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Thread: Wife's reaction with shaving legs?

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    Ive been shaving from the neck down almost daily for many years. I’m mindful and don’t flaunt it unnecessarily but my wife has never said anything negative or positive for that matter. Suits me.

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    Update on me: Things are really moving along great!

    The past week or two, my wife had mentioned my dry legs and said to use lotion on them and I mentioned that I wouldn't want to put lotion on them with my hairy legs. [Keep in mind that with me almost 40 years old and wearing skinny jeans my leg hair has seemed to naturally thin out the last couple of years.] The past few days when showering I shaved my lower back and some parts of my thighs, even a little bit of my feet and ankles. That night my wife didn't seem to notice but laying leg to leg at night felt amazing. Then yesterday I was shaving my bald head, doing a little trimming in the groin area with a guard on. I decided to thin out my leg hair all the way on most of my legs. I then put lotion on them, especially in the areas that were clean shaven.

    Last night I was laying with my wife in bed before going to sleep talking as we do most nights. She reached over and grabbed my leg and was like "oh your legs are kind of stubbly in parts. Did you shave???" Sounded mean at first. She kind of caught herself and I said, "Well yeah I tried to thin my leg hair to put lotion on my legs like you suggested." She then touched a little bit more and I told her that I clean shaved a few parts like my feet (something she's know I've done before and always felt uneasy about.) She then basically questioned a little bit more but not in a mean way. I told her that I didn't want to embarrass her or the kids but since it was Winter I felt that it wouldn't hurt to try and that I liked the way that they felt thinned out and even shaved in spots. She was pretty understanding and just said "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you by acting like that way at first. I don't want you to feel that way." She then went on to tell me how she just didn't want my prickly legs against her. We went to sleep not cuddled but as she was falling asleep (not sure if she heard) I told her that to avoid having stubbly legs like she didn't like, that I almost clean shaved them all yesterday and that I had thought about nairing them. We woke up all cuddled up with our legs touching this morning. She reached down and felt my legs briefly. She didn't bring it up but mentioned that she enjoyed sleeping next to me to keep warm. Then this morning as we were at church service, she lovingly leaned over put her arm on me and whispered in my ear "I love you so much" and then squeezed my thigh. She isn't typically super affectionate and doesn't like PDA so this really struck me, especially with the squeeze of my leg. Almost a slight signal about my shaven legs.

    I feel like this is a total breakthrough and that we have a very close understanding with everything right now. I plan to talk to her in the next day or two being totally open and honest explaining that I don't want to embarrass her but with it being the Winter and able to hide it easily I would like to clean shave my legs to see what it feels like. To kind of test the waters if we both like it. I will tell her how loved she made me feel about the issue and want to respect her thoughts on it. Of course, I will honor what she says but I feel like with the closeness and love we've both shared and given lately (me with helping her through some back health issues and ovarian cysts.) that this may be the time to finally bring it up. Feeling much better about this development in our communication.

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    I started shaving my legs as needed when I started to go out dressed about 10 years ago. The only thing my wife said about the shaved legs was that I should use an electric razor to avoid nicks. She was right.

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    Nair is on the monthly shopping list. A few years ago I had radiation treatments for prostate cancer. If anyone asks I claim the leg hair never grew back. Legs and arms get done weekly

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    I didn't start shaving my legs until a few years after we were married. My wife didn't really care if I shaved or not. I shaved off all the body hair a few times and she never said anything about it. Honestly I think she liked it.

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