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    For UK members only

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    My wife knows of my dressing and is unenthusiastic. This means that it takes place out of her sight. I know she won't but I would also find it extremely difficult if she wanted me to dress in front of her and we rarely talk about it. so i would also be interested to hear from others about this ...


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    Hi Jae, I'm a therapist in cornwall. I would suggest going to the BACP website and searching on their 'search for a therapist' area. You will know the qualifications and specialist knowledge/training that they have as opposed to a generic counsellor who will be unlikely to understand our needs and realities. Hope that helps. Lee x

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    First, I'd say well done for accepting some sort of input is required.

    Second, I'd say can you discuss this with your wife? Not necessarily as an alternative to a therapist, but just to establish a dialogue. Nothing more. From your few words she seems supportive and loving and she may at least need to be reassured that even though you have been unable to accept her offer of practical support it doesn't mean you don't appreciate that offer or want to accept in future.


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    Perhaps an approach of little by little and see how you both get on - it doesn't have to be everything all at once. You could just discuss peripheral things like women's mags or a topical fashion news item or shop together for minor accessories as starting points...

    All the best for you both....

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    You could maybe try here

    or here?

    I've heard good reports of both.. Or ask your GP, if you want to stay within the NHS?


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