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Thread: Venturing outside

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    My initial outings were evening drives. It took a long time for me to get out of my car and do some made-up errand: returning a library book to the night return slot, mail a letter, buy a soda from a machine outside Safeway. Eventually, I took longer strolls in the early evening carrying a grocery tote bag as if I was returning from the store. On two Halloweens I did intentionally interact with cashiers at local stores. In the end it was like, "OK, I did it, now what?"

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    I have ventured outside in the past dressed up as Wonder Woman and Super Girl as well. Also I ventured outside in other women's clothing. On a Friday in March (this past), I went outside with a wig and a rolled up towel for the boobs to get the mail. One thing for sure is that no noticed me. In other words, I rolled the dice and I won. As the old saying goes "You have nothing to lose by trying."
    This past Saturday (July 6th), I ventured outside as Wonder Woman with a cape that I purchased from an online source. When I got outside, I took a selfie of myself. The timing was perfect because the grounds people were getting ready to do there work. The only time that I go outside crossdressed is my other family members are out of the house. I enjoy myself when going outside crossdressed.

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    My first time was at night, I drove some streets to another neighborhood and parked in a lonely street. It took me some minutes to calm down and get out of the car. Then I walked around the block until I returned to my car. I had to calm down again even when I only saw one person watering the garden and he didn't pay attention at me. When I was driving back to my home, I realize that it was nothing compared to what I did to go from the apartment to the building's underground parking lots using the elevators without running into any neighbors or janitors along the way. And I had to return!!!

    The following times were also at night but to some squares where people were walking with dogs and smoking... but to leave home and reach the car I covered my outfit with a windbreak and jeand or sports pants!

    The first real walk at midday was in a mall, trying to blend. By that time I feel as natural as I could be. It was great an nothing bad happened. I could get into a store to buy some clothes and also be able to try them first in the ladies fitting room.

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    My first time was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, among thousands of others. As they say, "Go large or go home."

    I rented a wench costume. I wasn't the only crossdresser there that day. Plus, there were many others in costumes: Kings, queens, knights, etc.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    There are dozens of micro-first times...

    Each one was terrifying.

    The big one was the first time I went out in public wearing a skirt (as a man). I went to a clothing store. I told the clerk how frightened I was. She said, "Why?"
    This was back in 2004. It was my first time. It was a BIG deal for me. I don't know if she regularly got male customers. Perhaps she was just very progressive for that time and had no problem with it.
    She relieved my fears and I left that store and walked down to a shoe store and tried on some shoes among other customers.
    After that, I drove to a shopping mall and little-by-little built up enough nerve to walk from one end of the shopping mall to the other and then returned on the downstairs floor. That was SUCH a bigger outing than I anticipated that I would go on. I was wearing a white top, a black skirt, black pantyhose, and black flats. BUT, it just wasn't that big of a deal to anyone except for me.

    That's how it goes. If you go out in public, you freak out, but others just see something unusual. From what I read on the Internet that sounds believable, there are no torches or pitchforks. There are no amazing sexual events. It's just someone dressed oddly. No different than if you were dressed in a Halloween costume in June.

    I wrote about this event on my blog:
    I am a man who presents male and wears feminine clothes.
    I blog about my outings:

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    I echo sweet dreams and others ' description - terrifying but exhilarating.

    Being in a High Rise, I was too chicken to take the elevator even though it was 3 AM, I knew many people in the building and was just freaked - so I took the stairs down with my make up on but wig & heels in a tote bag.

    My height gives me less confidence in daylight.

    Every girls has to experience the wind up a skirt on a stormy night while dressed to the 9s and made up ..

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    I have never been out in public fully dressed.

    Might try it sometime, but certainly not where I live. Would have to be in another city, with the wife, as part of a planned outing. When we vacation, she always encourages me to bring my favorite things for evening play, but never thought about going all the way like that.
    To wear pants is human, to crossdress is Divine!

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    I have and it is wonderful. Please remember that you have every right to do so.

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    Those that survive going out in public dressed go on to live (relatively) normal lives

    I can't begin to count how many times I've gone out dressed. It's less than the number of panties, but more than any other clothing item individually.

    And it's no longer scary, but exhilarating.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    I've read quite a few posts like this about going out the first time. I was afraid to go into stores or anywhere I would be around people, wearing just a bra under my shirt. I thought everyone would see my more obvious projection and the straps through the back of my shirts. But, I think the public, in general, aren't looking visible bra straps and as long as your projection isn't super obvious, I don't think they notice. I suspect that we that enjoy the wearing pay a bit of attention to visible straps and projection, but would you ever go up to someone and ask? I wouldn't, unless it was something mutual.

    A little trick I do is try to stay with as neutral of colors as I can. I have several female tops, tanks, and shorts. All of them are blacks, blues, and browns. I really enjoy how female denim shorts are more comfortable and fit me so much better than men's.

    Be careful and enjoy!

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    I have been out a few time. I always have been very nervous of the
    backlash that could come from stepping out the door.
    Luckily I have never heard any of that, But I am still very nervous to step out.
    I wanted to go out for a drive today, But I didnt have the nerve to step out the door.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    The first time I went out fully dressed was probably around 1987. I am not really sure as it was long ago. I only interacted with a few people back then. It was scary back in those days so I purged, quitting for a long time.

    Then I stepped it up in 2017 by going into a bar for the first time. Since then, I have been out many times to 47 different bars and clubs around the US. Sadly, my opportunities to go out have dropped to near zero this year. Hopefully I can get back out there a bit more. It has been a fun ride.


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    The absolute first time, my heart was pounding, but the next few times I was ok. I was a fresh-faced teenager and passed easily with fairly minimal makeup.
    It was when I got older and it was more difficult getting the makeup right to cover my more masculine face that it became scary.
    But as most on here have said, nobody is looking at you. They're too busy in their own little worlds to notice.
    There is one rule to follow: dress appropriately. That means for the time of day, the location etc. If you're going somewhere where the local women wear leggings and a top, or jeans, etc., and you turn up dressed like you're going to a wedding, you're going to stick out like a sore thumb.
    Observe and imitate to blend in.

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    Kim Johnson
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    My first time was almost 40 years ago when I could really pull it off. I was smooth for the first time and dying to put on hose and a new skirt and heels I had purchased. It was approaching midnight. It was a little chilly out. I have no idea how or why but before I knew it I had put some light make up, mascara and liner, red lip gloss and put my make up and my wallet in a small clutch. I put on a ladies trench coat I had purchased as a second hand store and was in my car and driving before I knew it. I stopped at a small park near our church. It has a walkway that wound around the campus of the church. I was driven, not thinking at all. It was so exilerating to exit the car and to click along the sidewalk in my new 3 and half inch heels. I walked the entire path twice, lost in the moment. I smoked then and I lit a Virginia Slims menthol, and smoked it as I walked. As I approached a park bench I was startled to see someone, quite afraid. The voice told me who it was, our parish priest. My hair was shoulder length at that time and pulled back in a pony tail. I never knew for sure that he knew it was me or suspected. He only said, beautiful night for a walk. I nodded and said "Yes" and moved quickly to my car. That experience lit a spark that led to many other adventures in my earlier years. Oh the days of being able to pull that off. I often wonder what it would have been like to be born 20 years later.

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    I can't really say I've been out in public. It would be very obvious that I am a MIAD, even though I will do my makeup and do my best to present a female persona. The only time I have ever ventured out was many years ago when I lived in a VERY rural area and would drive around in my car dressed and occasionally step out of the vehicle to walk around a bit to enjoy the sensation of the clothes I was wearing. It was easy to find deserted roads. I don't know if that qualifies as "public".

    Now I live in a small town, though not rural in the true sense, and I would be quickly clocked. Being outed would not be a good situation. I have to be satisfied with keeping my secret and sticking to home and not venturing outside. Just listening to conversations in my daily interactions clearly indicate my femme side would not be accepted.

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    I was meeting someone and I was terrified! I only had a cheap costume store wig and some cloths from a secondhand store. It went very well, I met the person who was also enfemme, we chatted at a local coffee house. Nobody pointed at me and laughed, it was one of my best days. Thanks for asking, you brought back a good smile remembering it. Brenda

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