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Thread: My brand new plaid grey dress I'll never get to wear

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    My brand new plaid grey dress I'll never get to wear

    My brand new plaid grey dress I'll never get to wear. Yup, my wife took it. I have been on the hunt for a plaid grey dress Torrid used to carry. I found a few on eBay but whoa the prices. So I stalked them for a bit eventually find one at a good price with offers accepted. So I offered really low to start. BOOM...the seller accepted and the invoice was sent.

    Wow I got it and promptly paid. It took forever for it to arrive. Finally, seven days later my wife came in carrying my eBay package from the mail box. She asked what did I get? A new dress, go ahead and open it. So she did. She tore open the package and held up that beautiful plaid grey dress. Oh I like this one and off she went with my brand new plaid grey dress in hand.

    Moments later there she stood in my new plaid grey dress. It looks so great on you. Yes, I love it she said. I can't wait to try on, I said. Nope said she..this ones mine. Through out the rest of the day I teased her on how good she looked in my brand new plaid grey dress as she would continue to state its hers. Keep my hands off. We have several that we share, some she won't wear and some that I won't wear cause they are her favorites. Like this brand new plaid grey dress of "hers".
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    I kind love the repartee here! Let her have the dress. Find yourself a different one. The gift she is giving you is her playful engagement.
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    Then your search continues. My wife and I are far apart size wise -she?s a 2 and I?m a 10/12 (8 for pants) so I couldn?t pour myself into her stuff and she couldn?t fill my stuff out. She has grabbed a few shirts I got that we?re just too tight in the shoulders.
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    Maybe it is fitting for her to benefit from your desire to CD. So many wives likely get nothing out of it. Keep shopping ; )


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    So true, Sandi. Unfortunately my wife and I wear the same dress size and panty size. Marriage did not start out like that. She could benefit from my wardrobe of dresses and slips and nightgowns. In fact I noticed she has the same exact dress from Kohl's. My wardrobe is stored "in plain sight" but would involve diving into too many storage boxes to retrieve one for the brief moments in the morning that I am able to slip into a dress, bra and panty and slip. So, I have taken one of her dresses off the hanger and wear it for several hours.

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    Sounds like the wife wears the pants AND the dresses in your family, Marge!
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    I say take it as a compliment, how many members here their wives want absolutely nothing to do with their clothes

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    That?s a lovely tale. Perhaps you could find another one and be twins. Lol

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    Oh that has made me chuckle. What a fine match you are.

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    Margret, The story is funny and tragic at the same time. I'm lucky my wife and I are nowhere near the same size.
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    Such a sweet story. Reminds me a little of my wife and our gold sweater dresses. She has only worn her's a couple times and complains about the neck. When I have worn mine, I love everything about it, but cannot say anything about that to her. In a way I envy your recent "difficulty."

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    "'Oh I like this one' and off she went". Thanks for a good laugh for starting the day.

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    On the plus side, your wife evidently still wears dresses with some regularity and enjoys it. That's becoming a rarity among most GG's these days.

    You may be mourning the loss of your much sought-after and cherished dress, but think of it this way... you took one for the team - LOL!

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    My wife has given me clothes and even bought clothes for me but never taken anything of mine. Once she did borrow a blouse but she returned after wearing it,

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