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Thread: Felt sorry

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    Felt sorry

    I felt so sorry yesterday, Easter Sunday. I was downtown driving by a local church and saw a CD trying to walk to the church in what must have been 4" heels. I didn't know if I should stop and help or would that call more attention to her. After I thought this was a good lesson for me to wear shoes that I can walk in and be comfortable.

    Please tell me what you would have done if you had seen this poor girl struggling into church.

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    The entire purpose of Easter Sunday Services is to celebrate the ressurection of one who taught us to HELP others.
    That being said, we now get into the "human" part. If the person wearing those heels was, in fact a CD, then publicly offering help may very well have been a mistake. However to assuage your conscience, allow yourself to think that by NOT assisting "her" you allowed her to learn a lesson.
    The "lesson" being how to properly walk or "what not to wear" .

    IMHO you did "the right thing" by not approaching "her". Now, if "she" fell down then of course go to her aide.
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    I would not worry to much. You should have seen some of the GG's at our chruch. I was watching some of them that were wearing their Easter outfits and some were struggling to walk in thier high heels. There was this 20 something young lady there with what had to be 5" heels and she was having a real rough time walking. Her husband was holding her elbow, so she would have more support. And you thought men were Competitive. LOL

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