Hi everyone,

As most of you already know I have grown some breasts to the size on a B Cup. I also am out at work that I have grown them and that I do wear a Bra to work. Of course I am the talk of the plant, and I really do not care what anyone says. To be truthful though everyone is taking it pretty well though. Oh ya, I have a few that give me the evil eye and of course they are guys. But I have had a lot of looks from the Ladies I work with. I have even been asked by a couple of them to come around and talk to them, something they never did before. The fact that I am not Gay is really great in my eyes as they know this too. It is fun having girls talk about you and to you.

I have also been looking like this in the stores I go to, and so far I have never had any problems anywhere and as a matter of fact I get a lot of looks from the ladies and some great smiles, that I never had before. I do believe that if more guys would come out and dress more like we want, that the more we will be accepted.

GGs will see us as another prospect rather than a problem. I mean there are way more GGs out there than GMs in the first place and if they find out we are not Gay and want to be with GGs, then the door should open and I for one will be there a looking at the GGs right back.