps things fresh is all the interactions I have with those not of our community.

    And let's not overlook the obvious. In the past I'd shop online and have a good success rate in choosing things I actually liked on and that fitted. My week away gives me ample opportunity to shop in person. To browse the racks and to try things on. Now it's a 100% success rate as I get ever better at knowing what will and won't suit me.

    All I can say is if you're finding being dressed for an extended period boring then you're not pushing the envelope hard enough.

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    SirDonna, the longest I ever did was a full week-end, but not without interruptions (I always go to bed in male mode, even when alone). I thoroughly enjoyed to be able to linger full days at home in female clothes, do my routines, prepare food and eat it, sort papers, do stuff on the computer, listen to music, watch TV, have a drink, with all the time in the world and no pressure. It completely charged my CD batteries and the soothing effect lasted for weeks. But it works for me because these clothes never become my clothes. They are and remain female clothes, and the teasing vibe and caring feeling never fade. If I dressed more often or go out may be it would. I have a pair of boots too, medium heels, calf high. They look great with particular outfits and I love them. There is something stunning about boots that I can't put my finger on. Let's say, a mix of power and elegance.
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    I am part of everything.
    My opportunities to dress vary somewhat throughout the year, so I do go through dry periods occasionally.

    Naturally, when the pendulum swings the other way, it all comes flooding back like a monsoon.

    How does it feel? Well, the initial thrill does tend to fade over time, especially if I just dress around the house. Going out dressed is far more exciting, but that thrill seems to fade as well and all I'm left with is a sense that I am enjoying and exercising my freedom.

    I must admit however that going through all the trouble of crossdressing can feel a bit tedious after a while, so I just revert back to full-time male for the convenience.

    After puzzling over putting outfits together and going through the ritual of padding one's body and all the rest that goes with it for a few days, one finds a new appreciation for the straightforwardness of a plain T-shirt and jeans.
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    I like using a lot of makeup plus false eyelashes when I go out dressed. I rarely go out dressed with no makeup.

    So the biggest annoyance for me dressing multiple days in a row is constantly having to remove all the makeup to wash and shave, only to have to put it all back on again. Other than that, it is fun. Of course when I dress up, it is only to go out and about, and for me it is always fun to do that. It would be too time consuming for me to do it all the time. I take a really long time to get dressed.


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    I have never had three days in a row to be able to dress. Maybe someday.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I've done it 3 times going to Southern Comfort Conference.

    I'd drive to and from the conference in fem, 5 hours each way.

    By the end of time I was ready to stop. My face was raw from shaving twice a day and scrubbing off the makeup repeatedly.

    I admit it was wonderful doing all the "girl" stuff like shopping and going out. I adored the manicure and being able to leave my nails polished for days.

    I'd do it again for the right occasion but so far haven't in many years......

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    Well I don't know about "buzzed" but if you want something that you never forget you have on try a tight corset, one that fits well so it is reasonably comfortable, but TIGHT.

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    We did a "girls only" vacation a few years ago. A full week and I brought nothing male along.
    What did I get from it? I got to be me for a full week. At that time it was the closest to full time I could imagine. Now after Covid lockdown, that week seems like a day anymore.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    I've done 2 or 3 days en-femme more than once. But all of those days were inside the house while my wife was away visiting friends. Glued on my forms, did my nails, full makeup, everything. Enjoyed every minute and looked for ways to extend the experience. Actually ventured outside to put the trash out the night before pickup day. Got the mail out of the mailbox (on the street) while I was at it. My concession to my male self at that point was that I took off my wig and went with shorts and a large shirt on top so a quick look my neighbors would see a guy. As soon as I got back inside the wig and the girly clothes went back on.
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    Before our daughter moved back home from the mid-west my wife would visit her for seven to ten days. I had the opportunity to wear women's clothing 24/7 for days on end, and, I did. I did not get a "buzz" or some other "high." It just felt natural. It felt relaxing, like a bird being released from its cage. My PTSD counselor adheres the theory(?) that each man and woman has some dna of the opposite sex within their genetic code; in some it is more than in others. If that is true, then my wearing women's clothing is nothing more than an opportunity for her to express herself. I suppose, then it follows "Who is that woman inside?" What level of development has occurred. Does a teenage girl experiment with makeup and try on clothes more than an older and mature woman?

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    I once tried to wear pantyhose for a month straight, not removing them except for using the restroom and changing into a clean pair. I was curious what my tolerance level was, as it were. Mind you, I love pantyhose, so I thought this would be an interesting experiment. I made it to 25 days and just didn't want to be wearing them anymore. Good experiment; I found I can get enough

    I do find though that when I'm fully dressed, and have been for many hours, I am very reluctant to changed back to drab. I usually hang onto the last minute. I've never gone several days before though (other than as above). So, I've no idea if I'd still be feeling it or not after a few days.

    My wife and I may be empty nesters in the near future. I've talked with her about this, in that I think it likely I'll want to dress a lot when this time comes, but that I think it will only be initially, and then it will smooth out over time. She's fine with this.

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    U didn't define what u mean by "dressing", Donna. To me dressing means all the way or not at all. I no longer feel the need to dress. As I live alone I dress often enuff for my photo stories and to go out and meet other T's at events and clubs to satisfy that need.

    It's at these T events where I dress day and nite for 7 seven days. Since most all of the girls dress to the 9's, too, packing everything for all these outfits is a huge amount of work!

    What do I get out of these week long events? Catching up with old T friends and meeting new ones is #1.

    Taking hot, fun, photos of Sherry with them, in some amazing venues and some famous backgrounds is #2!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    I'm not out and don't dress during the day but I wear lingerie/romantic sleepwear to bed every night. I absolutely love beautiful lingerie, there is nothing like slipping into it at bedtime especially when I have a boyfriend waiting for me.

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    Why? Simply because I love feeling feminine as much as possible.
    "Care about what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner" - Lao Tzu

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    JulieC a month in pantyhose! try 365 24/7 that's how my wife prefers me she says I have amazingly feminine legs which should always be on display in and around the house as for dressing all the time my wife says there are standards which need to be kept so it's an everyday thing not just for a sexual buzz.

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    I have, on several occasions, but I did not leave home on those occasions.
    As such, it was clothes only, no wig, no breastforms (and thus no bra) and no makeup.

    Why? Because I prefer those clothes, and therefore wear them as often as possible. There needs be no more complex reason, really.

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    For me it was me being more natural of who I am.

    What I hated was that I had to shave while enfem.

    I prefer also feminine attire, more comfortable and fun for me.

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    I just posted in the Photos thread about the final day of my 3 days of Danielle home alone time. It was relaxing not having any deadlines about packing up Danielle stuff and I enjoyed simple things like watching tv in the evenings with a glass of wine while staring down at painted toenails, high heels, smooth legs, cleavage and feeling long hair on my shoulders. It was all wonderful but at the end of the 3 days I had actually had my fill of Danielle time and it made me realise I have no interest in being Danielle 24/7. I even went to bed one night as Danielle and found out it wasn't as fulfilling as I had anticipated. It confirmed for me personally I am very content being in my male mode 99% of the time and my occasional escape to being Danielle is satisfying enough for me. That's not to say I don't enjoy the effort I put into my Danielle time with keeping my body smooth all over etc. and trying to present the best possible female image possible for someone approaching their 7th decade. It's hard work being a girl!

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    I can actually speak from some experience on this (surprised myself). A month ago I got to do a 3-day Geena outing and it was remarkable. The point about no time schedule, but enjoying being femme is very true. I had the huge added benefit of having a CD companion, which really made it wonderful. If I had the opportunity, I might do it again, but with a friend -- definitely!

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