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Just fill your garden sprayer with cooking oil --pump up and go. (Ok I am a landscaper.)

Actually condoms work pretty well--with water--not so sure about oil.

Either way do the stress test first. Hold them 6 feet high over your tub. Drop three times; if dont break, good to go

Ok what if its ready to burst on the forth time and you already stuck it in your bra?????

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Well, I like the weight of the balloons because that causes them to hang somewhat like real breast. I don't like the way that you see the balloons when you look down into the bra or top.

I'd like something that would really make cleavage and look like real breast when you look down at them. And I don't want something that sits up and is so perky...I'm not a "perky" person.

I remember back when I was younger I'd look through the "adult books" and I saw this thing called a treasure chest, anybody remember this or know about it? It was a little more than just forms it looked kinda like a complete top you wore.

I'm just tired of using the balloons because of the color and shape, I've never had luck with making nipples with the knot either. I want something that is heavy and something that looks natural with cleavage.

Yes, I used to have one. Loved the shape and look it was a latex type "skin" with foam filler. Found mine at a costume shop, wasnt very heavy, but now Im older and smarter I would hollow it out a little and add a small water ballon for a little weight.