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Thread: Do I stay or do I go now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkixd View Post
    What do I do? Stay secret and try to get secret meetings with guy's from chat site's or stay true to my wife and deal with who I truely am, as best I can? lol Nikki

    Why don't you go ahead and meet up with someone form a chat site, few then explain to your wife how she's go an STD or worse.

    What do you want to all to say yes, it's ok to go ahead and do this and cheat? Well I'm sorry but you've come to the wrong place for that.


    It seems you've already done this so why bother asking us.

    and people get all high and mighty when SO's can't accept as if it's their problem.
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    I always used to rib you about your legs can't anymore. R.I.P Sexy Legs

    R.I.P Rianna

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    Well said Kitty.

    *groan* I've been doing intro's this morning Sandra so I noticed it right a way.

    Here's a partial copy and paste from his intro that says it all....

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkixd View Post
    [...]My wife found out and we nearly divorced, so I'm firmly back in the closet! She wouldn't be to happy if she knew that I've slept with two guy's since then, so that I could experience sex whilst in fem clothing! It was amazing!
    It's only recently that I've plucked up the courage to tell all of you this, but I feel driven to explore and experiment more, so watch this space!
    lol Nikki
    You've already made your choice so why post here asking? You're looking for permission for something you've already done & group support for lying and cheating on someone who loves you. Honey you give CD's a bad name.

    It's time, past time, to let your wife know so she can get tested and a divorce.


    You're married and if the wife had given permission to have sex outside the marriage you wouldn't be posting this garbage here.

    So if you can get dressed and pretend to be a woman, you can get dressed pretend to be a woman and pretend to have sex with a pretend man. Get a dildo -- idiot.
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    Ladies, I think you have said it all!!!!!!
    Tina B.
    Don't make your wife a victim, it just aint' right!

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    Nikki i must agree with everyone here, what you have already done has shown what type of person you are. Sounds like you already cheated on your wife and are now looking for acceptance from the group. I'm sorry dear but that's not going to happen. What you have already done has jeopardized your health, your wife's health and your marriage. If she is truly the love of your life, then why would you do that to her? The best advice i can give you is to honest with your wife and, tell her the truth. Then take some time to figure yourself out, come to terms with what YOU want. But please stop these foolish games with your wife and yourself, your only causing pain and hurt.

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    I cant get my head around this one.
    I only married a year ago (8th sept) and the vows i said i meant. i would never cheat on my wife and if you love yours as much as you say (and should) then you wouldnt even think about actually doing it.

    a fantasy is a fantasy (clues in the name) we all have them it's part of being human.
    i have them and i know my wife will to. i know she wont try to live them out and she knows i wont either.

    You need to have a long hard think about what you want from life. that way no one will get badly hurt. cheeting will hurt your wife so much and if you do love her as you say you wouldnt want her to hurt like that.
    get a grip and think about what you said in this post.

    nicole xx

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    Sorry to stick the boot in Nikki, but....

    Everyone else is right and you,re wrong!!!!!
    Either commit yourself to your wife or leave the relationship!!!
    The way your doing it now is completely unfair to her!!!

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    What on earth makes you think you have the right to take risks with your wife's health just to scratch an itch you have. That is so low life and scummy.

    Behaviour like yours does no favours to the cd/tg worlds reputation. So your wife realises what a scumbag you are and gets out and negative comments about cd ers start.

    You deserve no more than the misery that will eventually come your way. What comes around goes around.

    I hope your wife has the good sense to get out!

    I'm no man hater but your behaviour sucks unbelievably.

    You fool!

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    im with you on that sarah's lover, this thread has really got under my skin!!

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    Thumbs down

    I have to say, I think this thread has gone on long enough and to the OP (first post), you should be ashamed of yourself, coming to this forum for advice like this, when you've already done it. I feel sorry for your wife, having you for a husband

    Thread done!!

    Missing my Libra babe Sherlyn, I hope she's rocking up there with the angels
    Missing our Rianna, doesn't seem right, gone to early, hope she's partying with Sherlyn

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