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Thread: Your slip is showing

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    Your slip is showing

    I have waited all my life for a woman to tell me my slip is showing and it happened last Saturday night. I was visiting my friend Pearl. I go to Pearl dressed and usually model a few of my outfits for her. I have only been out to Pearl since last October and she is interested in seeing my clothes especially the older items. I had changed into my two piece Saloos dress with a waist slip. As I asked her opinion she said your slip is showing. These were words that up until a few years ago I thought I would never hear. I adjusted my slip and all was well. It is the little things which can bring the most pleasure. Pearl is 91 years old and I am so lucky to have her as a friend. She advises me on what suits me and what doesn't and compliments me when I get it right.
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    Georgina, That's wonderful. You're so lucky to have a friend who could utter those words to you.
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    Interesting Georgina,

    That is a phrase I have not heard in ages but I do recall it vaguely from when I was young.

    I never had anyone say that to me, but I did have an older shoe sales lady tell me I needed to use a slip with my dress which she said she liked a lot ; )


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    You are so lucky to have a friend like Pearl, they are few and far between.

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    If you grew up in the 1980's, then you may know that "Your slip is showing," is a "woman's world" thing. That was something that was said to a woman by the people who cared for her. That is a treasure!
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    The English version is Charlie's dead or its snowing.
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    Pearl sounds like a treasure

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    It is a lovely feeling to be given a compliment, similar to having a door held open which has happened to me a couple of times. Mothers day here in France si is celebrated in one particular way in the shops because buying something one is given a red rose this happened to me for the first time and it was lovely to be accepted as an equal
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    I always love reading these post about those little thngs that make us happy or gets a nice little smile.

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    Not too long ago my wife told a woman that her slip was showing. I think what the sales lady was indicating to Sandi (#3) is bright sunlight will give too much of a view. Several of my vintage slips have "modesty panels" which are double layers of fabric.

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    Wonderful story, my wife has said it to me in a critical way but at the same time she fixed it for me.

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