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Thread: Trading Dresses.

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    That?s a great situation to be in Margaret. We are on holiday and I pulled out a tight but very stretchy (so it fits me) tube skirt wife hadn?t seen. Second thing after that?s nice is I can wear that also so have brought a second so we can wear them together

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    This is awesome place to be in life. What freedom and what a wonderful partner you have. You both really are blessed.

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    Now that I've had time to think about it, this is the best story I've ever read in my 15 years on the forum.
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    This is just so awesome!

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    Well I often trade dresses with my GG friend Michelle but your story is better.
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    This post inspired me to see what my wife would do in a similar situation. So last night she was in a new black swing dress that really is large on her and I was in new gray sleeveless pullover dress. She had just bought these for us the day before. She was going out on the porch to water her plants. As she went by I told her how good and comfy her dress looked and I would like to have it on. She said thanks and it is, then went on out. After she came back in she pulled off the dress and said "well." I stood up and pulled off my dress and swapped with her. I pulled on her black dress as she pulled on mine. She asked, is it as comfy as you thought? Of course I told her yes as soon as I had it on and arranged. Her response was, good it looks good too. So mission accomplished in a great way.
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    The closest thing to this I have ever experienced was when my wife said, "I can't believe I am doing this... Can I have a pair of pantyhose?" That was back when she would wear them.

    Go buy your wife a bouquet!
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    Such a perfect scenario.

    I'm so happy for you that you have a wife that supports you, that you can share clothes with, and that your relationship is the kind where you can play like that in the spur of the moment.
    As others, I am also so jealous. Every marriage should be like yours.

    PS. If you don't mind, I'd like to use this as the basis for a short story.
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    Margaret, I like your story and wish that someday my wife would be as understanding .As of now she doesn?t know

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    That sounded like so much fun. There were a few occasions when my wife would ask if she could try on whet I was wearing but it never ended up me trying on what she was wearing.
    Take it all in and your very lucky to have a wife with a great attitude but then again it takes two.

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