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Thread: Spoooooooky... Muelller and Skulley time?

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    Ok, I did see a house ghost some time ago, about 18 months ago. Only one I've seen. "you're not supposed to see me" whifff, gone in a flash.

    Did you have something along the same lines?

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    Had a dream like that once. But I feel like I looked WAY better in the dream. lol. Then I woke up.

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    Firstly, as you might be able to guess, yes, I?ve got a couple of days free; that?s why I?m online here today (also currently dressed en-femme).

    Secondly, when I see the phrase ?x-files? or ?weird stuff?, I take notice.

    I can?t provide proof, and this is just my belief which I don?t expect anyone to accept, but I sincerely believe in the spirit realms, and have studied extensively with a professional (well known in the UK) spirit medium. Sadly, she hasn?t given her express permission to be named, so please accept this as just my personal rambling thoughts.

    To my understanding, the time between sleep and awake is when our minds are more open and receptive to the spirit world, so any ?voices? that are heard during this time could be from someone, either a relative who has crossed over, or from any number of non-material intelligences.

    There is no quick and easy answer to who this voice is, as it?s taken me many years of study and ?weird? experiences to get to the stage I?m currently at, and it would take just as long to explain.

    Unfortunately, my wife has almost the same views towards spirit mediumship as she does towards anything LGBTQ+, so this is another part of my life which will probably remain concealed.

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