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Thread: Wife's reaction with shaving legs?

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    Question Wife's reaction with shaving legs?

    What was your wife's reaction when you first started shaving your legs? Had you come out to her about your crossdressing before? Were any of you still in the closet when you first shaved? Did you blame it on something like swimming or cycling?

    For me, my wife for most of our 17 year marriage has known that I don't like my body hair. I've never completely shaved my legs but done shaved/naired my upper legs, thighs, rear and back. She'll touch me at night in bed and be like "Oh this is smooth, you shaved??" Not in a mean way but she'll make comments about liking my masculine body hair, although many times she'll make comments about my back hair getting long and making a grossed out face. So this is definitely what causes me to want to shave or nair many parts of my body. She's even bought me Nair before. So it's never been something she'd welcome but also doesn't totally disapprove of. Just wondering how you first broached this topic with your wife or SO.

    I sometimes lay in bed at night dreaming what it would be like to have her and I rub our silky smooth legs together as we spoon!!!

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    I first shaved my legs about 10 years ago, through the upper thighs. My spouse does not know about my cross-dressing. I told her I was trying something to help with my legs drying out and itching (honestly, I would scratch them until they bled). She didn't care for it at all, although I really enjoyed the intimacy. I didn't much repeat that until this past October and I shaved right up to the waist (with an obvious omission). What I have noticed, though, is that it doesn't grow back much. I haven't touched them up in a couple of months and they are still more smooth than not. Winter sort of shuts down the intimacy for us, so no problem there.

    In my case, my spouse loves my furriness. She might like the back hair gone, but I dare not mess with the chest. I have shaved select areas, though, due to the cut of a couple of outfits. I have noticed that the chest hair grows back faster and better.

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    I don't keep secrets from my wife. So, I don't pretend that shaving my legs is for some false purpose. To do anything else is to try to deceive her, and that undermines trust. Trust is one of the key factors in being truly intimate with someone. You can't be emotionally intimate with someone by not having trust. If you're going to shave your legs, be honest with your wife about why and don't lie about it.

    I've shaved my legs many times over the years, both before and after I got married. My wife knows about my crossdressing, and has known since ~3 months into dating. She knows that in the past I would shave from time to time to better enjoy the feeling of pantyhose. She's said many times that she is happy with me shaving my legs, and even prefers it if they are freshly shaved. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition that requires me to wear compression socks. I now shave my legs to my knees all the time to help the compression socks not slip down my legs (which had been a constant problem, and still is to a degree though better with my legs shaved). My wife is quite happy with this, and is amenable to me getting an epilator to pretty much permanently make my lower legs hair free. I don't shave my legs above the knees, though I would prefer to. That's not because of my wife (who would support it). It's because of another choice in my life (that my wife is happy with as well). It's off topic; feel free to send me a message if you want to know why.
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    By the time leg shaving came up with my wife she had known about my crossdressing for a number of years. The subject of my leg shaving, like every other incremental step since she learned about this part of me was done only after a discussion with her and with her agreement and consent (and yes, I used the word consent as I have found over the years that involving her in all of these decisions has been much better for both of us).

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    My wife knew I cross dressed before I started shaving my legs. The ONLY thing she has ever said was one day when she put her hand on my knee. I was wearing shorts so didn't have stockings on. When she touched my knee, she felt about a 2 or 3 day stubble and said I needed to smooth it out. Other than that, she's never made mention of the fact I shave my legs. I truly doubt she cares.
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    not a hair on my body, lol,

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    The first time I basically dared her to shave my legs, she thought I was bluffing and tried to call me on it but I let her do it. So it was pretty much done as a joke. But we both loved the results. Her hand suddenly spent a lot more time on my legs while watching TV, just talking, driving, whatever. Never looked back.
    We've decided that men with hairy legs must be gay.

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    Curious, because you?re here, I assume you crossdress. If so, does your wife know, support, etc.? I told my wife before we got married. She loves it when I shave my legs, especially when wearing hose, (my #1),which I wear most of the time. You?re right about spooning, ask her, you might be surprised.

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    Genetically, I do not have hair follicles on my calves and thighs and shins. My wife and I met more than fifty years ago. The issue never arose back. I think the subject arises when a hairy ape goes smooth; the sudden change. I also do not have hair follicles at my underarms. It wasn't until I was in my fifties that my both decided to grow some sparse hairs on my chest. Anyway, with reference to my hairless legs and underarms my wife says "It is wasted on a guy." Since my wife has only known me as hairless there is no connection between my hairless body and my desire to wear women's clothing. I would think a husband shaving his legs in a DADT marriage would be a reminder of something she disapproves.

    The only person who ever inquired if I shaved my legs was our daughter. One day in the summer she was sitting across from me and asked if I shaved my legs. Nope! Then I asked if this is the first time she noticed in her forty years on earth that I did not have hair follicles. She is not very observant.

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    My first thought when I saw this post was, "Well, this is ramping up quickly!" Just a few days ago it was panties. What's next? The trajectory would indicate that in a few months you'll be like, well, the rest of us. My crystal ball says this is going to get out of hand. Might as well do it and get get it over with.

    I started shaving my legs when I first got hair on my legs. Long before I met my (ex) wife. She never saw me with hair on my legs. It was a non-issue for a long time. The only time it came up was when I let them get prickly, which was very rare. It was kind of a drop in the bucket. But, enough drops and the bucket just can't hold any more. Thus the ex. I agree with Stephanie47 about the hairy ape going smooth being more noticeable, but that's not the only time it's an issue. When you're at the beach or the lake with friends and you're the only hairless male people notice, and even if she's OK with it in private, it might be embarrassing to her.

    Look, you might be the exception to the rule, but just about everybody on this forum has been down this path to one extent or another. It's panties, then it's shaved legs, then it's long nails and getting your brows done, then buying clothes and wigs and hiding them away and dressing while she's gone or you're on a fake business trip. I think a lot of wives wouldn't be so freaked out over panties or shaved legs if they knew it would stop there, but in some overwhelming percentage of the time (I'm guessing) it doesn't stop there.

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    I shave all the time. My wife showed me how to shave a long time ago. She loves it when she can feel my smooth legs. She bought me some new stockings a few days ago. When she first showed me how to shave she bought me my own Schick razor and shaving gel and moisturizer . I've been shaving for 20 years now and still love to feel my silky smooth legs.

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    never had much leg hair anyway. When I did first shave my legs my wife asked "did you shave your legs" and I said "yeah' and that was pretty much the end of the discussion

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    I?m not out to anyone but I started regularly shaving my legs and keeping them smooth daily about 4 years ago and my SO doesn?t mind. She found the body hair to be gross luckily for me. I was a very hairy boy so one day she was curious his id look without it and she loves how my body looks. She says I am built nicely hehehehe

    So I decided to keep doing it and she seems to have no issue. Sometimes she?ll make comments about how my legs are smoother than hers. A couple of times she has commented how my legs look ?girly? lol
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    she'll make comments about liking my masculine body hair, although many times she'll make comments about my back hair getting long and making a grossed out face

    For what it's worth two entirely different things. It doesn't seem like she's okay with shaving regular parts. sounds like she would love for you to shave your back. Generally speaking back hair is less accepted. I Say shave your back first and continue the discussion. It doesn't sound like she favors the shaved legs.

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    When I came out to my wife, almost 4 years ago, the first thing she asked (after all the usual questions) was if I wanted to shave my legs. I told her I would like to, and she said to go for it. I seized the opportunity.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

    It's ironic ... I finally found a group of guys I fit in with. Funny how they all enjoy being one of the girls.

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    Early in our relationship, I did not consistently shave. The only negative comment from my wife, is she doesn't have my chest hair to play with any more.
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    terrapin station, you need to guess a little bit
    my wife's reaction was "its your body do what you want"

    LOL to alwayshave's comment. my wife has said the same thing but i tend to go au naturel in the summer time when i'm not dressing.

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    Hi My wife loves my legs and says many women would kill for them so it's just right to have them displayed as attractively as any woman would and that means fully shaved.

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    My wife does not like me shaving my legs. I have tried to stop but now I epilate my legs and body hair because of my gender dysphoria. She and I accept this now and we both realize that I am not a normal man. I love the feel of smooth skin. It is so great that many of you here have acceptance from your wives. My gender issues have caused my wife to lose attraction to me. We live together as married friends which is very hard for both of us.

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    I was told to wear long pants period when shaved. That pretty much sums up how my wife feels about it. It is just the way she is programmed. Once I accepted that, I do not flaunt my shaved legs in front of her any more and we get along much better as a result.


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    [QUOTE=Geena75;4628506]I first shaved my legs about 10 years ago, through the upper thighs. My spouse does not know about my cross-dressing. I told her I was trying something to help with my legs drying out and itching (honestly, I would scratch them until they bled). She didn't care for it at all, although I really enjoyed the intimacy. I didn't much repeat that until this past October and I shaved right up to the waist (with an obvious omission). What I have noticed, though, is that it doesn't grow back much. I haven't touched them up in a couple of months and they are still more smooth than not. Winter sort of shuts down the intimacy for us, so no problem there.

    Several years ago I had shaved my legs up to my knees. I started with just my feet and then slowly did a little more each time. At one point I ended up in the ER and while laying in bed my wife finally noticed. I wear shorts around the house year round and it had been a couple months. I told her it was because of try skin and the lotion I used. She didn’t really buy it but dropped the subject.

    She doesn’t know I cross dress and I really do have dry skin problems in the winter. I also hate the hair on my body.

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    Back when I had first came out to my wife one of the things I told her was that I wanted to shave my legs. She said she had to think about it, well the next day she said ok it is not hurting anyone. She helped me pick out a Venus razor at Wallyworld.
    I still shave them in the cooler months but like Geena said, the hair does not grow back too fast, which is ok with me.

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    About 20 years ago, as a Valentines Day gift, my wife bought we a wig and gave me a makeover (one of the few). I was dressed wearing pantyhose and my wife commented the hose hid my leg hair. I told her I had shaved them, so she hadn't noticed.

    These days, I shave my arms and legs and get the occasional back wax. I'm in shorts all the time; tennis, golf, gym. No one has ever commented--except my dental hygienist, who said she could tell I was a runner because I shaved my legs (I do runs and triathlons).
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    From the neck down no body hair is safe it either get shaved or hair removal cream!!

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    I started shaving from the neck down a few months ago. I shaved everything during every shower. My wife wasn?t thrilled about the look but took it in stride.

    Problem was I needed to shave every twelve hours to keep the stubble at bay. I couldn?t get near my wife without the stubble being mentioned. I finally gave up and all the hair is back.
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