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Thread: Embarassing or Funny Shopping Stories

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    Embarassing or Funny Shopping Stories

    Today I returned a D-cup bra to M&S for a refund (in drab). The SA (Nicola - made a mental note) whilst smiling said "Did it not fit, luv". I just said "No" and smiled back, hoping I wasn't blushing too much. Afterwards, I wished I said something funnier, such as "the cups were too big", whilst displaying my molehills.

    Now I know what I want for Xmas - 'Karren Hutton's little book of Witty Repostes'. LOL

    Amazingly, this was the first time that I'd experienced a direct comment like this. I think she was just teasing, but it's that double entendre sort of thing. Usually, if the SA's ask anything at all it's just to know if the goods are faulty. Now whilst mildly embarrasing, I also quite enjoyed the more direct response and would have liked to have been more open. However, I'm also acutely aware that being open could backfire on my family if rumours spread. Problem is with having kids, you never really know who knows who.

    Anyway, rambling a bit now, but just wondered if anyone else had some interesting stories they'd like to share.
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    Usually sales people are cool.
    The guys don't want to think of CDism and women are alright. Usually I hear about how cute something is I am buying...

    Once or twice tho the cashier would act like a dumbass and say something like "ahh buying pantyhose I see..."
    Yeah to strange you with you stupid...
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    Ohhh I've had few... Typically not when shopping.... When the little old lady came in on me in the ladies restroom.. And I was drying my skirt using the hand dryer because I almost got it sucked into the toilet when I flushed it... "You ok dear"". That was a bit embarasing!!

    Or when the nice lady at the casino asked me why I was taking photos of myself... "I like to keep a scrapbook of where I've been". Hahaha. Like she bought that.. .

    Ohhhh. When the boy at the Wendys drive through realized I wasn't a woman and his jaw dropped and as I drove away I could hear him yelling. "Roy... Roy... You got to see this....". Ok I wasn't really embarased I was laughing my ass off!! I think I ruined him for life!! Hahaha
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    I live on the west coast of FL.In the Tampa bay area and in Franklin NC


    I had to return a dress to Macy's. The SA in a very snide tone of voice said is it the wrong color and just said no it is to small.I was in male mode and the look on her face was awesome.

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    Neither funny or emabaraasing but awesome...went to Catherine's tonight to do a little shopping...dressed..found an awesome skirt and the sales lady who was reaaly petite (catherines is a plus sized store if you dont know) was like i soooo want that skirt..well had to pick up a few more items and then check out...sales lady again commented on the skirt...talking ot the other sales lady callng me her and she all the while..well then they wanted me to get their discount card whic when i got it would save me a lot fo cash on the 35 dollars and it was only 20. so finally i relented and when they asked my name and i gave the real one..since i was also paying with my card...they didnt even flinch...kept right on with the sale...cheerfully chatting me up like any woman customer...telling me about sales and other stuff. As i was signing ther reciept the original lady saw my with moons and cats on them for haloween...and she wsas like OMG i want your nails!! her name was Cat and she wanted teh cats. then she said to me"Hmm my skirt and my nails..i am so jealous...i am done with you! in a playful manner was totally awesome..will definatly go back there again, dressed or not!!

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    Went to Target this evening wearing a rather tight knit top and a pair of very girly jeans. Picked out a couple of nice Tee's, two bra's, and two wool skirts. When I went thru the checkout the lady said, "that's not fair, your wife gets pretty things and you get nothing!" I just looked right at her and said, "those things are all for me. I am a widower!" She looked kind of shocked, then smiled and told me to enjoy. Nice shopping trip!


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    Last week, I decided to try on a cute outfit at Ross in San Francisco. Since I was in drab, I went to the men's fitting rooms. I'd done this a few times before at this store, the fitting room attendants usually looked a bit surprised, then shrugged and let me in.

    This time the attendant, a thirty something rather attractive lady, looked puzzled, asked if I was buying for myself, and when I said yes, wasn't quite sure what to make of it. When I came out of the fitting room carrying the dress, she asked if this was a Halloween costume. Guess I didn't fit her image of what a crossdresser looked like...


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    Once when me and the wife was shopping at Kohl's I was walking torwards the men's dressing room with a skirt to try on.Then I hear my real name called out and I turned to see my boss coming torwards me.I quickly sidestepped and handed my wife the skirt and said here you go hun.then spent the next 10 mins talking macho with the boss complaining about having to shop with the wifes.LOL


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    I've had a few funny comments. Once in a goodwill shop whilst buying a pair of shoes, a male assistant his 60's said "I bet they won't fit you". My reply was that I had already tried them on. His face just dropped, I smiled and paid. Another time I went to the changing room with a pair of black satin trousers and the young girl checking the cubicles said "I'm sorry sir, do you realize that they are ladies", I just smiled and said that I've got just the right high heels at home that would go perfectly with them.
    She smiled and then went red!
    The best one though was when in a changing cublcle, wearing nothing but a corselette, stockings and french knickers, just about to try on a dress, the curtain was pulled back and a women said "oh I'm sorry, I thought my sister was in this one" them she looked me up and down, said sorry again and shut the curtain. When I came out, all the sales girls were at the till smiling, I just held my head high, smiled back and paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    ... I was drying my skirt using the hand dryer because I almost got it sucked into the toilet when I flushed it...
    Karren, you really crack me up!

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    I was looking at some thongs in a Lane Bryant and a SA asked if she could help. She asked what size my wife was and since the SA looked about my size I said "About your size." She then asked if I was sure that my wife liked thongs sense they aren't for everyone. I said I was sure. Then she said "You will probably like this one, I'm wearing it now." and she turned around so I could see that she didn't have any pantie lines... I didn't know what to think (The thongs do feel fine to me.)

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    I was in a Dollar General the other day picking up a few things. I stopped to take a look at the bras and another guy walked by. He looked at me, smiled, and then pointed at one of the bras and said ... I think that one would fit you. Funny thing was ... he pointed at one that was exactly the size I wear.

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    While shopping at a K-Mart in drab, underdressed in a bra and panty hose I picked out a short skirt, I found a S.A. and asked her to unlock the mens fitting room. She noticed I was carrying a ladies skirt, she asked that when I got into the skirt could I come out of the dressing room so she could see. When I came out her reply was "My ol My" way to short. She then went to the rack and brought me a couple different sizes to try insisting that she see each skirt on me.....

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    Just a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were shopping (drab) through an outlet mall not too far from home. We are completely different sizes so we usually split up in the stores, which left me browsing the dress rack alone. This woman looks at me as I'm holding a dress up at arms length trying to decide how it would look on me.
    "I think you would look great in that!" she says.
    "I can't decide," I replied giving her a wink. She just busted up laughing.
    "You know," she said, "I shouldn't even JOKE about it these days. You just never know anymore!". Of course as soon as I realized that she had thought I was kidding and really didn't realize I AM a cross dresser, I started laughing as hard as she was.

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    I stopped at a drug store to buy some Legg's Pantyhose. At the checkout girl said I don't think blabk is your color hun. I said oh. And she said just kidding. I didn't mine it was kind of fun.

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    I finally worked up the nerve to go into VS to buy a bra and panties.before i went i visited their website and printed up the two items i wanted.after nervously looking around the store i asked a salesperson to help me to find to items on the print out.she kindly asked size was the girl i was buying them for was.she was stunned for a few seconds when i shyly replied it was for me but had no idea what size i was.she says well you will need to be measured,i was a little nervous,and embarrassed
    as she measured me in male mode (as i don't own any femme clothes yet) right in the middle of the store. My heart was pound and although i was nervous and a little embarrassed i was also very excited and and alive as i could see the shoppers watching me be measured for my 1st bra.

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    Nothing embarrassing, but funny. Last Thursday, the day before Halloween, I was all dressed up and walking through a local mall when one of those nail and hand cream kiosk girls approached me and asked if she could show me her product. I replied not today, hun. Without skipping a beat, she said, "Ma'am you keep your nails natural. Let me show you something for them." I again replied that I really couldn't stop as I was in a hurry.
    At the time I was wearing those french manicure press-on nails (no glue required) that sell for about $5 or $6!
    I chuckled to myself and kept walking, thinking "she doesn't have a clue!"
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    Recently I went to Shop-Ko to have a battery replaced in a wrist watch. I noticed a sign on the counter in the jewelry section that said "all jewelry 75% off" I had recently got my ears pierced and thought this was a good time to buy some earrings on sale. I picked out 15 pairs of earrings and a pinky ring while the female elderly SA changed the watch battery. She noticed I was looking at earrings and commented "I can put those in a gift box for you". I replied "that will not be neccesary". After she finished with the watch she again said she could put the earrings in a gift box. Once again I replied that it would not be neccesary. When she was ringing up my purchase on the cash register she once again commented that she would put the earrings in a gift box. I grew tired of turning down her offer and looked her right in the eye and said "These earrings are for myself and I do not need a gift box". She looked shocked at what she heard and only said in a rather nervous voice "thank you" as she handed me my purchase in a plastic bag without the gift box that she assumed I must have needed considering what I was buying.

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    This takes the cake.......

    This happened quite a few years back to a close CD girlfriend of mine who whenever telling it makes me laugh so hard my mascara runs.
    She was"dressed" and window shopping within the lingerie aisle of JCPenney and she could feel the elastic waistband loosen up around her pantie briefs. After a few more steps the worst happened.... they dropped down under her dress and fell to the floor.
    Naturally she couldn't bend over and pull her panties back up there so she discretely stepped out of them and walked away leaving them lay on the aisle floor. She turned around a few minutes later to see a SA from that Dept. pick them up and fold them nicely and place them on the nearby table of panties she thought they fell of off. My friend almost outed herself trying to contain from breaking up.
    Month later after she wrote it up in a CD newsletter and a member who read it said to her " so you're the one who lost her panties in JCPenney"
    Beat that one!


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    The most recent embarassing moment I had was a few weeks ago in an Avenue store. I tried on a dress that was a size too small for me, and it wasn't stretchy at all. So I was struggling for a few good minutes, so I gave up and called out to the sales associate that was helping me. She literally had to pull the dress from the bottom over me.

    Other than that, I haven't had any problems with trying on woman's clothes in drab. Woman's specialty stores always seem crossdresser friendly, like Dress Barn and Avenue. I've only had a few bad reactions from older ladies at department stores. I guess it is what it is.

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    I once saw a little pair of peach panties with brown bowes at the sides,size 5 i just had to have them. at the check out of bells the lady said and will these be a good size for you?? I got so red faced i couldnt speak but wanted them so bad i paid and hurryed away with out my change.

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    I stopped by the Meijer store on the way home from work tonight looking for a cute winter coat.I've been wanting a short suede waist coat with the fur on the collar and on the end of the sleeves.
    I took off my uniform jacket and tried a few on and the lady working that dept said "Ahh sir the men's coats are down on the other end."
    I said but this coat is just too cute do you have it in a XL?Well then she said "don't you think you would look rather silly in a woman's coat?"
    I replied not when I have on women's clothes.
    She about dropped her clipboard when I said that.She said well I guess not then huh?
    I chuckled and she laughed slightly then I said I have some pictures in my pocket you want to see them?I had a envelope of pics that I had left in the car so I put them in my pocket so as not to forget to bring them inside when I got home.She said yes I would love to see you dressed as a woman.
    After about 10 min talking she said you really look nice as a woman I must admit. I told her thank you and she said come back anytime honey.
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    Is that all for you?

    "Is that all, for you?" or "Is that all for you?" Tone plays a key on how this is asked. A while back I was shopping with SO and I end making some purchases. I take the femme items to the cashier and she Asked "is that all,for you?" meaning "is that it?" I replied "uh uh uh, no they are for my wife." LOL, Cashier laughed and restated "is that all for you?"(thats it, anything else?). I was embarrassed because there were a lot of people in line mostly men and I had heels and a skirt i was purchasing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer Cox View Post
    Karren, you really crack me up!
    Yea she has that effect on people

    When I bought my last set of heels I just told the SA "don't even ask" and laughed, it was just before Halloween, she smiled, laughed and said "ok I won't"
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    Most sales assistants just worry that if you look suspicious, you may be thinking of shoplifting. Boldly paying at the check-out solves that problem.
    My worst moments were with teenagers, apparently roaming around after school or at noon. Shopping as early as possible in the morning, when the store is not crowded, is also a help.
    As for embarrassing or threatening incidents, what can one say, except, 'into every life, a little rain must fall.'

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