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Thread: The Art of Tucking: v2.0

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    I can sometimes push my pen is back inside too.
    I am wondering if that's meant to happen

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    I find it is very easy to have the shaft pushed inside of me and help in place but more difficult and more work to keep the balls completely inside too. That said I can do both but I find forcing the shaft inside and having the balls reshaped lie a vag is a better option for me. I love the way it looks and it is much more comfortable.

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    WOW, I didn't realize it's so involved. I always "Tuck" and have never thought I needed "How To" instructions. Not there's anything wrong with it.

    Keep my balls up and penis back for a lovely Feminine front.

    What I like about this is, tucking makes me feel more Girly.
    It Really Helps walking, adding a little wiggle with each step.

    The very most FEMININE walk comes from a combination of Tucking and wearing a Padded Hip & Butt control Panty!-----------No way you can't wiggle or feel anything but, Cute and Girly!~
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    I use a pair of medium "zone pro" panties from the dollar store put in the regular way. I just put the testicles up in the canals, adjust the scrotum skin a bit, pull back the penis, close legs to keep all in place , and pull up the panties. For me all pretty much stays put but if I go out walking a lot I put on another size 6 Fruit of the Loom pantries over them. I have have literally never came untucked that way. I don't even like the thought of tape, glue, etc. I also find it rather comfortable if everything's not too tight. To use the restroom it's just quick retuck and I'm on my way
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    Although I only dress a couple times a year, it's all-out when I do. Felicity's method works great for me, though I've modified it a bit. With experimentation, it's possible to do the tape/tuck combination such that no tape is visible, you appear to have a vagina, you can wear any type of clothing, can pee (you have to sit down) without taking anything apart (can also do #2 without taking anything apart. Pretty awesome. Here is the tape I use:

    Nexcare waterproof tape, stretchy, sticks great, never has loosened up on me. I'm happy to share details by IM.

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    i just discovered Rocktape Kinesiology Elastic Sports Tape. Super sticky, stretchy and last better than any other of the loads of types I tried before. There are other Kinesiology tapes on the market which might be cheaper. This works well for me.
    Also - I used to stretch whatever tape I was using to its limit before sticking on. But then I figured that with any movement the tape will try to stretch beyond its limis and thus break away from the skin. I now stretch it a bit but not to its limit which seems to last much better. Its obvious now that I thought of it - but I hadn't considered it before

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    You girls are killing me! Here is the easiest way to tuck. I use Transpore tape. It is transparent, breathable, and waterproof. I use only 3 pieces of tape. The first piece is 4 in Long and the second and third pieces are both about 2 inches long.
    Step 1. You must be shaved to enable the tape to stick adequately.
    Step 2. Fold the skin over to create a slit up fairly high about where your clit would be or a bit higher. Let everything hang down until this piece of tape is in place. It should be parallel to the floor while you are standing up in front of a mirror.
    Step 3. Now push the boys up in the inguinal cavities. You will find that they are much more inclined to stay in place because of that first piece of tape holding things together.
    Step 4. Gently pull your joystick downward.
    Step 5. While holding the scrotal skin together, place things together, Place II shorter piece of tape parallel to the first piece that you applied.
    Step 6. Push the head of the joystick back into the fold of scrotal skin below the second piece of tape.
    Step 7. Pull the scrotal skin a little tighter together and place the final piece of tape parallel to the previous two pieces. Be sure you leave a small opening at the bottom. This is so you can pee sitting down like a girl. And remember girls only use two squares of toilet paper🤗

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