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Thread: 100's of ladies and 5 gents

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    Post 100's of ladies and 5 gents

    Hi Guys,
    Guns and I attended the Be-All last weekend near Chicago and I wanted to share a bit with you guys since I did see some gents there. Just a few to be sure but I did see them and noticed some differences. At least in my mind the differences were there. Maybe you could let me know if I have it all wrong (wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened and surely won’t be the last either)
    Obviously there are fewer FTM in attendance but that is a gimme isn’t it? Just don’t seem to be as many FTM out and about anywhere. Or maybe they are there and passed so well I missed them. First thing I noticed was while the ladies dressed it up the guys kept it casual for the most part. And then while the ladies traveled in groups the guys did solo acts or were with only one other guy hangin’ out. It did seem most the guys went with very dark hair. I only saw one with light hair but not enough in attendance to make any real decisions to be fair.
    I saw one guy the first day we were there in the mid-afternoon and four more guys in the lounge that evening. While all the guys looked good one guy really had it going on. He had the look and had the attitude just right; the ladies would not leave him alone and I don’t care what abbreviation you tack after the names. He was a good sport about it all and took it as it was intended: all in fun. Like I said, I noticed that while the ladies dressed it up the guys kept it more casual. Dress jeans and pull over shirts except for the one guy who was so hot. He wore a button down white shirt with the sleeves turned up ¾ and pushed up with dressier dark (black?) pants but still this side of casual. Like I said just right. He made it look so easy but the look was just so great. I think it was his attitude that made all the difference in my mind anyway. Anyway it was great to see the guys there and I wanted to share with you. Wish I could have talked with them (I wanted to both compliment the looks and invite them here to the site since I haven’t come across any other forums for the FTM side of things) but like I mentioned before they were pretty popular with the ladies. And when I saw them there in the lounge I couldn’t get close enough to do more than nod hello.

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    Hey, Mae! Anyone ever call you, "All the way, Mae!"? Just kidding (it must be coffee break time). I'll never be able to hear that name again without thinking of that line from A League of Their Own.

    When I first saw the title of your thread I thought you were referring to our FtM forum here. Sounds about right. For some reason there are always many more MtFs, so the ratio seems to be about the same anywhere.

    Thanks for your report of the Be-All. I've never been to an event like that, but I attended a Trans-Prom in April and most of the boys there were completely decked out in nice suits (maybe because it was a "Prom"). It's good to know the guys were so popular. Maybe next time there will be more of us - I'd sure like to go one of these years.

    I wonder if anyone took pictures . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptLex
    I'll never be able to hear that name again without thinking of that line from A League of Their Own.
    Hehe, I love that movie intensely.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptLex
    When I first saw the title of your thread I thought you were referring to our FtM forum here.
    And yeah, I thought the same thing. Let me do a...thinking...yeah there's about 10 active(ish) FTM's on this forum. -_-"

    Aww well, makes it cozy.
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