Recently, we have been made aware that the Female to Male section is becoming overrun with non FTM members constantly posting in threads specifically made for them. We know this is an open forum, but is it really necessary to post everywhere?? We ask that you take the time to take note of what section you are in (especially when using the ‘new posts’ link) before answering a thread and take the time to read the title and content. If a member has asked ‘specifically’ for FTM to answer, then please, respect that persons request and respect the section you are in.

The FTM section is very small, with a handful of members, the constant disrespect that has been shown lately has made those members feel pushed out and segregated. This is supposed to be a support forum, where everyone supports each other, where everyone should get along, not make members feel like they are just on the sideline.

Remember, this forum is for everyone, but show a little common courtesy when posting, show a bit of respect please, is that too much to really ask??