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Thread: Womenswear in your dresser when younger?

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    Womenswear in your dresser when younger?

    My parents and siblings do not know that I am a crossdresser. When I was living with my parents, there were two occasions when I had a pair of pantyhose in my sock drawer and it was "OK".

    One October, when I was ~12 years old (mid 1980's), I asked my sister for an old pair of pantyhose that I could use to make a Halloween mask. One day, she walked in my room and said, "Here," and threw a pair toward me. They were suntan, "No Nonsense" brand pantyhose, if I recall correctly. I put them into my sock drawer. One day, my mom found them while doing laundry. She walked into the den where I was and confronted me, "Why are there pantyhose in your sock drawer?!?" I casually replied that they were some old ones that my sister gave me for a costume. I look back on that and am amazed that I did not blush and panic and stutter. I had no fear. I had a legitimate reason. She accepted my response and nothing changed. Of course, I tried on the hose a few times before I destroyed them in an effort to make a mask. Then, they were gone.

    Years later, in the late 1990's, two years after I had finished college, I was still living with my parents. I was asked to dress as a pregnant woman for a costume event (not Halloween). I assembled a costume. I borrowed a maternity dress from a co-worker who was tall and broad, like me. I bought some pantyhose. My mom helped me with a bra and slip. I bought some androgynous men's shoes. My girlfriend helped me with all of this. (A year or two later, I told her that I was a crossdresser before I asked her to marry me. So, she didn't know, yet.) After I participated in the event, I placed the navy blue pantyhose in my sock drawer. At some point, while washing dishes with my mother, I admitted that I loved how the pantyhose felt and had tried them on a second time. She grimaced as though she wanted me to change the subject. I never brought it up again, and soon thereafter I got rid of the pantyhose.

    Have you ever had a "reason" to keep some of your womenswear in your dresser/closet when you were growing up?
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    Not really at a young age but similarly I invented a ?reason? for wearing certain items in my 30?s - a bra to hold in place a heart monitor I had to wear for a month, a girdle to protect a developing hernia when playing sports. I think these are the things my wife is referring to when she said ?I should have known? when I came out to her years later.

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    "No," but I can give you a reason "Why Not" to keep any fem attire in my dresser draw when I was growing up! I think, when you have a legitimate reason to buy a fem item/keep a fem item it is easier to feel comfortable. I had no issues buying clothing for my wife, outerwear to lingerie, than anything for myself.

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    In my dresser or closet definitely not.
    I had my things hidden very well, but I'm sure my mother still found them and just said nothing.
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    I think I may have had a few pairs of hosiery of two that I hid in my room growing up. They were likely purged at one point or another. I don't believe my mother ever found them however.

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    My mother stored some of her overflow dresses in my closet growing up, and a whole closet drawer full of thigh high nylons. Umm, need I say more?

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    My mother knew I was a crossdresser despite my attempts to conceal that fact. I never left anything in the open.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I have loved dressing since quite young, grade school, that I liked wearing clothes of the other persuasion. There were a couple events that required me to dress as a girl, for which my mother turned the reins over to my older sister. Fifty years later I can still see the night of my transformation. It may have been for one night, but I was changed forever. Then over the years I managed to acquire panties and pantyhose and would stash them. My mother who was of the DADT generation would find them and purge, but never said anything about it. That is until one of the gowns she had hanging in my closet got ripped while trying it on, too young to understand sizing, then I got the over the eye glasses look and a short "that is not acceptable" talk.

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    I had a cousin who was a talented seamstress. One year, for my birthday, she made an"autograph hound" in the form of a stuffed Dachshund. Eventually one of the seams split a little and I discovered the whole thing was stuffed with old nylons. I kept that information to myself. I had a stash that lasted quite a long time, and a safe convenient place to keep it!
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    Not something I really wish to go back to. I used to try and hide my borrowed things under my pillow, or under the bed. My parents were not excepting. Mum would tell dad and that would usually result in physical pain on my part. I vividly recall one memory. My mum was hammering on the bathroom door, as I desperately tried to wash off my make make up and searched for a place to hide her wonderful black cat suit, that I was wearing. A little sad to admit ,but I felt no tears when my mum past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwencd158 View Post
    My mother stored some of her overflow dresses in my closet growing up, and a whole closet drawer full of thigh high nylons. Umm, need I say more?
    My mother did the same thing. She would put her older dresses in my closet since I had extra space. So every day I would see theses dresses next to my little boy pants. One day I got curious, locked my door, and tried on a dress. Let's say it was a magical experience and it grew quickly from there.

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    I can remember purchasing a dress from the JC Penny catalog. This was before the internet by the way. I kept the dress hidden in closet so no one can see it. I also remember purchasing a bra through the mail that I also wore. However, none of these items are no longer in possession.

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    When I was 10 I had a small collection of my sisters undergarments stashed away in an old floor vent beneath my bed. Unfortunately I also stored some firecrackers in there. I made the mistake of taking a few (firecrackers, not panties) to school which I got busted for. My parents were told. My father insisted I show him where the firecrackers were hidden. Yep, he opened the floor vent, saw the panties in a bag, looked them over, put them back and took the fireworks. Not a word was spoken. To this day I believe he went to his grave not quite sure what to make of his seemingly rough and tumble son. Thanks for keeping it to yourself Dad.

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    I kept tmy stash in a drawer that had old clothes. But a few times my mother found my stash. I did get better at hiding them as time went on. When I moved in with some roommates I kept some items in my closet and the others in their own drawers.

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    I never had my own girl clothes growing up. Pretty much exclusively wore my moms til I met my high school girlfriend as a junior. She loved my crossdressing and kept my budding collection in her bedroom.

    Our make out sessions were the best. Lots of trying on things and her buying me things in my size. She was much taller than I was and quite skinny. She had this one purple giraffe velvet romper that I always went crazy when she wore.

    Still remember that outfit. She'd wear purple tights and short pumps whenever she wore it and I always finished early when that happened.

    But, never any girl clothes in my bedroom at home.
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    For some reason I had my sisters wedding dress and a long slip that went with it in my dresser. After she moved out there was some of her clothes she left behind put in there to. I guess I had the room in my dresser which was fine with me. I could have never fit into her wedding dress but I had a field day with that slip. The funny part is and I sometimes think how naive I was when I was young. I was working in a grocery store when I was younger and I would either steel pantyhose or buy them in the excuse I?m buying for my mother.
    I would store them in that drawer with my sisters stuff and for some reason back then being younger I would do my business directly into the pantyhose. There were times when I would find them washed and neatly folded. I believe it was my grandmother and if it was I thank her for taking it to her grave.

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