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Thread: Getting older.

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    Silver Member Geena75's Avatar
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    Age is such a conundrum. On one hand I know (or understand) things about myself better now than years ago, but it is harder to act on things. I feel tired more often, aches last longer, and taller heels make one of my knees ache. I can't lose weight as readily as I could just 10 years ago. My eyes are in a state of flux -- for years I had been nearsighted, but a few years ago I passed the eye test and no longer have glasses on my driver's license. I do need reading glasses now, not just for fine print -- go figure.

    I mainly struggle keeping up with the heat. In a week or more of the 90's with lawn and garden work to do (with no AC in the house) so I've been trying to acclimate myself for a warm summer. I'm pretty good at sweating, but the sun felt brutal.

    Dressing up for me is more driven by mood (and opportunity). I haven't dressed in weeks, any may not for a while due to the heat. I try not to think about it to keep the mood at bay.

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    My wife has this expression, "Growing old isn't for sissies."

    I looked up the word sissies:

    1. A soft, timid, or oversensitive person,

    2. A boy or man viewed as being overly interested in things traditionally associated with women.

    She meant the first definition, in that getting old is hard work; it's not for the timid.

    But, I think it applies equally to the second definition.

    I guess my main concern is how long I will be able to keep this up. Will I be able to continue to do it as long as I'm living independently? What about if/when I go to assisted living? Will I still be able to crossdress in a nursing home.

    I didn't start all-out crossdressing until I was over 50, so I could never achieve the pretty girl look. Now that I'm over 70, I'm willing to accept the stately older woman look, and I try not to put on the makeup too heavy. But, I just saw that there is a very comely 71 year old woman competing for Miss (Mrs) Texas, so I guess there's still some hope.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    Crossed that 70 bridge a couple of years ago. Still spend about an hour a day on the treadmill fast walking working up a sweat. Enjoy doing my yard work and being Mr. (Or occasionally Ms.) Fixit around the house. But seeing sometime - hopefully at least another 10 or more years out when a smaller residence and simpler lifestyle might be in order. And when I think about that, I wonder if a final purge goes with it.

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    I can definitely relate to what you are experiencing. Though it seems I'm the young one in this thread at 65 years old, I still enjoy working on my vehicles but it gets tougher as time goes on. My body just doesn't bend like it used to 30 or 40 years ago and the accompanying pain and muscle aches are a hassle . I also share your frustration with the vision challenges. I have to wear bifocals too and my vision changes constantly, mainly due to medications I have to take for various medical conditions. I have to go annually to my eye doctor for a checkup and my prescription always changes for the worse. I've been by the told doctor it's all part of getting old, though I refuse to think of myself as old!

    That said I still have the patience to dress almost daily including doing my makeup and feeling pretty. It helps soothe all those aches and pains!

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    On the verge of 69 here. Retired and downsized @65. The giant house was more of an equity holder that would have been way too expensive to maintain as it aged.
    Work life was constant motion and activity and retirement is full of landscaping and renovating. DADT but I have morning to myself and privacy. Had the whole place to myself for a week recently and although I planned a whole fem existence, a renovation project was the paramount accomplishment that consumed the time.
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
    My new maid's outfit is cute. Sure fits tight.
    And then I step into the bedroom and in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman looking back at me.
    Smile, Honey! You look fabulous!

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    Kim Johnson
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    I can certainly relate as I see the 60's. How did I get here? Can or should I still wear that? Are those heels too high for someone my age, is that skirt too short. And wow I need a lot of makeup! But it is nice to be able to get old isn't it.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    So true.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I think that Kim keeps me motivated to get to the gym, to move, to eat right and to stay healthy. To keep my figure!

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