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Thread: What's your experience with gynomastica?

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    What's your experience with gynomastica?

    Did I spell it right? Man - boobs? If you got them, how did society treat you throughout your life? Guy and girls reactions? How big are your natural man boobs? Do you wear a bra?

    Well, we actually can fake man boobs by wearing our bras and breastforms in drab and going to a crowded shopping mall. Make sure they see you wearing that bra through your shirt! Anyone ever try this? What was your experience? Ok, I'm too scared to do this. Might try it for fun on a road trip where I visit a far away city!
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    My experience is none, non-existant, and neant.

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    My experience

    I've had man-boobs since I was a young teenager. In high school gym class I was always teased when we were getting dressed. I remember their was this one guy (kind of the hip macho joker type) who would always, I mean every time we were dressing, would come over and grab my breasts and make it a point to let everyone know that my breasts were larger then some of the girls in our class.

    That was it though, most other people never really say anything. I catch people glancing down at my chest and you can tell what they are thinking, but they never say anything. My breasts are about a B cup and are certainly noticeable, but I don't wear a bra in boy mode. I have worn a bra out in public before, but I usually make sure they are not noticeable, either by wearing them under heavy tops or sweaters.

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    I knew a person in school who had them and I am guilty of being mean to him! The last time I saw him they were gone and he was also about 100lbs lighter!

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    I have had low testosterone and man boobs since my pre-teen years. I love my boobs. I don't know what size they are but I probably should wear a bra.

    Quote Originally Posted by victoriamwilliams1 View Post
    I knew a person in school who had them and I am guilty of being mean to him! The last time I saw him they were gone and he was also about 100lbs lighter!
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    I had small (probably A cup) breasts since my early teen years. Now I have natural 40 B's! I do wear a bra a good deal of the time. Both when in drab (making sure that it is not visible) and of course when dressed enfemme.

    As I have stated previously in many other threads, I do not wear a wig or makeup when I go out dressed enfemme! I am a man wearing a skirt, skort, or something definitely feminine. And yes, my "boobs" are quite visible, since my tops are form fitting to show them off! I am proud of them!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by KateSpade83 View Post
    Well, we actually can fake man boobs by wearing our bras and breastforms in drag and going to a crowded shopping mall. Make sure they see you wearing that bra through your shirt! Anyone ever try this? What was your experience?
    Remember, "in drag" means dressed up; if you want to "fake man boobs", then you should wear the bras & forms in drab.

    Which is something I have done, with the bust-line being visible to greater or lesser degrees.

    I did get one comment a little less than two weeks ago. My bust under my white blouse (which I had chosen to deliberately make the bust-line visible) was noticed by an early-20's guy making a large turn across the street close to where I was crossing, and he took the trouble to yell something about my "boobs" out his window. And that was the only audience-participation comment I've had in about 3 years.

    Early on, before I got my real forms, and had taped a few "add-a-cup" enhancers into place and had worn a cotton shirt, I did get one comment from a someone I passed: he said audibly to the other three people he was with, "Did you see that?! He had really nice tits!". The tone wasn't even a little sarcastic, and the comment wasn't directed at me: the tone was very much that of a guy who had seen what he thought was attractive breasts and had appreciated the sight.

    Other than that, I don't recall any other comments from strangers, even when I've gone as a guy with a D cup bust with a bra fairly clear under my shirt or blouse (not merely "discernible if you were paying attention").

    I have had favorable comments from several women I was interacting with, but they knew I was cross-dressing and that I was using forms.... which, of course, is not at all the same situation as gynomastica!

    In my D-cup or G-cup forms and a good bra, at least four different professional bra-fitters have been visibly surprised how good I look with "breasts", not just "Okay, that bra fits you decently". That's not the same situation as gynomastica either, but it does indicate that in some cases, women who were expecting to find the appearance of breasts on a guy to look "silly" or "boring" may be startled to find the appearance to look good, interesting, attractive, shapely.

    Can people adapt gracefully to the shape of breasts on guys? My experience is Yes, at least for "strangers", at least up to D cup under anywhere from a sweatshirt (little visible protrusion) up to tops designed to flatter the bust. I haven't experimented too much in public with stretch tops designed to emphasize the apparent breasts; though I've done that too, with my D-cup forms and black stretch tops (black reduces the visible depth cues so it becomes less easy to judge the protrusion) and had no problems, but I've more or less kept those to less crowded places and to establishments that I already knew to be safe. On the other hand, the time that I bought a powder-blue stretchy top at the mall and changed into it and wore it through the mall and standing outside for 15 minutes waiting for the bus... that time I felt quite self-conscious: at the time anyhow, the blue started to feel like an attention-getting colour by itself (something that people would automatically focus on and study as the colour moved through their field of view), so I felt like I was very much drawing attention to my apparent breasts: the dark black tops, even though clingier, don't draw people's eyes in to study what's going on.

    But! I take my forms off (sooner or later), and I've never tried to do anything like go to the gym or go swimming in guy mode with the forms; someone with real gynomastica can't take their real breasts off when it becomes inconvenient. Yep, I do wear a bra and forms to work sometimes, but I very seldom wear my D-cup forms at work when my boss is around: someone with gynomastica wouldn't have a choice in the matter. On the flip side, if I had "always" had breasts as long as the boss had known me, then they would become an odd fact of life about me; as it is, if my boss were to notice me wearing my forms one day, it would raise questions due to the change (e.g., "Why are you doing this? It makes some people uncomfortable, and it's getting you gossiped about!")

    Bottom line: this test won't do much to let you know what it's like to really have gynomastica.

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    I've had them since my early teens when I put on alot of weight. Over the years people (read: assholes) would taunt me or pinch them. I've lost a considerable amount of weight over the last year or so, and fortunately I haven't lost too much in that region. They used to make my daily life hell, but now I'm glad I have them.

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    I've also had them since I was a teen when I put on a lot of weight (even though I lost the weight since then, there's still a noticeable amount remaining). And, while I like it in private, it's sort of a pain in the ass in drab since I can't wear certain shirts (like men's v-necks) without looking that i've got some boobs there (which means I don't buy them). Oh, well...

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    I have always had a small pair but its never really bothered me. I think a lot of men have them in some form, especially if they are a bit overweight.

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    A while back I asked my DR. for a blood test to find out if I had "it". Darn, failed the test. But I do have some extra , "up there" Not sure if it's the cut of the bra or me, but I can do nice justice to a 36B cotton bra from Grenier. Never did buy any polo shirts as they would always show too much of me. Now I just don't care and have quite a few of them. Most of my bras aren't padded, so they don't show off very much.
    Yeah , I used to get teased quite a bit in high school about my boobs. Perhaps I should go to my next H.S. reunion and show that one clown, ....
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    I have had a degree of gynecomastia for about the past 20 years. I have been a bit overweight at times, but the size of my breasts does not decrease much when I lose weight - if anything they seem to be more noticeable when my weight is down. I am sure they are genuine breast tissue not just fat. I remember having very sensitive breasts and nipples in my early teens - and I was not overweight at that time.

    I am somewhere between an A and a B cup. I wear a bra occasionally in private - but my wife does not know that. I would love them to grow to the stage where my wife would suggest that I should wear a bra all the time. I have told her that if or when I fail the "pencil test" I will definitely start wearing a bra.

    I have never had any comments about my breasts but did have one about my nipples, which are large - I pierced them and stretched them.

    I enjoy having breasts - they are sensitive and add pleasure to my sex life. I just wish they were bigger but I will never follow a hormone route.

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    I have slight boobs, possibly from taking Androgel. My wife loves them, says she wishes hers were my size Unfortunately, the Androgel also caused swelling in my ankles so I pretty much stay off of it

    Women are never happy, those who are well endowed want smaller boobs, those who are flat chested want bigger boobs, LOL. My wife is a natural D and she would like to have A's.

    When I wear a bra it can emphasize them a bit but I try to make sure the bra is not noticeable in public. But I'm getting braver and my wife generally likes that!


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    well, Gynecomastia is a pain and a blessing... Yes, as a youg teen I was milked like a cow, and piched, and called boobie boy.. But, once I was grown, Noone did that anymore, and I got to enjoy them.. Although I was always trying to hide my man boobs as much as possible in public, now I am finally learning to be proud to e me in everything I do, to not be ashamed of any aspect of myself.. SO, I wear a bra everyday under my man clothes, especially to work, I am a natural B cup.. btw, my wife also wishes she had smaller boobs, she's a DD and believe me, I can understand why, big boobs are a PAIN IN THE ***!!! plus bras are more expensive, and they don't have any of the cute bras for 44DD ladies... their all big monster boulder slings... sigh.... And bra straps cut into your shoulder more the bigger your boobs are.. Even as a B I have some bra strap irritation sometimes..

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    Quote Originally Posted by tess-leigh View Post
    And that was the only audience-participation comment I've had in about 3 years.

    LOL Love the way you said that "audience-participation comment".
    I've gotten a ferw of thoae myself.


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    Man Boobs , I was teased and humiliated in grammer and early high school about the size of my breasts which made me wish I didn`t have any . I was always shy about taking off my shirt in public for fear of the same . But when I reached my thirties I quit worring what people would say and started to enjoy the fact that I am a crossdresser and I have natural B size breasts . I do wear a bra most of the time in male or female mode because I like the support and the way they feel on me . It depends on my mood as to if I care if anyone notices if I`m wearing a bra , sometimes I careful to hide it and sometimes I could care less . It is all about what makes us happy as an individual . Tomara

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    Hi all,
    Like many here, I had breasts growing up. It was enough that my parents were concerned and had the Dr. give me a series of shots(I don't know what). I was a little overweight, which was probably the cause. I was tormented in school. Guys would grab and pinch them. It has been over 35 years since HS and I have never felt comfortable with my shirt off in the public.

    Today they are just about a B cup. I can fill a B cup bra quite naturally. The only time they are an asset is when I am dressed. My wife knows that I occassionally wear a bra when she is not home, but she is not ready for me to wear more regularly.


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    man boobs? you bet!

    I waas always a "normal" weight until I hit puberty, then I started gaining. I developed boy boobs early on and also was teased a lot. For a while I could joke about myself and just put up with the teasing but they kept growing.

    As i moved into the late teens I noticed my hips were getting wider and my skin was not toughening up as most guys experience.

    Jump ahead to my current age 54, not I have child bearing hips and a B+ cup that is close to a C. With the right bra, I can get some killer cleavage.

    Once while sitting with my GG So in a doctor's office I read one of those little pamphlets about low testosterone and its symptoms. I asked the doc when i saw him to test me. He said he doubted I was low since I am a big frame, large hands and legs and have a deep voice and a reasonable amout of body hair (which I HATE). When the test came back he said "Well I'll be damned!"

    The baseline count is 248 mcl- mine was 78. He said he had never seen it that low in 20 years as a physician.

    He presceribed testosterone shots (which I gave myself) but injecting a large syringe of what looked like vegetable oil and was so think it took 3 minutes to empty the syringe into my arm discouraged me. Then we went to Angrogel smeared on the shoulder. The expense there was too great to continue.

    So in the end I just accepted my lot, my big boobs and the fact that I have to wear large shirts. HOWEVER when en femme, they feel fantastic and my nipples, I am sure, are much more sensitive than most guy nips.

    Now if I start to lactate then we have something!!


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    I always had girl like hips through teen years - never had much upper until HRT and even now it's small......but I have hips....strange indeed.

    and people would always call me a girl, accidentally, intentionally......had veyr long blonde hair to go with it, didn't know I was TG just enjoyed my body the way it was.
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    At the dawn of puberty, I had slight swelling and extremely sensitive nipples. It scared me to death and I ended up going to see the doctor.

    He said it was "an imbalance of female hormones" and that it should clear up on it's own -- which it did in about a year.

    However, to this date I have extremely sensitive nipples -- more so than any woman I've ever dated.

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    I have had Man Boobs since I was young. I was put on Spiro by my heart doctor, and on top of that I have an extremely low T level. Naturally it caused them to swell and I now have almost a C cup. I am very in the closet, and enjoy them every moment.

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    I wonder if there's any correlation or real study on people with gynecomastia and the percentage of those people with gender issues? Obviously not everyone with gynecomastia is in the tg spectrum, but I wonder if the percentage is higher? There's a book called "Eve's Rib" that studies how the human body develops into male or female, both mentally and physically. A great book with a lot of studies that show how hormones in the womb can significantly affect not just your physical appearance, but how it translates into typical gender roles. Recommended read.

    I don't know if I clinically have it, I can definitely pass the pencil test, but I've heard the usual comments in drab and I take those comments as compliments. I only wish they were a bit more round!
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    I just biked at Lake Shore Drive today and there was a shirtless man biking by with A cups. A couple had a laugh.

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    I started noticing mine in the 7th grade, 12 or 13 years old. I did not know what to make of them at first and felt embarrassed. There were days when my nipples would get really sore. I did not know what caused it until I realized that it was from rubbing on shirt. As they enlarged, the harrassment started. I always loved gym, but I hated the locker room. The days I would be on the "Skins" team were awful. The poking, grabbing, and nipple twisting were relentless. The days on the beach always had the stares and the typical assholes telling me to get a bra.

    My girlfriends and my wife never seem to care about them. I did have one girlfriend in college that liked to put her bra on me and play with them. She always said her bra fit me better than it fit her. It did too! At first I did not enjoy it because my chest had always been such a problem for me, but I got to enjoy it after I got used to wearing her bra and her fondling. It was about this time I got the bright idea that if I built up my pectoral muscles, that it would make me look more masculine. Wrong! It just made them stick out more!

    I did explore liposuction. The surgeon examined my chest. At the end of the examination he explained to me the procedure would certainly reduce the size by removing much of the fat cells. Then the big BUT came. The BUT was that he felt I might not be completely happy with the results because the glands and breast tissue would remain AND if they were removed my chest may actually look "Indented". I chose not got down that path.

    My wife knew I was very self-conscious about my chest and has always been wonderful about it. It does not bother her at all. We are both active individuals and she new my chest bothered my while exercising. So a few years back she introduced me to the "Sports Bra" which I fell in love with and it was easy to cover up! I started to wear one regularly, but found that my breasts would be sore from being compressed after long hours of wear. I started wearing a regular bra around the house and came to really like it. It just feels good. I do wear a bra in public now, but only when it can be concealed. I am not open to the general public. In case you are wondering, I wear a 38B unlined bra with underwires. I tried the ones with light padding in an attempt to cover my nipples, but I looked too big and too feminine when I did not want to be.

    Overall, I have come to embrace having my breasts. My feminine side is very happy with them. I guess I was meant to be a TOMBOY!
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    I didn't have them growing up... But I have them now (as if ya can't tell from my avatar... lol) ... And they grew slowely over time.. As a result of my medical condition.. Prolactinoma... A pitutary tumor that secrets the female horemone Prolactin. Which is the hormone that women secret during pregnancy.. Enlarged breasts and milk production. Didn't get to the milk stage before it was diagnosed and started treatment.

    The good things are the breasts stayed and the tumor has shrunk 35%... I have been taking some supliments. And they have grown a bit more of late. My wife even noticed.. Asking if I was gaining weight since my tops look tight.. Lol.

    All my team mates in the locker room at the ice rink have seen then.. Shaved and never have had a comment..
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