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Thread: Wifes Jealous

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    Wifes Jealous

    I have to give some history or it wound make sence. Yesterday my wife took our mothers dress shopping to a clothing store my old niebours owned. The niebours had a daughter two years older then me and I had a crush on her, especially back then it was cool if you had a older friend. Her mother and aunt owned the store but when they both passed she took over the store. My wife came home with a dress bag and she told me the owner of the store offered our mothers these dresses that were either going to liquidation of Goodwill and of course our cheap a$$ mothers took them. The ones in the bag were the ones our mothers didn't want and my wife instead of bringing them straight to the Goodwill box she thought maybe I would want them. I thought that was very thoughtful of her but when I opened the dress bag it smelled like perfume and I asked my wife if the dresses were worn. She explained she was embarrassed by the mothers because the owner was taking out one dress because she wore it to a function but again our cheap mothers took the dress anyway. When I tried the dresses on as soon as I put on the perfume one and knew my old niebour wore it I started having flash backs. I remembered waiting by my window for her to come back from school or her part time job, just to get a glimpse because she always wore skirts and these coffee coloured pantyhose and you don't seem to find that colour anymore. Well I only kept that one dress and bundled up the other ones with some of our stuff and brought everything to the Goodwill box.
    Meeting my wife at a young age she knew I had a crush on my niebour and last night when I was going to bed out of the blue she asked me why I only kept that one dress. It was strange because my wife doesn't go anywhere near my fem stuff, so for her to see that dress it meant she went rummaging through my stuff. I told her it was the only one I liked and fit good, but she shook her head and told me she believes I kept the dress because I knew my niebour wore it. I laughed and told her as long as I knew her I don't remember her being the jealous type and especially over a piece of clothing. Well by my answer she believed her assumption was right and she wants me to remove the dress.
    Well this morning I will move the dress out but it did probably attract me more knowing my niebour wore it. My wife also knows how much more I appreciate something she hands down to me instead of something bought for me. Does anyone else here have a special attraction to some clothing because you knew the person who wore it.
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    Its like I think their femininity will somehow magically rub off on me or something.
    I dont know why I think that way.
    Kinda laughable. Lol!
    I have clothes from my wife, wifes coworker, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, mom, neighbor & my female friend.
    I got the clothes through my wife except for my female friend, which she personally gave to me, because she knows about Jasmine.
    I have a feeling that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law know about my female side because of all the female characters I dress up as when I go with my wife to various comic-cons she likes to attend.
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    I used to love to wear my mother?s slips as a youngster amongst many other things. When I came out to her as a middle aged man . She understandably didn?t like the thought of me going through her things.There was 1 black slip in particular I adored.,I wore it until I accidentally tore it due to out growing it.Black was unusual for her as the majority of her slips were white.She forgave me sufficiently as she used to buy me nylons and tights on my birthday and at Christmas.

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    Not really, probably just the opposite. I grew up wearing hand-me-downs and to this day I seldom buy any second-hand clothing.
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    I don't have any femme clothes that belonged to anyone I know, except for a slip short that my wife recently gave me from her collection.

    Somewhat recently, I was at an estate sale. I saw various pictures throughout the house of the old lady who had passed and her husband (who, I presume, had passed long before). I also had a bit of a discussion with the lady's daughter, who was running the sale. There was one room where she had set up several clothing racks with her mom's clothes. Liking older fashions, I took an interest and found a few things that were moderately ok. Then I just paused, because I just wasn't feeling it. It felt odd to be buying a dead woman's clothes, a woman whom I had 'met' via the photos and talking with her daughter. It just felt weird.

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    Yes and no. I've bought a number of dresses, etc. from thrift stores where most things r used. I would NOT buy under things or shaping gear that smelled of perfume.

    but, I must admit to liking it when a particularly sexy dress I bought had a slight perfume odor!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria 60 View Post
    Does anyone else here have a special attraction to some clothing because you knew the person who wore it.
    I have one top that belonged to my late mother. It's too small, but I still put it on occasionally because it does have sentimental value. I never tried on her clothes growing up and only started dressing a few years before she passed away. My wife and my sister went through her clothes when she moved from her apartment to a nursing home and I didn't dare let on that I'd like to go through them. That one top is the only item of clothing that connects us.

    Another category of items that I hold dear are the few things that my wife chose for me back when she still participated in my choosing clothes. She has backed away from any active participation and I have picked plenty of clothes for myself, but those things are still special.
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    My sister gave me some of her dresses and I think more of them than most I have bought.
    I don't wish to change my gender I just want to change my clothes.

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    I'm with Kim, growing up I had a brother 8 years older than me. There were several times that I got clothes that he used to wear. So feminine wear now will be brand new from the store.
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    I related this story several times. When my wife and I were first married I bought her a white peignoir in the wrong size. It was a medium and it did not work on her five foot two, 115 pound body. She had a laugh about it. One evening she found me trying it on in the kitchen. Why" she asked. I told her the truth which was I loved the feel of nylon. At that time I was not a confirmed cross dresser. My only adventures were trying on some of my mother's full slips when I was a lot younger. About a decade later I was expanding my desires and we finally had "The Talk." Se accused me of buying her lingerie because I imagined myself it the nighties, not so! Several years ago, which means decades while cleaning out the back of her side of the walk-in closet she said "Take whatever you want!" I was speechless. She knew that white peignoir would be the only one in the pile that would fit. I sleep in it fondly.

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    I too am happy if my wife gives me an item of her clothing (not sure she would like me wearing another woman's clothing)

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    I used to love it when my wife gave me outfits that she no longer wanted. I think I liked the acceptance as much as I liked the clothes. I remember once she rescued a beautiful ball gown that somebody had thrown away. We both had our chance to wear that one; It was such a fun evening. Later, she got it professionally dry cleaned and wore it to a black tie fundraiser. I went in a tuxedo jacket that was wrapped around a toyota land cruiser transmission when it came from a junk yard. I got it dry cleaned and found matching pants at a used clothing store. We were both "tres chic".

    Oh, gosh...such great memories. I still have that ball gown. She could never let it go, and I can't either. I miss her so.
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    Does anyone else here have a special attraction to some clothing because you knew the person who wore it?

    No way wearing is it a fetish nor fantasy. Thrift store obviously ....
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    I'm pretty sure my wife would have the same reaction Maria.
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    So what can go through the mind of a wife whose husband is wearing a dress from a past crush?
    Maybe that it is a way to achieve some intimate connection with her over the years that flew by. Falling in love again, with this girl now turned a woman? Or with the idea of this woman? Or longing for the things that you possibly missed? Pondering the what ifs and whatnots?
    And your wife asks you if you keep the dress because it has a story. And you don't say no. You laugh and evade the question, but you don't say no. And what was a suspicion turns into certainty.
    It was a difficult question. You tried to divert it, but at least you didn't lie to your wife.

    My wife gave me a few clothes of hers, and I confess that knowing she wore them for years brings a different feeling when wearing them. A sense of authenticity. I guess for an American kid the equivalent would be to be playing baseball with a bat that actually belonged to a famous player.
    A while ago my wife helped me finding a skirt for my full nines mode, and among many links she sent my way was a second hand item. She didn't seem to have a problem with that as far as I can tell, but I felt that this garment would have a lot more significance than the usual stuff I used to buy, since for me things that belonged to a person, that have a history, inherit a few things from them, symbolically and emotionally. The fact that a garment belonged to a woman brings more value and significance to it, for me, as a crossdresser. It doesn't make me feel like a woman or anything of the sort, but it elevates itself from a mere costume prop to an actual piece of female clothing, a physical witness of that feminine mystic that drove me to this odd proclivity. It feels right because it actually is something that a woman would wear, and a woman actually wore it. And that touches me.

    Then again, for all I know, its previous owner may have been a crossdresser too...
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    Stephanie47 story rang a bell for me. When I was about to get married (decades ago) I bought a pastel green long sheer peignour set for my wife-to-be. The truth is I had bought it just as much for myself (maybe more) as I had a love of such clothing since I was a teen. Shortly after marrying I found the courage to ask her if I could try it on. She did but didn't like it. I was disappointed and had to resort to wearing when I had "me time". Always felt ashamed to be hiding this from her. Makes for a difficult relationship.

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