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Thread: girdles and more

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    girdles and more

    Being one of the older cd'ers on line "71" I would like to know if I am the oldest crossdresser alive or not?

    I do enjoy dressing and intend to go out on halloween

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    I doubt it Em. I do know a CD who is 75 and I've read articles about gals much older than that. Welcome to the Forum by the way.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    I'm just 53, but maybe with some luck I'll see my 70's too. And maybe more. (I hope.)

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    Yes, welcome to the forum!!! I am "mid-fifties," so not an old one, or a young one. Nevertheless, it is always nice to see new blood getting involved here regardless of age!!!

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    Only 57 here... Your timing was perfect... just had a birthday, and was feeling old(er.)

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    hi auntie, i don't know of many older than myself (62) but if i make into my 70's and still have all my faculties so i can continue dressing, i'll consider it a blessing. welcome to the forum......luv, Jill

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    At 61 I still feel young with alot of CD years ahead. My wig does have a little gray in it.

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    Hi there Em, I also know a couple of older CDs 74 and 72, I am one of the mid fifties gang, looking at the posts, there are a whole bunch of us here. Oh and welcome to the Forum.
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    In my Tri-Ess Groups, quite a few older Gurls. It's rather satisfying and fun to watch all the generations mixing and interacting. I think the oldest is in her mid-80s. She was one of the founders of one of my groups. Her background is such that she has often spoken about the beginnings of Tri-Ess and knowing all of the Sista's back then.

    The younger members have nothing but respect for her and avidly listen. I think they want to know something about their history too.

    Is 71 too old to CD? A resounding "no," from everyone on that issue. If Joanie is still around, I know she will still be enjoying "The Gift." Most of us will still be CDing until they put us in The Ground. I think Joanie will be a Major Social Butterfly, when she gets to The Nursing Home!

    Peace and Love, Joanie

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    I'm getting close at age 69. I once ran across one lady who transistioned to full time at age 72. I've got my sights set on trying the same thing.
    Kisses, Linda

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    One couple in my Tri-Ess chapter just celibrated their 50th wedding anniversity. This puts him at 70+.

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    I am just a young-un at 43. Welcome!

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    Hi Auntie-em

    Welcome to the forum. We have at least a few girls well into their 70's here. I am 58 and have been crossdressing for 50 years. I am not full time, probably will be after retirement. Advantages to getting up in the years include: it is easier to pass; if found out blame it on senility; older people can do anything they want and nobody cares. There probably are many more advantages to being a senior crossdressing citizen, these will give you something to think about. It was nice talking with you. Please come back, you are now part of the family.

    With love and respect,

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    Senior Age

    Hi, Auntie-Em, and welcome to the Forum. I am one of the older (in age) members here, being 75+. I have been a CD for over 60 years. Lost my wife dear wife a little over two years ago, after 49+ years of happiness. She did know since before we were married, and was very supportive.

    Hope to see more of your posts here!


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    Of course there are x-dressers older than 71... I know personnally two sisters whom I've met in real life, and a few other whom I have corresponded with via internet.

    I have a lot of respect for them as it was even more difficult for them to come out when they were younger... And they didn't have much way to communicate and get mutual support.

    I'm only 61, but I already see a big difference with the way X-dressing was condemned when I was younger... The advent of Internet is certainly helping us a lot to feel less alone...

    The movement for fredom in matter of sexual preferences has also helped us...

    On the subject title "Girdles and More", I'm also a girdle lover...


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    Wow. And here I was worried I was going to have to stop dressing up after 65. Thanks ladies. I really needed that! I'm 48 now and I'm looking forward to many more years of being able to wear my dresses and heels!

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    At age 71 I believe that I have about 66 years invvested in CD'ing, and hope to get a lot more in the future.

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