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Thread: Best advice you've been given here. Gratitude

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    Senior Member BrendaPDX's Avatar
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    May 2016
    Portland, Oregon
    What have I learned? I am not alone, there are lots of us. I am not dysfunctional. There are a lot of people here that love helping others.

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    Silver Member CynthiaD's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Best advice: tell your spouse!
    What do I do on days when I don't crossdress? I have no idea.

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    May 2021
    The best advice I ever received on was that I should accept my CDing needs and stop the self-hate, shame, and fear. While I was reading this years ago as a lurker, the woman I was dating and later married was telling me the same thing.

    Between my wife's advice and what I read on, I have been able to totally rid myself of all fear, shame, and guilt at being a cross dresser.
    I honor my wife's request that I not post pictures.

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    There's that smile! CarlaWestin's Avatar
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    Carla, your boobs are too big.

    I've heard that a few times. Can't remember asking for any advice but I've benefited by good advice I've read for others.
    Actually, sometimes bad advice can be beneficial if it triggers critical thought. I can say that the influence of this site prepared me for the blind leap of disclosure to my wife.
    Which didn't go well. My DADT CD basically irritates her ingrained linear morality.

    The best has to be that they're not waiting with flash cameras and pitchforks if you go out dressed. And that passing is as much of an internal emotion as it is an exterior presentation.

    Here, let me offer some advice. Put two coats of clear on before color. Makes for easier cleanup later.
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
    My new maid's outfit is cute. Sure fits tight.
    And then I step into the bedroom and in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman looking back at me.
    Smile, Honey! You look fabulous!

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    I got a ton of advice when I joined this community, and learned so very much about my cross dressing and who I was. Most of all was that I was not alone but part of a much larger community, and I got a lot of good ideas as to how to talk with my wife about my female side

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