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Thread: I wore a bra that I haven't worn in a while

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    I wore a bra that I haven't worn in a while

    I went out shopping today (I got 3 ma'ams! ). It's hotter than it's been in a while so I wore a light button up cotton blouse. I usually wear one of my bras with a defined cup, but since this blouse is borderline sheer, and those bras are dark colors, I wore a white bra with a little less support that I haven't worn in a while. When I walked down a flight of stairs, I realized that I had forgotten how special it is to feel the girls bounce a bit. Made me smile.

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    I get it Gracie - always a good feeling. I did my volunteer work today in drab as usual but added a nice set of forms with my underwire bra - made the work much more enjoyable.

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    I love the feel of a little bounce.

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    Sounds like a great outing and a cute look. Nothing quite like the sensation of a little bounce I can only imagine the pleasure a full set of D cups while using the stairs or out for a jog.

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    GracieRose, I love the bouncing feeling. It is really got great when I started wearing glue on forms without a bra.
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    I also enjoy the bouncing feeling. Like @alwayshave above, glueing on the forms and going braless is another whole experience!
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    Best thing for me is not having to wear breast forms anymore because my own breast are growing . Not on hrt but was tested 10 or so years ago and estrogen is high and testosterone is really low and understand about the giggle we get I remember when I used to have forms myself . It?s amazing

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    Although I am not as big as I would like to be, I, like all of you who have commented, enjoy the "bounce" . A bumpy road -without a bra- makes me smile. I could really get into "more"!
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    In addition to the bounce, I love bending over at the waist and feeling the full weight of DD forms hanging down.
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    When I want to feel bounce I put on my 55", XX, breast plate/crop top and just try to do anything!
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    I have crazes with my bra fetish. I'm a 36 D now so all involve my breast volume.

    I'm currently into maternity bras, with lovely deep (4 hook) bands, lots of side support and wide straps. I get delightful sag with the bra cups unclipped.

    Last month it was open cup bras and Bardot tops with my tight straps showing and shoulder grooves.

    Before that it was bustiers,with a 6 hook bra band, corset lift, deep underwires and soft lacy cups, plus modesty pasties!

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    I went for a drive w my new forms today. 1st time. I happened to be wearing a camo shirt so they blended in. it was a glorious feeling. I was smiling the whole way. They even bounced a little w the potholed roads!

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    With my DD boobs I have to wear a bra whenever I drive or ride in a vehicle as the jouncing of the breasts is annoying without a bra.

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    Recently, I found an older Bali Flower underwire bra, which I?d forgotten about. What a pleasure and fun to wear. It?s so comfortable. Yes, the jiggle and bounce is fantastic.

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    Nice! Love the bouncy feel. Only when I wear bigger silicone!
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