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Thread: First time Underdressed at work

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    Its wonderfully naughty too isnt it. A bit of a thrill. Always puts a smile on my face. One female co workers asked me if i had been working out as my 42A bra make my chest a bit bigger.

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    I guess I'm a bit backwards to everyone here. I've never worn panties to work, but did start wearing sports bras to work about a year and a half ago. I stop for a couple months in the summer when it's hotter than blazes. When I first started I was worried about the straps and band showing, but really doesn't bother me at all anymore. A couple months ago I had a computer issue and had to get on my hands and knees working under my workstation and our receptionist / IT gal was right above me waiting for me to pull the tower out. I did worry a bit about it, but we get along great and she hasn't acted any differently. They always say most people aren't paying attention and maybe they don't??

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    Underdressing is so much fun. Good for you. I used to underdress a lot when going to college. Always fun knowing the outline of my bra straps could be seen through my shirts or sweaters.
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    It has been decades since my first time but I do remember my corset was laced way too tight and my stockings kept falling down. No one could see my bras since we wore sports coats in the office back then. Was super great for hiding things. Even after casual became a thing I still wore a sports coat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianne_bc View Post
    One female co workers asked me if i had been working out as my 42A bra make my chest a bit bigger.
    I don't see how that could be possible unless you were wearing breast forms and let's face it, we don't wear those because we want to look athletic.

    I'd love to find panties that would make my butt look bigger, though. No such magic garment.
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    Retired for the past few years. During my 45+ years career. I spent the last 3 underdressing at work ~85% of the time. Always panties. Frequently a bra and small forms, with a camisole over that under my shirt, tie, and suit jacket. That really focused my mind on work, and also kept me keenly aware of what I am and what I wished I was. Now always wearing something from my femme wardrobe.

    I also recall from my undergraduate days almost always wearing panties, bra stuffed with some rice in a couple of sections of knotted pantyhose, with a back zippered turtleneck leotard over that, then a shit or sweater over that. The turtleneck was to reinforce self control, making it nearly impossible to remove the rice forms quickly or discretely. Never any comments from others.


    Best, Rhonda
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    Once you get used to wearing a panties and a bra every day, it starts to feel weird not wearing them.

    I started doing it everyday during the first months of Covid and haven?t stopped. Errands, going into the office, everything. They?re just my clothes. And I love that it feels that way.

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    I have VS pushup bras that provide one or two cups of enhancement up top.
    But, I yet to wear one to work!


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    The first time I went out underdressed just wearing panties under my jeans to a local grocery store I was certain that there were X-ray machines checking to see if I was wearing the underwear of the opposite gender. I eventually realized that there were no x ray machines checking for males wearing panties.

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    I don't wear men's underwear anymore so you could say I underdress everyday. I wear women's leggings as long underwear but one day I decided to wear pantyhose instead but it was to distracting and I couldn't concentrate. It just felt so good to feel the pantyhose against my pants.

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    I am the same, just feels normal and comfortable.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I remember my first time I wore a bra allday for work , it was quite distracting and I could feel the outline shaping my b cup moobs. It was slightly too tight and left imprints on my chest. Lovely feeling of relief when taking it off though and seeing a more rounded and pert shape to them in the mirror. Moving forwards I am totally comfortable all the time and can hardly feel the bra as its the correct size . My posture has improved too . I feel naked with out a bra on nowadays and continue to wear daily . Always looking for more feminine improvement when it comes off .

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    Started with panties years ago, I think the only time I wear men?s is when I have an early morning skin cancer check up.
    I only started wearing Bras occasionally since Covid if I?m wearing a loose polo as I have known my workmates for a very long time so a hug or some form of touching was not uncommon, but it?s fairly taboo in the office now so I love wearing a bra.

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    I have been wearing panties 24/7 for over 9 years now. I feel it is a good way to stay connected to my feminine side plus I just plain love it. I really never thought it could happen
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhonda Jean View Post
    It wasn't until I was going through divorce that I found out that everybody knew I wore a bra. Nobody ever said anything to me about it, but they did say things to my wife.
    Whoa, that's crazy!

    What a memory that can never be taken away from you, anyway?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhonda Darling View Post
    ...bra stuffed with some rice in a couple of sections of knotted pantyhose, with a back zippered turtleneck leotard over that, then a shirt or sweater over that. The turtleneck was to reinforce self control, making it nearly impossible to remove the rice forms quickly or discretely.
    Kinda hot in weird way, yeah? Something I'm surprised I hadn't done!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lacey New View Post
    I eventually realized that there were no x ray machines checking for males wearing panties.
    Oh, they're all over the place, hon... You just need to know where to look!

    In all seriousness, when I used to professionally identify as an office-bitch ( ), there would be days where I'd wear panties & tights under my guy-pants during the colder months. As long as any sound when walking was pretty acceptable (test at home first), then I was good to go! Always wonder if any GG's were doing the same that day? Or maybe any other *guys*??

    There was also one Sunday when I went in to office. Knew for a fact that very few would be in the building with me. And I'd have my area/dept to myself. So, nude hose on shaved legs, women's shorts, running shoes, men's t-shirt. I looked cute, nice choice of outfit for the day. Visible women's clothing, yet not exactly over the top, either.

    Everything went well, had my privacy... Except when it came time to leave for the day! End up walking face-to-face toward another guy down a sunlit hall, no turning back. He worked in another part of the building, and I didn't know him. As we get closer & closer, I see him pretty much *staring* at my legs. Okay, whatever. We both get to the exit door just about the same time. I offer him to go first. No, no, no... He insists I go first. So, I do.

    And by this time, I realize just how the strong, bright sunlight is catching my pantyhose through all the glass! Yikes, LOL!! It then dawns on me that he's no doubt checking out my femmy shimmery legs from behind, ugh! Which is why he insisted I go ahead of him? Ah, well... I don't mind. They are nice legs, ha! Hope he enjoyed!

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    Underdress 99 percent of the time. I started crossdressing with pantyhose as a child, 47 years later I underdress in panties and pantyhose. I have two drawers full of feminine hosiery and panties. This morning wearing my black nightshirt, light pink skimp skamp panties and wolford neon 40 tights.

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    I have worn panties for years and don't even own men's underwear any longer. Don't really miss them either, doctors visits are interesting but no negative, heart rate may be up a bit because of it Added bras into the mix about 10 years ago and only did unlined for about 5 years. Finally just said screw it one day and I wear pushups, lined and unlined all through the week. It is who I am and it took me awhile to accept it, now I just don't care what others may think

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    Last summer I got rid of my male underwear, except for one emergency pair, and started wearing panties full-time. But I would never risk wearing a bra at work. It seems too easy for someone to notice.

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    Perhaps more "crazy" was that at the time it didn't even seem very daring or crazy at all. My nipples were sore (though they didn't hurt as bad as I let on to my wife. I was just trying to justify wearing a bra), I could pass the pencil test and was legitimately an "A" cup and thought I could justify "needing" a bra. I'm not going to deny that it was often exciting as hell to do, but a lot of it was kind of a resolve that that's where I was in life. Hard to explain, but at the time it was a whole lot less thrilling than it sounds like it would be.

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