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    do any of you have favourite Youtube videos of crossdressing related things?

    I used to love a couple of videos done by a Parisian girl named MorganaTv. Sadly, those have been taken down.
    [SIZE="1"][SIZE="2"]"Tes pas, enfants de mon silence,
    Saintement, lentement placés,
    Vers le lit de ma vigilance
    Procèdent muets et glacés.

    Personne pure, ombre divine,
    Qu'ils sont doux, tes pas retenus!
    Dieux!... tous les dons que je devine
    Viennent à moi sur ces pieds nus!"
    -Paul Valéry[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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    I subscribe to this persons video's

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    Quote Originally Posted by secrets View Post
    I know Sherlyn has a lot of you-tube videos, I think she puts a link on her posts.

    You can also see my video of me blowing up my old microwave! ok, its not strictly CD related, but it was blown up by one!

    OH my, now that's one I'd love to see! PM me a link please??? I did see a couple of guys that were blowing up bottles of beer in a microwave. Was that you as well??? I have a warped sense of humor I guess, but I *love* stuff like that!

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    How do I?

    Get this gender change stuff to work for me in real life.

    I do so really want to chnage in this way and just maybe permanently!

    Jay Suzy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse69 View Post
    Ah, those appear to be #3 and #4 of a gameshow where guys are dressed up as girls. The comments in one of them claim that these guys have NO crossdressing experience, but I wonder if that's true, how do they pull off the voice with no training!

    In #2 the guys kept saying "she sounds like a girl".

    #1 doesn't sound like a girl though.

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