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Thread: What would your parents have named you if you'd been a GG?

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    I've never asked.

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    Apparently, I was going to be Alexandra. I've always liked that name. I should have picked it as my femme name, but for some reason didn't.
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    I asked my mom about this one time. She said that after she lost her first child and almost lost the second -- both were pre-mature -- she no longer tried to think of names until she knew we had a good chance to live.

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    Mom was sure I was to be a girl she told me many times. Margret Mary was to be my name.
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    My mother had picked out Marie as the name for her daughter. I have taken it as my middle name and have no idea where they got my male name from. It doesn't matter that much anyway.

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    I think Maria was what they would have named any of us boys if we had been born a girl.. the reason I took Carly was because it is close to my real name..
    This is what I mean by "every guy can look like a girl from the right angles".. this is one of the first pictures of me dressed up.. very vague look.. almost fem...

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    I never had the opportunity to ask my mom.

    I did however go out one Halloween dressed and had a few pictures taken. When I showed her she beamed and handed them to my dad saying, "See what your daughter would have looked like if we had one".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cristi View Post
    I'm curious about something.
    So... have any of you ever had a conversation with your parents in which they've told you what they would have named you if you'd been a girl?
    Yes, I did. And they said Christina. Not a name I'd have chosen. Oddly, that happens to be the name of the sister of my best friend growing up.

    I always wondered what my parents thought of me asking that question.

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    I would have been Christine , I like it lot and not sure why I would not have been logically Donna

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    Having had this discussion with my parents when I started to go by Alys, they decided they would have named me "Alice" after my Godmother. Alys was a sort of modern and unique twist on the name which pleased me and also let my parents have some input~ :3

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    isn't it interesting

    That our mothers were all prepared to give us girl names! hmmm

    I would have been Kathy.


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