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Thread: crossdressing stories

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    crossdressing stories

    hi every one

    im new to this site and i would like to know how many of you crossdress en femme in public. i would also like to hear you stories.

    the first time i went out in public en femme i was 19 y/o(im 20 now), single and living in my own apartment. i wore a waisted skirt that was about 2 inches above the knee, a red blouse, sheer nude stockings, red panties and 6 inch black patient heels and of course make-up and a wig. I was nevous and exited at the same time. Once i got in my car I drove off to the mall. It took me alot of courage to get out of the car, but once i did it was no turning back.

    In the mall i went to many shoe shops. I ended up buying a pair of 4 inch knee high boots. I then went to target and brought 2 new skirts and a blouse. On the way home i stopped at subway for some food.

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    did any one say anything to you ???

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    Congradulations on going out.
    You did a lot more than what I did my first time and in 6 inch heels. Wow! I just now got comfortable in 3+ heels and now I'm trying 4 inchers.

    I have lots of stories I would love to share with you. In fact, I went out this past weekend and boy was it a great time. This is my recap.
    Its a bit long, but I think you'll enjoy it.
    Here you go!

    Hello everyone!

    Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend.
    Me, I had a great time. I met up with two friends (Names did not want to be disclosed) and we spent a Sunday afternoon having lunch followed by a little shopping.
    The outfit I chose was something not too dressy, but dressy enough to wear to church, and thereafter, so I wore an off-white v-neck top (3/4 sleeves); off black skirt (mid calf length) with thin white zig zag lines; Hanes Silk Reflections barely there pantyhose; and 3 3/4 inch off black open toe sandals.

    We met up for lunch at a local restaurant (Ruby Tuesday's) and got there just before the lunch crowd so it wasn't very busy. We walked in, then a few moments later a hostess greeted us and showed us to an open table. Our waitress then came, politely greeted us, and then took our drink orders. She didn't look at us any differently and treated us very nicely.
    It was great to interact with her, because it helped me to continue practicing my femme voice, as well as my mannerisms and all. After we ordered our food, me and my friend enjoyed a leisurely talk about things in general.
    It was my one friend's first time out and so we made sure that she was feeling comfortable. And when the waitress got her order, she looked like she did a pretty good job of being herself.

    While we waited, more and more customers began coming in and sitting in the tables around us, but they didn’t seem to pay much attention to us. Occasionally, someone would look, but then they would go back to minding their own business.
    After a while, I had to use the ladies room so I excused myself, I got up, fixed my skirt, and began walking towards the restrooms. As I was walking, another waitress had come across my path. I just smiled at her and she smiled back then she graciously moved out of my way so I can proceed. I continued walking and then entered the ladies room.
    The place was empty and so I went into the stall closest to the entrance. Just as I closed the door, another woman had walked in and entered the stall next to me. I did my thing (sitting down of course), and once I was done, started fixing up my outfit starting with my pantyhose, then my skirt, and my top. The lady next to me finshed, walked out of the stall, and began washing her hands. In the meantime, I was still busy working on myself, but when I was done, I walked out and over to wash my hands. The lady was still there powdering her face, but she didn't seem to mind me so I proceeded to wash my hands. Eventually, she finished and walked out while I finished up and followed behind her.

    I walked back over to our table and noticed that our food was already there so I pulled out my chair, ladily sat down, and began to eat. Again, more customers had come in, but they didn't seem to mind us talking and enjoying our lunch.
    The waitress came to check on us a few times and, every time, she was very polite and courteous.
    Once we were done, we paid our tabs, and then left.

    After a good meal, we headed over to the mall to walk things off. We walked in and the place was fairly busy with the usual afternoon shoppers. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to us, but I could sense that some people were. However, we I just continued to mind our own business and act like just other group of girls walking around and window shopping.
    We walked for a little bit, until we got to the Victoria's Secret store. Of course, had to go in, so as soon as we entered, a SA greeted us and asked if we needed anything. I said that we were just looking and so she said "OK" and to let her know if we need any help. I said "thank you" and then we proceeded to browse around.
    There were a number of women and girls browsing, but again they didn't seem to mind.

    While I was looking at some panties on one of the display tables, my friends when further in to browse while another SA came up to me and mentioned their 5 for $25 panty sale. I thanked her and continued to look until I came upon their Pink line of clothing. I started checking out their selection and then a few moments later the same SA came up from behind and asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I mentioned that I was interested in their Pink line of sleep and lounge wear so she pointed out the various tops, tees, tanks, shorts, sweats, cami's, hoodies, etc., that they had. I said that they look really nice so she handed me a shopping bag and said that if there's anything in particular I like, to let her know, so that she can make sure there's dressing room ready for me. I was kind of surprised at how courteous the SA was so I told my friends that I may be here for a while. They said that I looked like I was having a good time, and that it was no problem, so they left and went out on their own.
    Last week, I was at another VS and bought a nice pair Pink sleep shorts and a Pink tee, but that other store didn't have as large of a selection compared to this one so I had to check it out. I then, thanked the SA and started looking more closely.
    I saw a nice pair of grey sleep shorts and put them in my bag and then looked to find a nice top to go with it so I started looking at some v-neck tees. The SA came by again and asked if I needed help and so I asked her for some help in matching the grey sleep shorts with a nice top.
    She recommended I go with a white shelf bra cami matched with pink V-neck tee or a pink shelf bra cami matched with a grey V-neck tee. In addition, she said that those combos can also be worn while going out if I choose to. I said to myself that those are some good ideas so she helped me find them in my size. We found most of them, except for the a pink cami in large, but she said that she will keep checking. I said that I wanted to try on what I had so she called one of her colleagues and mentioned that I need a dressing room. Her colleague came up and saw me holding the white cami and the pink tee and said that that's one of her favorite combos so then she showed me to an open room.
    Again, I thank her and then she said that she will come back in a little bit to check on me.

    I kicked off my sandals, took off my skirt, then my top, and then slipped on the white cami, the pink tee, and the grey sleep shorts. When I checked myself in the mirror, I liked how the white cami and the pink tee matched together. The sleep shorts were a little bit loose so when the SA came by I opened the door and asked if she could bring me another pair in size medium. She said that she'll go and get another one, looked at me, and said that the white cami and the pink tee looked really good on me. A minute or two later, she came right back and hand me the shorts as well as the pink cami the other SA found.
    I took off the white cami, the pink tee, the shorts, and then slipped on the pink cami, the grey tee, and the shorts. When I check myself in the mirror, they didn't look as good so I decided I'll just go with the white and the pink.
    I changed back into my clothes and, when I walked out, handed the SA the clothes I didn't want. Thanked her for her assistance and went over to the cashier.
    I looked in my purse for my Angel card, but then realized I forgot it at home so I mentioned it to the cashier. She said it was no problem and that all she needed was some key information to look it up.
    Once she got it, she began to total everything. In all, I ended up getting a white shelf bra cami, long sweatshorts, pink V-neck tee, and grey sleep shorts.
    She gave me my total and then asked for my ID so I pulled it out and gave it to her. She checked it and then gave it back. She then put everything in a big bag and said "Have a nice day!".
    I said the same, in return, and then left. It felt so nice to get such wonderful service and attention just like any other woman customer. The SA's were so nice and friendly I felt like I was in heaven.
    They treated me with respect and showed that they wanted my business.
    I felt special and really appreciated that.
    I wanted to stay there for the rest of the day, but had go and meet up with my friends waiting for me.
    Oh well, that won't be the last time I'll be visiting that particular place.

    After Victoria's Secret, I met up with my friends waiting at the food court enjoying some refreshments.
    We chatted for a little bit, and showed each other what we got, then we got up and continued walking the mall shops. We came across a DSW shoe store and so we walked in to check out their shoe sales.
    Be browsed around for a while, but nothing really grabbed our attention so we left and continued walking until we went into Dillard's.

    We went in and browsed around the women's shoe department. After that, we headed over to the clothing department.
    I saw some nice Liz Claiborne dress pants so I found a size 12 and went into the ladies dressing room to try them on.
    There was one room that was open so I went it, took off my skirt, and slipped on the pants.
    They looked pretty good, but seemed a little bit loose so I changed back into my skirt and walked back out to search for a smaller size. As I was walking out, a cashier saw me with the pants and asked if I was ready to check out, but I said that I was going back to look for a different size and so she said "ok". I continued back to the clothing racks and started looking, but couldn't find anything smaller so I just put the other pants back and left figuring I'd check the other Dillard's at another mall, near by. I didn't see anything else so I caught up with my friends and we headout out.

    After the mall, we stopped at a Goodwill store for a short while. It was almost time to close, so we quickly browsed around. I found a few items, such as a few pairs womens jeans, some black casual pants, and a few skirts then went over to the ladies dressing room to try them on. Most of them fit, and some didn't, but I still ended up choosing 3 items (jeans, black pants, plaid skirt) and returning the rest. I brought my things to the cashier and said hello. He said "Hi" back, but not as courteous like at the other places. I didn't mind, though, because I don't think he cared if I was Cder or not. He looked and acted like he was more interested in going home after a long day, but I still was courteous and friendly so as to not ruin our image. After I paid, I caught up with my friends then we left.
    There was nothing else that we needed, so we decided to call it a day.
    We said our goodbyes and then parted our separate ways.

    While I was on my way home, I remembered that I had to pick up a few things at the local grocery store so I stopped at the near store parked, checked myself in the mirror, and walked in.
    The place was fairly busy, but I just acted natural and walked around like any other lady grocery shopping. I needed some orange juice so grabbed two cartons and then I walked over to the produce department to get some vegetables. I noticed that my hands were full, but I forgot to grab a shopping basket coming in, so I headed back to the front to get one. However, I spotted a basket on the floor, next to a fruit stand, so I femininely squatted down and began putting my things into it. As I was doing that, a young male, casually dressed, came around and said "Excuse me. I'm using that." Opps! I said to myself. Now that was embarrasing. I was a little surprised, but I stayed calm and apologized. Then, I quickly removed the items and walked away. In the corner of my eye, I could still see him, but he didn't look at me strangely or anything he just continued doing what he was doing gathering some fruits and putting them into his basket. Whew!
    Now wait a minute, if I were a guy and saw this attractive woman putting her things in a shopping basket I was using, I would've said to her "Excuse me! I was using that, but please go ahead and I'll go and get another one." How rude of him. Oh well! At least he didn't try to hit on me.
    Anyway, I didn’t have anything else I needed so I walked over to an open check out line.
    I walked up and put my things on the conveyer belt while I waited for the cashier (African-American male) to finish replacing the paper roll for the receipt dispenser. After he was done, he politely greeted me, while I did the same, and began totalling up everything. Once he finshed, he gave me my total and then I handed him some cash. He then gave me my change and said "Have a nice day". I said "You too!" and left.

    Again, it was a nice day to be out and what made it even more special is that it made me feel like a girl enjoying a day out with her best of friends. I got a lot more experience interacting with ordinary people and I really wasn't nervous at all. The courtesy and respect I received, especially at Victoria's Secret, made me feel special. Every time I go out, it seems like it just gets better and better.
    Hope you all have a fun day on Sunday, or any other day.

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    I love to see a beautiful woman in a nice dress, but then again, I also want to wear that dress.

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    At this point I am just happy to make it through the star bucks drive through for coffee........hehhe

    Real Men can Cook in Heels...

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    not yet, but ready to

    I meeting up with another CD on Monday for my first time out. It will be very nerve racking driving to the mall en femme, considering I won't have any make-up on.

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    Many of us have shopping stories. But some of us have fantasty sories...JMHO...BJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdresser View Post
    i would like to know how many of you crossdress en femme in public. i would also like to hear you stories.
    There's too many to mention but you could click on my avatar picture and then scroll down and click on "find all threads started by Rachel Morley". Some of the things I've done are there (including pictures) the rest is in my Yahoo 360 blogs, which there is a link to at the bottom of this post.
    The River City Gems - Northern California's largest and most active crossdressing & transgender support group!

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    You did all of those things on your FIRST time out in public??? Are you sure? That is a lot to do when your nerves are on high alert!


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    I have an appoinment with my wife for this weekend to go shopping for nice underwear but en femme and since it is the first time , i will rely on her to make sure i look spot on. I am more then nervous, i am patrified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjjjohanne View Post
    You did all of those things on your FIRST time out in public??? Are you sure? That is a lot to do when your nerves are on high alert!

    i had been around the block a few times but only a couple of times been passed by car. that was the first time near other people.

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    I was and still am an at home dresser - in the closet! The only time I went out was in Toronto with a group from Wildside. It was a great expereince and distant away from anyone I know so that sorted one of my biggest worries in my life - I really dont want my CDing to be public knowledge and my wife "who is accepting" is also terrified of anyone finding out.

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