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Thread: Came by to say hello!

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    Came by to say hello!

    I thought that seeing as yesterday was Transgender Visibility Day I though I would be visible here! This forum is were I took my first baby steps over ten years ago. I am very grateful for you all. I took the final step in my medical transition by having two hair transplants that succeeded beyond any expectations, including the doctors! So since January I am wig free; it is like a second coming out of the closet. I feel like I won the late transition lottery in that I am healthy and happy, look and feel twenty years younger than my actual age of 76 and am totally accepted in my surroundings as a women. Thank you!

    IMG_20240121_133954 (Small).jpg

    IMG_20240329_171943 (Small).jpg

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    Wow Dorit.. so happy for you. Thanks so much for dropping in. Everyone misses you.
    Very nice on your hair.. I have been growing mine out for almost a year, down past my shoulders now.

    I think it's more like 40 years younger..


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    Dorit welcome back! Miss you! Glad all is well with you! Nice hair! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    Nice to hear from you and thanks for sharing your pictures - you look quite happy

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    I'm super happy for you...

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    Congrats Dorit. Believe me, you'll love your real hair...

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    Wow you look great!

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    Thank You for stopping in to say hello.
    You look great!! More importantly you have that look -- Life is agreeing with me and I'm happy. The look we are all striving for.
    I find in life when I get to my perceived finish line --- life moved the finish farther down the road and I'm just beginning the next chapeter of my journey. While the new chapter may be completely different from the last, it's just as rewarding if not more so.
    With love and admiration,

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