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Thread: Sexual Preference

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    I'm hetero, I like girls, I like looking like a girl, if I see someone who looks like an attractive girl I'm attracted, but only to the image. I have met several crossdressers who I would have been really attracted to if they had been genuine girls, but since we both had the same equipment, sorry.
    It takes a real man to wear a dress.

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    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
    When I am dressed as a Tiffany.
    I love to be treated as Tiffany!!!
    Enough said!

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    Sexual Preference

    for me, it's women, TG's and then men.

    prioritized preferences i guess.

    but then again. there are nights when a man is a priority

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    Gay here

    Well just so everyone here knows there is at least one gay guy here who dresses - for me men are my preference 100 percent of the time - I have to admit that when I am with a man I feel very much like a woman so much so that sex with a man feel the closest to being a woman. As I am sure you have already guessed I am also exclusively a bottom. When I am with a man I make real my deepest fantasy of being a woman.

    I told this to my last partner and we had the greatest time playing out the fantasy - once he even tore a hole in my panties and we had the most delicious sex I have ever had.

    But as many have noted here it really is for some (and probably for most here) a personal preference tho I know that for me I was born gay since I have loved men from the day I can remember.

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    Smile Probably Bi.

    Quote Originally Posted by SandyR View Post
    I would say I am Bi-Playful. Although I have not acted on it, in the right stituation and if dresssed I would hope to be treated like a woman.


    My feelings exactly. Angela. :GE:

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    I know that I am bi - I love sex with a man and I love sex with a woman. I always end up being with a woman in a long term relationship, thats my life.

    good topic


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    I can only speak for myself. But I am 100% into women, Only one woman at this time. That is my wife. I have ound from my very limited experience that there are few people that are actually attracted to CD'rs. I like to look to see the style that everyone is dressing. But that is all. And my most certainly is not attracted to me as a CD'r. Sometimes I feel that she has very little attraction to me at all, Never mind while dressed.

    So I guess we don't have to worry about a crossdressers baby boom. There is noone who would want to help us reproduce.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    Smile tooo many choices!!

    The feminine look is what attracts me, the illusion that there is a sexy girl out there is what I find attractive. So I like (love) girls. Therefore if it is a lovely CD or a TV, now what do you call this? I think tgforum has a term translesbian? Thus one needs to look at ones own feelings and determine the things they enjoy. If there's more to the package, then you need to decide just what you would do with it. I need to confess, any girl or gurl with great legs in a short pleated skirt continues to be a distraction.

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    I like women only. Now if only there were an understanding GG out there for me.

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    Until starting htm last year, i was very much hetero. After a few months i started thinking about sex with men and, while i haven't been there, would enjoy sexually gratifying a man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LouiseM View Post
    I have read that most cd'ers are heterosexual, is this correct? My question is that if a male cd'er is heterosexual then what makes him not attracted to another cd'er who looks like a woman? If he is and he knows the other is a male, does that now make him gay? This is the part I have the worst time understanding. Thanks for your replies.

    the ones that I know tend to like other CDs as sexual partners as well as women---I suppose that makes Me and them bisexuals

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    sexual preference

    Just my wife. If I were a woman I would be a lesbian and wouldn't want any male advances. I do go to tri-ess and I believe that at least 90% of my sisters are strictly hetero but I am sure some have thought of the possibility of other things if they ever would present themselves in the right situation.

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    this is a great thread. I personally don't identify with labels. Gay, bi, straight....I have to say that I am sexual and who that entails I engage with depends on the person. all in all it's who the person is and if the right situation presents itself I'm on board. All in all when it comes down to it I am first and foremost attracted to women. However I find most people beautiful in some way shape or form whether it be physical, mental or both.

    I guess I don't really identify sexuality with gender. It's who the person is and I have opened myself up to enjoying all that life has to offer. This really came to light many many years ago when a best friend of mine committed suicide solely because he was gay and despite many efforts to talk through it with him he decided that was the way he was going to address things. He was the one and only sexual experience I had with another man, which I will say I enjoyed. However I don't look at men and think "wow he's hot". However if the opportunity presented itself I would act on it. I know though that I would certainly love the opportunity to be with another CD'er.

    Live life, have fun and enjoy what you have experienced and experience what others have to share.

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    ashlee ashlee chiffon's Avatar
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    every single one of us is different..

    but we all share love of women's clothes or men's clothes...
    sexual orientation is a separate subject then love of crossdressing, even though there are connections and interweavings of psychology....
    look into yourself and see if you are attracted to men of Any form,shape,dress,look,mannerisms,with or without their born "bits", etc....if you are...then you are gay or bi courious...simple as that...whether you act on your attraction is then another matter, as we all have fantasies we don't act out and that goes to the imagination....

    i also think there is a distinction between experimenting and repetitive acts...trying something *i always considered myself a "try-sexual"* to see if you like it is one thing...craving and acting out the sexual situation multiple times is another....
    sometimes talking to another helps one think themselves out...might try that..
    just my humble opinion...not worth much!
    [SIZE="2"][/SIZE][SIZE="3"]Big Hugs!

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    I have always loved well dressed women and considered myself 100% hetero. IIn the past 2 years I have become more attracted to cd's and consider myself BiCurious. I would not sleep with another man but the right cd would be a different matter
    XOXO Tammy

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