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Thread: Rodeo v3

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    Rodeo v3

    Being Captain of my Rodeo Team has kept me very busy. The first task was to aquire a full roster. Each of the eleven teams is expected to have 74 members. It is with great (probably too much) pride that my team was the first to recruit and fill the team. Not only that, but I have all positions filled as well. Each team needs 3 Assistant Captains, 10 Wranglers and 14 Line busters to meet the challenges of each shift that is scheduled for the three weeks of rodeo.

    My first official event to attend as Captain was the Wrap-Up and Awards Party. Here are a few pictures of me and some of my team. Everyone grants permission for posting their pictures.
    picture 2.jpg
    I had the largest turnout of all the teams and we will recieve an award at the next meeting.

    Picture 3.jpg
    This group recieved Award pins during a shift last season.

    Picture 5.jpg
    This is one of my Wranglers who supervise a portion of the carnival grounds.

    Picture 6.jpg
    One of my new recruits.

    Picture 7.jpg
    One of my Assistant Captains.

    I took a picture with every member of my team who could make the event on a Monday night but I have been redundant enough.

    The highlight of the event for me was recieving a new, very special award called the "TOP HAND AWARD". Only four were awarded among the 850 members of the committee.

    My experience with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been extremely affirming for me.

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    You seem to be a natural leader.
    Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.

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    Thanks for sharing and congrats on the team and personal awards

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    Congratulations. It sounds like you are very successful!

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    Sounds great, sis! Congrats! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    I did read this and thought I replied…..
    Proud of you as you are such a great leader.
    All your hard work showed them what an asset you are .

    Plus your teams are so lucky to have you with all your caring and drive.
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    Yes, Jeri Ann is a born leader, but she has also put in the work to be an effective leader, having sought out training and education on that very thing. And it doesn't hurt that her approach to life is one of service. In my experience, every one of the best leaders I have encountered have understood that it is their mission, their job, to help their teams be as effective as possible.
    And kudos to the HLSR for understanding the value of such skill in handling their huge volunteer corp.
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    You are awesome Jeri Ann!!! Impressive!

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    So very happy for you Jeri Ann! Congratulations on the prestigious award you received.

    All that hard work paid off, and you look beautiful doing it.


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    nice job.
    "Be excellent to each other" (Wyld Stallyons)

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    I feel guilty because I'd been living the busy life as any woman could do, I haven't had great updates about my life beyond no more surgeries, a BBL last February, a GCS revision on last April and that's it. So not feeling very motivated to post something here but I can see that I'm losing great news as Jeri always does amazing things with her life.
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