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Thread: I can't believe i did it!!!

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    saco maine
    you go girl!!!

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    Thumbs up The joy

    My calgon moment is to wear my Garter belt with cuban heel fully fashioned stockings and my bodysuit 38b I experience a very intense feeling all day when wearing that.The heels always stay in my car.The other day I went to the Bank in wedgesI was in shock all daybutit

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    When I was young I had real long hair-This was the 80's when the long coats were en vogue for men.
    I still lived with my parents so I had to be (careful) Well T decided she wanted to go out. I had what I could grab from sis. At this point I did not have my own. But, the big secret was almost an unsaid code. What was off limits got drastically moved..What was fine was left at the easiest access point. So Miss T gets dolled up to a point, now makeup. But my hair was done cute. My long coat was used defensively, just in case snoopy neighbors were home from work and happen to be looking out the window..Tho I know of one who saw me at some time in my life. I know this by this remark when I became engaged. The Nice lady said- I will use my girl name, she used my boy name.. She said geez T you had me a bit worried! I did not think you were going to Marry a women. My males ego said"Yes I know" Thinking that she was implying T was a womanizer..She quickly replied " I figured you were going to become a women..Yes I was stunned-

    The driving day I had a long dress on hose 2 inch heels! I was loving life. Then It started to snow. It was not sticking on the roads right away.. But in time I did get home because the radio did mention this storm would continue and dump many inches of snow on us. Let me add-I brought no change of clothes with me or different shoes. If someone came home this 17 year old boy girl was caught. Back then I am sure I had that pink rebel streak a bit more than when I had my kids.
    I pull up, its all clear!!!!! I walk in the house. All clear!!!! Wow I pulled that one off!.

    Within 10 minutes my Dad came home. I tramped up to my room and changed-Discretely put my sisters clothes back. Phew. Now he is calling for me to come down stairs. Questions start. I am like OMG! He is asking if I have company. Nope Dad. Did someone deliver anything. I am like "not that I know of" He goes to the door. He says that is strange there are high heel prints in the walkway..I run o the door. OMG there are!. In my Pink Fog driving I never noticed, tho the snow was not accumulating on the street it started to pile up slightly enough to leave footprints in the snow on the walkways. Holy sht!! I tell him I have been upstairs listening to music and heard nothing if any one was there. OK rebel me! Sure. My perfect opportunity-GONE.

    I will never forget that day.
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    I could never go to work in my femme undies...

    wait a minute...

    my panties are giving me a bit of a wedgie...

    I would be afraid of being caught...

    hold on...

    my panty hose a riding down...

    OK, where was I?

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    Been wearing pantyhose to work for years. Wouldn't have it any other way. Wife knows and accepts.

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    i went shopping at Cheshire Oaks on Sunday wearing a bra and stockings under my normal stuff for the first time.
    My wife has no idea about my little secret but it felt great, especially when she went into a bra shop and i had to wait in the shop whilst she was being measured and fitted.
    I was watching the other customers shopping for bras and thinking if only they knew that i was wearing one.

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    I've worn pantyhose to work a great many times.. and panties, that goes without saying... I wore a bra once as well.. I stashed some heels (platforms) in my truck but rarely wore them while driving.. I went to work like early in the morning, around four in the morning.. lotsa fun.. and as the people here have stated don't change on the go.. I did that, no accidents though.. just couldn't wait to get home to try on those new shoes.. I haven't done that in a long time even though I've bought new shoes within the past three weeks..
    This is what I mean by "every guy can look like a girl from the right angles".. this is one of the first pictures of me dressed up.. very vague look.. almost fem...

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