This is a bit of a story.

In 2012 my mom passed after a couple years of progressing dementia. I had a resurgence of the urge to dress around then and explored with some stray items I found. That fall, my wife's father fell ill and, cancelling our annual anniversary trip, she went to TN for two weeks to help out -- hardly heard from her the whole while. In her absence, I dressed more and explored crossdressers on-line. The following spring, her father took a turn for the worse, and she was off again. I joined, bought shoes and nylons, found a dress, and eventually shaved my legs. I lingered at that level for some time. Fast forward to 2021. Was enjoying the occasional dress up around home. That spring my father died. That summer I ventured out for the first time, and it became a progression up through recently when I removed the beard until further notice (perhaps spring), am shaved from the waist down, and have been going out and about.

It struck me that each time an event happened which caused me sadness/depression, I advanced in cross dressing. Am I doing a sort of virtual therapy on myself? Maybe it is just an escape from the bleak reality of the moment. I'm inclined to think the latter, other than just coincidence. When my life has so many pits of depression to fall into, I find it easier to avoid them via Geena time. Regardless, I am feeling very good about being Geena.