I had the opportunity to go clubbing on Thursday while hundreds of miles from home. It was fun but nothing out of the ordinary.


When I was getting on the elevator Friday morning to check out, a beautiful woman got on the elevator with me, and I immediately commented how I liked her boots. She thought it was funny because she gets more compliments about her boots than anything else. I said SHE looked fantastic as well. I then said I am a crossdresser, and believe it or not, I get a lot of compliments. I used to notice things I liked on women but was always afraid to say anything. Crossdressing to has brought me out of that shell so to speak. She thought that was great and while we were in the lobby I showed her some pictures and videos of my clubbing adventures, which she loved. Then I find out she is also traveling on business and lives about 10 miles from me. To top that, she likes going to my favorite local club where I CD occasionally. She gave me her business card and her online photo is equally stunning to say the least.

Nothing will come of it nor should it really, but I just think it was so cool to chat with her. Who knows, I might be able to connect as a friend.

You never know what opportunities will open up as a CD which would never happen otherwise. I love testing the waters to see peoples reactions, and I am often stunned by their acceptance.