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Thread: What to do in Washington DC?

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    What to do in Washington DC?

    I PM'ed a couple of girls, and then saw in the personals that there are a LOT of Virginia area girls here, so I think I'll ask the whole group...

    I might be going to Washington for a conference on July 12/13 and was wondering if you could tell me how DC is for CDs. I would be staying at the Four Seasons on Pennsylvania Ave if I go (on my employer). I'm interested in shopping in women's stores, maybe visiting CD/TS shops, and even perhaps stopping for a drink!!!

    Any advice is very welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    If you can't wear heels, what's the sense of dressing?......

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    Places to go in DC

    I can not attest to any of these places.. but found this link..

    I am in NoVa.. would love to have a friend... hit me back with a PM if interested!

    Hope this helps ya!

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    I'd dress up and go to the Air and Space museum enfemme!!! Nothing better than planes, space craft and dresses!! LOL

    Love Karren
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    I live in DC and go out dressed all the time. I never have any problems shopping or going anywhere as a woman including museums. My advice is if you are confident going out dressed, then don't worry about a thing. Feel free to drop me a line at if you like.
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    I would caution you to avoid one known dangerous crossdresser in the DC area.

    Be warned, he is known to frequently be armed and has shot even his friends!

    Apologies for the poor photo quality, but apparently he has friends in high places who have succeeded in obscuring most known photos of him en femme. This photo is several years old - he has apparently put on some weight since this was taken.

    Otherwise, it's supposed to be a very friendly city.

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